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Y: 各位聽眾好, 我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Hello everyone, my name is Jody ! And welcome to American Cafe! American Cafe is a place where you can improve your spoken English by meeting people who actually live and work in the United States. You're going to learn a lot more than English. I promise.

Y: 沒錯, 我們這個節目非常豐富多采。您在這里不但可以學到地道的美國英語,還可以認識很多的美國人。

J: For today, Yang Chen and I spent our Sunday visiting a famous Washington D.C. hangout that's been a success here since 1976. It's called Kramer's Books & Afterwards Cafe.

Y: 對,在今天的節目中,我們要帶您到一個非常有意思的地方。這里是華盛頓當地的居民非常喜歡的一個hangout, 等一下我們要解釋這個詞。

J: It's a combination of a cafe, a bookstore, a restaurant and a bar.

Y: 這個地方是1976年開業的。它不僅是一個書店,還是一個咖啡館和餐廳。

J: Great! Let's introduce Mark who has been working at Kramer's for 20 years.

實錄1: Mark: It was ... in 1976 when they opened it, it was a unique idea combining a restaurant, bar with a bookstore.

Y: 我想在這里我們用hangout來形容Kramer's是再合適不過了。我們倆在這里真的是渡過了一個很愉快的下午,又買書,又吃,非常非常的放松。這也就是人們到咖啡館的目的吧。

J: Exactly. And that's exactly what a customer named Peter explained why people come to Kramer's and why it's such a popular destination.

實錄2: Peter: It's a great meeting place. It's a very diverse bookstore. And it's just a good place to come. Um, this bookstore has been here a long time, I don't know what long is, maybe 20 years or so. It's always been successful. It's always been lively. It's in a very lively part of town, probably the most cosmopolitan part of Washington.

Y: 這個Peter有點兒英國口音。不過他已經在Washington住了三十多年, 我們可以說他是地道的Washington 人。

J: I think 30 years makes you a resident of the District.

Y: 對, 如果Jody你要是到北京住三十年,我也可以說你是地地道道的北京人。

J: 好,謝謝您。

Y: 我們沒有問Peter是做什么的,不過我覺得聽他說話好象是一位教授。你看他用的這些詞都很好。他用了一個“Cosmopolitan."

J: I really like that word. "Cosmopolitan." You're hip. You're with it. Modern. Urban.

Y: "Cosmopolitan" 這個詞有世界性的,見過世面的這些意思。 我們可以說在中國,北京了,上海了,這些城市都非常cosmopolitan.

J: I think D.C., Washington D.C. the nation's capital, is a very cosmopolitan city. You know, Mark mentioned a good word that I would like to go back to for a minute.

實錄3: Mark: Location, Location, location. Dupont Circle is a pedestrian neighborhood. There are people walking on the streets from early in morning 'til the middle of the night. And we're the kind of place where you stop in and browse for books, stop in and have a cocktail. It's just an easy, fun place to go.

Y: 我覺得Mark很有生意頭腦。他說Kramer's為什么這么成功,首先是它的地區。這一帶叫Dupont Circle,是華盛頓非常繁華的一個地區,有很多年輕人住在這里。

J: It's not only the young people who make it successful. It's that diversity of the clientele. Where all different types of people come in ... professors or diplomats, famous authors. Everybody stops in Kramer's. It's kind of a joke. When someone says what are three things important for the success of a business. The answer is "Location, location, location."

Y: 一定要說三次。

J: So I thought we would include that. It's kind of a funny expression in English.

Y: 對,如果你選對了地方的話,即使你不會經營,它可能也會財源滾滾。

J: Right, right. So both Mark, who is the employee and Peter, who is the frequent customer of the bookstore, - both of them talked about the importance of having a diverse and cosmopolitan clientele for success.

Y: Peter是位顧客,那我們就從一個顧客的角度來聽聽為什么Kramer's這么受歡迎。

實錄4: Peter: Where you locate a bookstore is really absolutely critical. There is a cosmopolitan crowd around this area. If you stuck this in the middle of the country it would be a total failure.

Y: Jody, 時間過得好快,五分鐘馬上就要到了。

J: I know. It went so fast.

Y: 我知道。用五分鐘來談論咖啡文化到底對美國人意味著什么顯然是不夠的。

J: Really five minutes is not enough time. So, I think everyone should join us again for another program of American Cafe.

Y: 那么希望下次節目和您再見。

J: Come on Yang Chen, let's go hang out over a cup of coffee!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 2 - Scottish Bagpipes]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello, I'm Jody!

Y: 大家好, 我是楊晨!

J: And welcome to American Cafe.

Y: 歡迎您到美語咖啡屋.

Enter pipe band music

Y: Jody, 今天的這個音樂, 我怎么覺得怎么熟悉啊 ?

J: Today I thought we would introduce Margaret Peng, the Chinese-American woman we met who does something quite uncommon. She's a drummer in a Scottish pipe band. Yang Chen, how cool is that!?

Y: 你說得沒錯,我對她的印象特別的深. 這個女孩兒叫Margaret Peng, 是一位華裔,是華盛頓蘇格蘭風笛樂隊的隊員之一。在這種樂隊里華人并不多見。那么,作為一個華裔,她是怎么迷上這種音樂的呢?我們來看看她是怎么說的:

實錄1: Margaret Peng: I'm a tenor drummer in the pipe band and I started playing in high school. Eh... I had a friend who was in the bagpipe band in high school. That what she played. She said: "Come on join it with me, join it." So I did it and I didn't think I'd keep doing it but I am (laughs).

J: How many years now?

MP: I've been in this band I've been in for 12, 12 years. Right.

Y: Margaret剛才說她是在高中就加入了樂隊一直到現在她練了十二年了,很長時間。

J: 12 years! Wow.

Y: 真的很不簡單。 她加入樂隊的原因其實很簡單。 她當時她有一個朋友在樂隊里吹bagpipe 的, 就問她, 你參加不參加? 她說好啊,就是那么簡單.

J: That's simple. She was in high school and a friend told her to come join the band.

Y: 沒錯,沒錯。她在樂隊里是鼓手。

J: Yang Chen, I was so impressed when we saw Margaret Peng twirling her mallets in the air! It's like she was dancing! Really beautiful. She explained to me that the mallets are actually the sticks you use to bang the drum.

Y: 對,“mallet”就是敲鼓用的鼓槌,或者小音槌。當時如果你能看到Margaret Peng揮舞小音槌的姿勢,你會覺得她非常優美,簡直就象跳舞一樣。

J: The music of the Scottish pipe band is so bizarre, isn't it?

Y: Bizarre?

J: You know, 奇怪。

Y: 我想在這里可能說它奇特更合適吧。

J: Oh, 不是奇怪的意思?

Y: "Bizarre"當然有奇怪的意思,不過這里說奇特更合適一些,因為這個音樂還是很好聽的。

J: I don't think anything sounds quite like the music of Scotland. And especially the bagpipes. While the drums are familiar, Yang Chen, to many cultures, I don't think the bagpipes are.

實錄2: Margaret Peng: It takes a lot of time. It's very difficult. There's a bag that you inflate with a blowpipe in your mouth. And you inflate the bag and every time you blow then you squeeze after you finish blowing. And you have to keep the pressure constant to keep that drone sounds. And then you have to play and then you have to walk. So there's a lot of things going on at the same time.

Y: 說起來這種樂器的名字里面有個“笛”,風笛。其實它比中國笛子或長笛相比要大得多,看上去也很重。

J: They have to carry all their instruments as they are marching.

Y: Margaret剛才提到吹奏風笛有一種“drone sound”。我想要讓聽眾更好地了解這種聲音,還是讓他們聽一段音樂。

J: Of course that's the best way. Let's play a droning bagpipe.

Enter bagpipe music.

J: I mean, picture this, Yang Chen. A group of musicians, men and women, dressed in the same very formal Scottish costume with kilt, you know a skirt, and carrying their instruments as they parade around.

Y: 大家可以想象一下,一群人帶著自豪感,昂首闊步地前進。我還記得Margaret當時給我的印象很深,她很威風,對不起?

J: Exactly.

Y: 蘇格蘭男子身上穿的這種花格裙是蘇格蘭特有的一種服飾。這種裙子的正確說法是 "kilt," 而不是 "skirt."

J: You're right Yang Chen, the word is "kilt." K-I-L-T. I think Margaret gave a good explanation of the origin of Scottish pipe band music.

實錄3: Margaret Peng: And bagpipes are the traditional Scottish instruments used in time of war to help signal whether they were going to retreat or whether they were going to attack.

Y: 原來在古代的蘇格蘭,人們用吹奏bagpipe來向軍隊發出信號,告訴他們應該進攻還是撤退。 最后我們來欣賞一段傳統的蘇格蘭音樂。Jody,你知道嗎,這段音樂是我的一個朋友演奏的。

J: Oh, that's wonderful. And actually that's the end of our show today. So, thank you for stopping in to American Cafe.

Y: 再見!

J: See ya!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 3 - Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe.

Y: 各位聽眾好, 歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: You know, Christmas is just around the corner and I am already starting to feel Christmas all around me.

Y: 你是說商店里現在擠滿了搶購禮物的人,還有電視上不停地在播放圣誕節的廣告,對不對?

J: No, no! I ignore all of that stuff. No, what I mean, is I'm starting to hear and smell Christmas. OK, Close your eyes, Yang Chen, and think about Christmas and tell me what you hear and smell.

(Silence. Long pause)

J: Yang Chen? Yang Chen, anything yet? You know people are waiting.

Y: 哎呀,你等一等。我正在豎著耳朵聽呢,還得使勁聞一聞。你不是說要我閉著眼睛尋找感覺嗎?呣,我找到了。 在一個美麗的夜晚,星星在閃耀,我站在雪地里,聽到了雪橇那悅耳的聲音。對,就是這種感覺,你覺得怎么樣?

J: That's okay. But I was thinking more like ... chainsaws.

Y: Chainsaws? 啊呀,你真是掃我的興啊。原來你說的聲音是電動鋸的聲音。太不浪漫了。

J: Well, I know it's not romantic, but I love the sound of a chainsaw and the smell of a pine tree being cut. The Christmas tree tradition is one of the best things about Christmas.

Y: 對。真正的圣誕樹用的是松樹?

J: Right, pine tree.

Y: 那人們是不是要到森林里去砍樹呢?

J: Oh, no no-no. You don't go to a forest to cut down your Christmas tree. There are Christmas tree farms.

Y: 哦, 原來有Christmas tree farms。這還不錯,用不著去破壞森林。說道這里,我倒是好象真的聞到了松樹的味道了。

J: Oh, that's me.

Y: 你用了什么香水?

J: Not perfume! I have just come from a Christmas tree sale in my neighborhood.

Y: 有意思嗎?

J: I did. And it was wonderfully entertaining. The elementary school held a Christmas tree sale to raise money. And there I met a woman named Ann, who is not only the organizer of the sale but she is also very active in the elementary school with the Parent Teacher Association, also known as the PTA.

Y: 好啊,那我們就聽聽組織者Ann都說了些什么。

實錄1: Ann: We have from Charlie Brown trees to big beautiful balsam firs And we have a range of prices. And we do this to support the school PTA and it pays for supplies and trips and things like that for the children. And, um, so we do it two days over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and hopefully raise some money. And also just build a lot of good feelings about the school inside the community.

Y: Ann剛才說的 PTA 就是老師和家長聯合組成的協會。原來他們舉辦圣誕樹銷售活動是為了協會籌款,另外還可以增強學校和社區的感情。

J: Right. And it really does spread community feelings in the neighborhood. That's what Christmas is all about!

(Enter Music "O Tannenbaum" from Cyrus Chestnut's A Charlie Brown Christmas)

Y: Ann 剛才提到Charlie Brown。 我們都知道Charlie Brown是著名的花生漫畫系列里的人物。

J: Again, here's Ann.

實錄2: Ann: Well, Charlie Brown, the cartoon character, always had a very small little sad-looking tree that nobody wanted, but he took it home and was very happy with it. So we always have some people that come and look for a Charlie Brown tree.

Y: Ann 剛才說的多好啊,一棵瘦小的圣誕樹在可憐巴巴地等待著有人把它帶回家。

J: The holiday cartoons with Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang are really an important part of Christmas for almost all children in the United States. Well, not just children. because every year I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

Y: 你要借給我看一看。

J: I will, I will give it you. You and your family will love it. And truly Charlie Brown fell in love with a small, scrawny, little lonely Christmas tree that nobody wanted. And took it home and he gave it love. And it turned out to be a perfect Christmas tree.

Y: 沒錯。Charlie Brown過圣誕是一個非常經典的故事,大人小孩都喜歡。Jody,你知道嗎,我們家那棵圣誕樹又小有不太好看,而且是塑料的,用了好幾年。我今年本來打算把它扔了,可是我女兒不讓我扔。我想她可能對這棵樹非常有感情。不過今天聽你解釋了Charlie Brown Christmas tree,我想要是下次有人再笑話我們家的樹太小太難看的話,我就可以告訴他這棵樹可是典型的Charlie Brown Christmas tree。

J: Of course, you tell them you have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, Yang Chen!

Y: 沒錯。我可以向別人炫耀我有棵Charlie Brown Christmas tree。

J: Thanks for tuning into American Cafe. Okay, see you again!

Y: 謝謝大家到我們的美語咖啡屋。好,我們下次再見。

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<![CDATA[Lesson 4 - Secondi Consignment Store]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好。我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。在今天的節目中...。 哎,我們的另外一位節目主持人,Jody, 還沒來哪。Oh, Jody... 別擔心,別擔心, 她來了...。

( Door closing. Bags rustling.)

J: Yang Chen, I'm so sorry I'm late. Has the program started yet?

Y: 當然已經開始啦。

J: Oh, I'm so sorry everyone. Hello everyone! Welcome to American Cafe. My apologies.

Y: 你怎么今天遲到了?

J: Just go ahead without me. I'm going to get my bags...

(Sound of rustling bags.)

Y: Jody 你干嗎呢? 能不能集中點精神? ... 啊?! 你竟然去逛街去了?

J: Shopping? No, no, no. I was not shopping.

Y: 那這些購物袋是怎么回事兒呢?

J: What bags? Oh, these bags? Right, You see, Yang Chen, I was doing research.

Y: 作研究, 做什么研究???

J: Research on ... buying and selling.

Y: 啊哈,作市場調查。那還不是和逛街差不多。

J: Okay, I may have done a little shopping. But I just wanted to get in the mood. Because I thought shopping is such a popular pastime for Americans, we could do a show on shopping. What do you think?

Y: 我知道美國人,特別是女士們周末喜歡逛街。我也很喜歡啊。你下次再作市場調查可要叫我和你一快去啊。

J: Oh, absolutely! Actually for today's show I thought we could talk about a special type of store that I've always wanted to know more about, a consignment store!

Y: Consignment store? 哎, 咱倆那天在Dupont Circle路過的那家店就是一家consignment store,對不對?

J: The one and the same! It's called Secondi Consignment Store. And when I went back, I spoke with Molly, an employee there, who helped me understand exactly how a consignment store operates.

Y: 我們來聽聽Molly怎么解釋consignment store是什么意思。

實錄1 Molly: A consignment store is a store where people own the items that the store sells for them on their behalf. The original owner of the items is only paid once the items are sold on the store.

Y: 這種商店在中文里應該叫寄售商店。

J: Let's listen to Molly again as she talks more about how a consignment store operates.

實錄2 Molly: The consigner comes in. One of the managers goes through the items and tells the consigner "Yes, we can sell it" or "No, we can't." "Here's what we think we can sell it for" pricewise. And then the consigner gets 50 percent of that price.

Y: Molly 剛才提到的"consigner"... right?

J: Consigner. Correct.

Y: ... 就是委托他們出售商品的客戶。一般來說,客戶拿東西到她們商店來,有一位專門負責收購的經理決定哪些她們能賣出去,哪些她們不愿意賣。然后和客戶商訂價錢,商店會得到售價的50%。

J: Wow, Yang Chen, you summed that up really well. A consigner is the person who brings the clothes in that they want the store, the consignment store, to sell for them. So a consignment is just like being a distributor. You know, a slang word for distributor is "middle man." And you say "middle man" even if it's a woman.

Y: 呣, 在中文里呢, "middle man"應該就是"中間人" 或者"經紀人"的意思。

J: Oh, hey, Yang Chen, also at Secondi they have a great system that keeps the inventory fresh.

Y: 這家商店,就是Secondi這家商店,那么他們怎么避免貨品的積壓呢?我們再讓Molly解釋一下。

實錄3 Molly: After the first month the clothing goes down 20 %, and after the second month it goes down 40%, and after the third month if it's still here, the contract that we have with the consigner is just that we can donate it automatically for them.

Y: 噢,原來她們的貨物第一月沒賣出去就降價20%,兩個月賣不出去就降40%,三個月還賣不出去就要捐出去了。聽 Molly 怎么一說,如果我們每天去這家商店,那每天都能看到她們的貨架上有新的東西。

J: Oh, they have some really great items there. Some were way out of my price range. Too expensive!

Y: 我知道,你說的 "well out of my price range"就是對我來說價錢太貴了,買不起。

J: But look at my new jeans! $28 and they still had the tag on them!

Y: 才28美元?太值了!好了,各位聽眾,您今天了解了美國的consignment store,不知道您有什么感想呢?我覺得,我真是一種很不錯的消費方法,以低于零售商店的價格買到名牌衣服。這簡直就是每個女士的夢想。哎,Jody, 咱們現在就去吧!

J: Thanks for tuning to American Cafe. Come on, Yang Chen, lets go!

Y: 謝謝您收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次再見。

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/4///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/4/美語咖啡屋Tue, 30 Dec 2008 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 5 - Restaurant Culture]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hi everyone! I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。在我們這個小小的咖啡屋里,您可以了解美國文化,還可以認識美國朋友,最重要是還可以學地道的美國英語。

J: That's right! And on today's program, we are going to take you to the Big Apple...New York City, to talk about something New Yorkers cannot live without, Restaurants!

Y: 對,今天這個題目大家一定都喜歡。我們要帶您到最有美國特色的大都市紐約,了解對紐約人來說至為重要的餐館文化。

J: Well, Yang Chen I spoke with Brian Carson, who is the manager of a restaurant located in the heart of New York City.

Y: 這個Brian Carson是我們今天要認識的第一位美國人。他在這個熱鬧的紐約市中心的一家餐館做經理。好,我們聽聽他來解釋這個餐館文化對紐約人來說意味著什么。

實錄1 Brian Carson: Most people don't cook in this city because it's set up to eat. You walk outside your door and there's a sea of 10000 restaurants on the isle of Manhattan. It's just that it's part of the convenient, ummm, way of life in New York City. People eat out. They dine out, that's what they do.

Y: 哇,你聽見他說了嗎? 他說光在曼哈頓區就有一萬個餐館。而且他用了一個詞,用"sea”來形容餐館林立。 "Sea" 就是海洋的意思。

J: He said "a sea of 10,000 restaurants," to describe when something is abundant. You could say, "the grassy field was a sea of green." Ah, you could say, "she is drowning in a sea of confusion."

Y: 你是在說我嗎?

J: No, not you. Another example, "The streets of New York are a sea of people."

Y: 確實,中文里也有“人山人?!閉庵炙搗?。下面我們再接著聽聽Brian介紹餐館文化的意義。

實錄2 Brian Carson: What makes...um, things special for New Yorkers is when they throw dinner parties. It's the opposite. They invite people into their world and they create feasts in their environments. That to me and to them is a special night. Eating out is almost like a necessity in this city. It's just what people do.

Y: 這么說來,紐約人請別人到餐館吃飯是很普通的,如果請你到家里那是特殊的情況,是不是?

J: Right. And when I spoke to a customer, her name's Tammy, she was very honest in her response. She also said she doesn't cook. Much like you, Yang Chen.

Y: 就是想我一樣。

J: And she said that it's simply easier for her to meet her friends out at restaurants. But it is a very special event when they come to her home.

實錄3 Tammy Scotsafaber: Eating out is very important for me because I don't cook, A. I think it is one of the main ways that people end up seeing their friends at dinners and drinks or dinners then drinks. If you have someone to your home then you have to be a hostess as opposed to being able to just relax and have dinner.

Y: 她說得太對了!你想一想,在家請客又費力,又費心,花那么多的精力去準備,對不對?

J: Sorry to interrupt, but I was going to say, you also have to clean your house.

Y: 沒錯!

J: And New Yorkers, I mean, people who live in big cities, not only New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, you just don't have time.

Y: 并不是說我很懶惰!

J: No. It's not because we're lazy. We're busy women!

Y: 因為我的時間太寶貴。說起服務員的工作,我想,這份工作挺好的。

J: Well, we spoke with a man by the name of Aaron Zebrook and he has many reasons why he likes to work as a waiter.

實錄4 Aaron Zebrook: Pretty women. Lots of cash. Stuff like that is involved. Good food. You learn about wine, you learn about food. You have to know these things. And that's again appealing. Who doesn't want to learn about food and wine and try all this good stuff and make cash at the same time at night when you have free time?

Y: 哇,他總結得很精彩,美酒佳肴,金錢美女,聽起來真的是很誘人。

J: You learn about lots of stuff, food and wine and people. It can be a really good job.

Y: 也是一種社會經驗。

J: Yeah. And I'll tell you what, for students, it is one of the most popular jobs to have. All this talk about restaurants, Yang Chen, is making my stomach growl.


J: I know! It's embarrassing, but I'm starving! So, let's go to a restaurant and get something to eat.

Y: 好了,今天我們的節目時間到了!我和 Jody 要趕快到外邊吃飯去了!

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe! Let's go eat!

Y: 咱們走罷!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 6 - New Year's Resolutions]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好!歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hello, everyone, I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! And Happy New Year everyone! Happy New Year, Yang Chen! You know what January brings, don't you?

Y: 一月份是新年的開始,人們當然要快快樂樂地迎接新年。比如說打扮得漂漂亮亮地參加舞會,走親訪友,還有逛街買東西等等。

J: Of course, but after all that is over that's when the New Year's Resolutions kick in. You know when they start.

Y: New Year's Resolutions,新年的決心。哎呀,我還沒想好呢!

J: You know, maybe we should talk about New Year's Resolutions a little bit to find out, you know, what we should give up for the New Year.

Y: 對。我們還是給大家解釋一下什么叫New Year's Resolution。

J: Good idea. Here's Chuck from Washington DC with a definition of New Year's Resolutions...

實錄1 Chuck: Well, a New Year's Resolution is something that an individual chooses to do on the occasion of the new calendar year. They are starting off with a clean slate. They are sort of having a fresh beginning and are going to take the occasion of the new year to introduce a new behavior or set some goals or, to the contrary, they are going to eliminate some behavior, perhaps a vice or a bad habit, and do their very best through the new year to improve their behavior.

Y: Chuck 剛才說的clean slate是一個很有用的說法,你給大家解釋一下它的意思好嗎?

J: Sure. A clean slate. And it just means a fresh beginning. You know adding a good habit or giving up a vice or bad habit. But I'm still not sure of anything I should give up for the New Year's. What about you?

Y: 嗯,我想想看。A clean slate可以解釋成從頭開始??墑撬檔揭牌裁椿迪骯?,我還真想不出來。你看我這么老實,遵紀守法,根本沒什么壞習慣啊。

J: What, no bad habits?! Are you sure?! I can think of a couple bad habits you may have.

Y: 可別告訴別人!

J: Okay we'll keep that between us. Let's introduce some of the people we met on New Year's Eve and hear what they were giving up for the new year. The first one is Jen, from Boston.

Y: 我們聽聽Jen有什么打算。

實錄2 Jen: My name is Jen and I'm from Boston and for 2004 I hope to be healthier, eat healthy, go out running and relax and find a balance in my life between work and relaxation, take some time for myself.

Y: Jen說她要多跑步。這個主意倒是不錯。

J: Oh, are you kidding!? No thanks. I hate running. Jen can do all the running she wants. What else did Jen have to say?

Y: 她還說她要在工作和休閑之間找到更好的平衡。

J: Now that sounds like a good idea: finding a balance between work and play. Here's another person. His name's John and he has a New Year's resolution too.

Y: 好。那我們聽聽John有什么打算。

實錄3 John: My name's John and I'm from Boston. And New Year's Resolutions would be to go to the gym more. Um

Y: Gym? 不行。我最不喜歡到健身房和一大堆人一塊兒鍛煉了。

J: Oh, I'm with you! You know since we don't like working out or dieting maybe we could change a part of our behavior, like Corby, a visitor to Washington D.C., had many New Year's Resolutions.

Y: 這個Corby夠貪心的。她說她有好幾個New Year's Resolutions。我們聽聽她是怎么說的。

實錄4 Corby: Resolutions for next year is to control my temper, and not judge people and to quit smoking. I will probably focus on those. They're a handful.

Y: Corby 真有意思。他不只有一個,而是有好幾個新年的決心。她壞毛病還真不少:喜歡批評別人,壞脾氣,還抽煙。哎呀,我們又沒有這些壞毛病,所以我們也不用去想什么新年決心了。

J: Maybe you're right. You know, we're both pretty easygoing and neither of us smoke.

Y: 就是,就是,我們都快成了道德典范了。

J: Here's a woman named Terry who explains why she gave up giving up stuff for New Year.

Y: 我們聽聽Terry是怎么說的。

實錄5 Terry: Most of the times it's because when I make them they are very difficult to follow through on and complete. So I don't feel successful and nobody likes to do failure sorts of things. So, I guess I just don't do New Year's Resolutions.

Y: 還是Terry看得開。她知道自己沒有毅力堅持下去,所以也就不去強求自己了。

J: We'll just keep on doing what we're doing.

Y: 沒錯。不用改變什么。喜歡作什么就作什么。太好了。這就是我的New Year's Resolution! 只要高興,我們做什么都可以。

J: But good luck with your New Year's resolutions and Happy New Year.

Y: 好。我們今天的時間就到了。下次再見。

J: See you later.

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<![CDATA[Lesson 7 - Grassroots Campaign]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe! My name is Jody!

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨。Eh, Jody... 你拿了一堆什么東西啊?

J: Oh, this stuff? Let's see, I have political posters .... what else do I have flyers, you know, information sheets... Wow, I really have a lot of work to do!

Y: 一大堆工作你還這么高興啊,為什么?

J: Well, I'm excited because the work is for a political grassroots campaign. See, I volunteered to hang posters and hand out flyers to people at subway stops.

Y: 噢,原來你是熱衷于這種基層群眾活動。

J: It's the best way for everyday citizens to get involved and make a difference! But hey, some of the people I met a grassroots campaign meeting can explain that it much better than I. Let's hear from them. Here's Rudy who organized the meeting that I went to.

Y: 下面我們就來聽聽Rudy是怎么說的:

實錄1 Rudy: My name is Rudy. I've lived in DC for a little under a year. And grassroots campaigning to me is a movement of people coming toward for a common cause, be it political or social, or whatever, banding together, working together to come to a common goal and hopefully be victorious in its outcome. The hierarchy is loose so everybody's voice counts. And in the end hopefully everyone is happy with the outcome.

Y: Rudy總結的很好。他說基層活動就是為了共同的目的, 大家聚集在一起,共同努力,最后獲得成功。 Jody, 你給大家解釋一下hierarchy的意思好嗎?

J: Okay! The hierarchy means the chain of command. And in a grassroots campaign the structure of the hierarchy is very loose. That means there's really no specific leader or boss.

Y: 對,這個hierarchy就是指揮系統,或者說體系。當然了,既然是基層群眾運動,那么它的結構一定是比較松散。

J: Right. And in a grassroots campaign everybody comes together for, as Rudy said, a common goal and contributes what they can.

Y: 那多好啊。每個人都是平等的,沒有什么上下級之分。

J: Right, like a true democracy.

Y: 你說的一點沒錯。這一類的自發性群眾活動正是美國民主的基礎。

J: Here's another definition of grassroots campaigning that I liked a lot from Michael.

Y: 好,我們再聽聽Michael的觀點。

實錄2 Michael Briggs: If I had to define grassroots campaigning, I would think that it's people working with each trying to really bring democracy to life, share ideas, get people involved behind their candidate, trying to change minds, and raise awareness about an issue or a politician.

Y: 哎,Jody,我突然想到,grassroots campaign這個說法是怎么來的呢?

J: Oh, you know, I was curious about the origin, or the roots, haha, get it? Grassroots...anyway. I was curious about that myself. So let's have Michael help us out again.

實錄3 Michael Briggs: My understanding of it is that grass has roots that are very broad, and they're not very deep but they broad. The way grass grows is it sends its roots out and then sprouts and those sprouts send more and more roots out. So it's about a chain reaction or a growing web of people that over time come to life.

Y: 中文里的“grassroots”就是草根的意思。草的生命力很旺盛,它的根部蔓延得很快,用這個詞來形容這種基層群眾活動非常形象。另外,Michael說的chain reaction就是連鎖反應的意思。

J: The more people you reach out to, the more people they reach out to, and so on, and so on and so on. I'd say that joining a grassroots campaign is the best to empower yourself.


J: That's why a woman named Catayune joined a grassroots campaign to elect a political candidate.

實錄4 Catayune: My name is Catayune and I live in Washington DC. I grew up in Ohio. Grassroots campaign helps me because it means that ideas and emphasis and energy comes up from the grassroots, from everyday citizens. So it helps empower everyday citizens to really have a voice in national politics.

Y: 你覺不覺得今天我們采訪的這幾個人他們都強調群眾參與,每個公民都應該發出自己的聲音這樣一種概念,這也正是群眾運動的意義所在。

J: Well, what do you think, Yang Chen. Joining a big group of people and fighting for the same common goal doesn't it sound exciting?

Y: 嗯,太讓人激動了。

J: You don't sound very 激動了. Come on let's go join everyone and take part in the grassroots campaign.

Y: 那就走吧,還等什么呢?

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe. We gotta go! See ya!

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/7///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/7/美語咖啡屋Tue, 20 Jan 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 8 - Powerball Lottery]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y:大家好, 我是楊晨! 歡迎您到美語咖啡屋!

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe! I'm Jody. Here, Yang Chen. I bought you something. An instant Lottery Ticket. See, you scratch off the surface to see if you have won. Let me do mine first. (scratch, scratch) Come on Lady Luck! Make me a winner! (scratch, scratch) Damn! Nothing.

Y: Hmm, 好象幸運女神不太喜歡你。

J: I guess not. Well, you try yours and see how you do.

Y: 好,我來試試我的運氣。(scratch, scratch) 哇! 我贏了五塊錢!

J: What! Let me see that. You won five bucks! I think I gave you the wrong ticket. I think I gave you mine. Can I have it back?

Y: No way!

J: Now, what would really be exciting is if you won the BIG Lottery.

Y: 你說的好多州一起辦的那個超級樂透獎,對不對?

J: Yes. That's right! The POWERBALL!

(Enter sharp lightning crack)

Y: 這個聲音好恐怖??!

J: What our listeners may not know but a well-timed lightning bolt sound is meant to signify the mysterious, the awesome, like the POWERBALL!!!

(Enter sharp lightning crack)


J: Okay. No more lightning bolts. For a while.

Y: 可是,我們是不是先來解釋lottery這個詞,然后再發揮你的音響效果。

J: Let's do. The Lottery is gambling. It's a drawing of numbers. And you have to get all six numbers right AND pick the right number as the Powerball to win.

Y: 噢,對,Lottery是以買彩票或獎券的方式進行賭博。

J: The jackpot recently is really high: $210 million!

Y: 哇! 兩億一千萬美元!! 啊,我要昏倒了。

J: That's right, Sister! You go ahead and faint. The night before the drawing, I stopped at my neighborhood store and there was a line of about 50 people waiting to buy their lottery tickets. Here's some on-site interviews of people actually buying their lottery tickets.

Here's Carl from Miami...

實錄1 Carl: Lottery ticket is a gambling format for a winning of a ticket for $210 million.

J: $ 250 million. What are the odds that you can win?

Carl: one in 250 million, I think.

J: So why are you here?

Carl: Someone's gotta win, that's basically it. The chances are low, but someone does have to win.

Y: 他剛才提到一個詞“odds”,我看我們需要先給大家解釋一下。

J: Sure. O-D-D-S. You know, your chances of winning. What are your odds of winning? But for this lottery, the odds were 1 in 250 million.

Y: 那么這里就是說贏得機律是1比2億5千萬。

J: So the odds are very low. And this woman Susan had a very funny way of describing how she views her odds and why she still plays.

Y: 好,我們聽聽Susan的見解。

實錄2 Susan: Your have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than you do of winning the lottery. However, people do get hit by lightning. So it does make sense to give it a try.

J: So, you're willing to risk a couple of dollars and see if you can win the jackpot.

Susan: Yes!

J: See! She mentioned the word "lightning!"

(Enter sharp lightning crack)

Y: 你知道嗎,你聽起來象個巫婆一樣。

J: Okay. Now, get serious, Yang Chen. You know, after I started interviewing people they all started talking about the big "what if?" You know what if I win?

Y: 就是,我都替他們發愁。如果贏了,那么多錢怎么花呀?

J: Here's what Susan had to say.

Y: 好吧, 我們來聽聽Susan的宏偉計劃。

實錄3 Susan: Well, that's what everyone always thinks as they're waiting in line ... "What would they do if they won." And of course, the first thing you think is quit your job and buy all those things that are on your list, that you wanted to get...you know...

J: Another woman, Olivia from New Orleans, Louisiana, said that after she paid off her and her family's debt she would give some of her winnings to charities.

實錄4 Olivia: I would definitely donate some to charity, because there are a lot of good courses. And pay off all my debts, my mother's debts, my sister's debts and travel.

Y: 每個人都那么說。如果贏了以后先把工作辭了,然后買下所有以前買不起的東西,還要捐一部份給慈善機構。

J: Well, that's what they say before they win. I don't know what they say after they win.

Y: 好,我們的時間到了。謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。

J: Yeah! Thanks for joining us today at American Cafe. I certainly enjoyed talking with you about the American tradition of the...

Y: Stop it, Jody! 如果你再讓我聽到...


(Enter sharp lightning crack)

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/8///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/8/美語咖啡屋Tue, 27 Jan 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 9 - Brunch]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


Y: 大家好,我是楊晨?;隊飭倜烙錕Х任?。

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe. My name's Jody! Hey Yang Chen I am having Brunch this weekend with some friends. Do you have time to come join us?

Y: 好啊。不過這次可不會象上次那樣一吃就吃四個鐘頭吧。

J: Oh, but that's the whole point of Brunch. After a long workweek, a nice long Brunch is the perfect end to the weekend! And as a matter of fact the meal is so long and so relaxing that it is a combination of breakfast and lunch. It's spelled B-R-U-N-C-H.

Y: 你說的到是有道理。既然brunch是把早飯和午飯合并在一起,那么當然時間就應該長點了。不過說起來brunch這個詞不好把它翻成中文呢。我看聽眾朋友喜歡怎么叫它就怎么叫它什么吧?;蛘吒紗嗑陀糜⑽腷runch。

J: Hey Yang Chen, remember we talked to Edina, the manager of the restaurant where we had Brunch last time.

Y: 沒錯,我們來聽聽Edina給brunch下的定義。

實錄1 Edina:Brunch is a very special time in American life. It's a time where after a very busy workweek a family or friends have time to actually sit down and enjoy their meal.

Y: 下面我們就讓講一講他們的顧客最喜歡點什么菜。

實錄2 Edina:It's usually French toast, pancakes, omelets, lots of eggs.

Y: 你記不記得我那天就點了omelettes,煎蛋餅,非常好吃。French toast是一種炸面包片,也很受歡迎。哎,你會作嗎?

J: Oh, I make a wonderful French toast.

Y:不過我很好奇,它為什么叫French toast,和法國有關嗎?

J: I don't think so. We have French fries and French toast 跟法國沒有什么關系。

Y: 你說人們是不是只有在周末才會吃brunch呢?

J: Most definitely! And it's usually on Sunday after, you know, you go out with your friends and party a little, have a couple drinks, listen to music.


J: Remember we spoke with a group of people who were out having Brunch after a fun night together on the town together.

Y: 我們上次碰到的一個女孩Kristine,她是這么說的:

實錄3 Kristine: Brunch tradition is usually, I feel, the nice end of weekend to start off the new week. Nice comforting feeling. Usually very relaxed and laidback, late in the afternoon and really just a nice cap to the whole weekend and it is a chance to catch up on, on the week, I think, too.

Y: Kristine 提到了幾個很好的詞,比如"relaxed," "laidback" ,都有休息,放松的意思。

J: And brunch is definitely a laidback and relaxed meal, because, you know, if you go out drinking the night before you may be a little bit tired the next day.


J: Not everyone. But many people do. In fact, restaurants on their menu, include two particular drinks. You can choose to have either a Mimosas, a mixture of orange juice and champagne or a Bloody Mary, which is a little bit of vodka and tomato juice with spices.

Y: 對,可是喝了酒是不是更覺得沒精神呢?

J: No, not really. It's just a small amount of alcohol to take off the edge.

Y: 我曾經聽過這么一個習慣用語,叫 "the hair of the dog that bit you."

J: Ha! I can't believe you know that! That is the perfect idiom. "The hair of the dog that bit you" is exactly right. Here's Edina to explain.

實錄4 Edina: If you have a weekend to yourself most people go out. You go out Friday night or you go out Saturday night. You enjoy alcohol and you drink as much as you want. You wake up and still have the that sort of taste of the night before. So, something like a Mimosa will give you that sense back. That's what the hair of the dog, the dog is the night before, and the hair is the memories.

Y: 這個習慣用語很難解釋。

J: "Hair of the dog that bit you" ... I'm having trouble to explain it too!

Y: 我想可不可以這么打個比方呢,就是說你星期六徹夜的狂歡,灌了一肚子烈性酒,就好像你被一只大狗咬了一口。到第二天早上還有點暈暈呼呼的,那么你呢就少喝一點點酒,好像這樣能幫助你恢復正常。那么這一點點酒就好象你從狗身上拔的一根毛一樣。

J: I think that's a good explanation. You just need a little hair though. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe!

Y: 好,我們今天的時間到了,歡迎您下次再到美語咖啡屋。再見!

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Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe. Hey, Yang Chen, guess what this sound is.

(Enter breathing sounds)

Y: 噢,聽不大出來,好象是有人打電話惡作劇,是不是?

J: No, no, no! It's not an obscene phone call. It's is the sound of scuba diving.

Y: Scuba diving? 潛水,那一定很好玩吧。哎, Jody, 我一直想學潛水,但是我很怕水。

J: Well, if you want to study scuba diving you better get over that.

Y: 說到scuba diving,我就想到要全副武裝,背著那個很重潛水設備。太難了吧。

J: Well, the next time the Scuba Tour comes around you should try it!

Y: Scuba Tour是什么呢?潛水不是要到那種熱帶或者是靠近海洋的旅游勝地嗎?

J: Oh, that's the special thing about the Scuba Tour ... it comes to you! When I went to a Health and Fitness Exposition at the DC convention center. There, they had a Scuba Tour. But, let's hear from Scott Evans who was a member of the Scuba Tour to find out what it is.

實錄1 Scott Evans: My name is Scott Evans. We're at the D.C. Convention Center doing the Scuba Tour, which is an experience for non-divers to discover Scuba, basically.

Y: Scuba Tour就是到不同的地方舉辦活動,教那些初學者體驗潛水的樂趣。這到真是個好主意。

J: Oh, it's a brilliant especially if you're in the Scuba business. The Scuba Tour brings it to people who may not have the chance to try it! Here's another diver named John talking about why the Scuba Tour is important.

實錄2 John: My name is John, I'm from the Dive Shop in Fairfax, Virginia. There's always people who have always wanted to try it and that's one of the nicest things about an event like this is that they have a chance to try it in a non-threatening environment.

Y: 嗯,太棒了。通過這樣的活動能讓大多數人不出遠門就能學習潛水。

J: Exactly! And I think when John mentioned non-threatening that is really important. The Scuba Tour brought the pool, the equipment, but not the sharks.

Y: 沒錯。雖然Jody剛才提到有鯊魚是有點嚇唬人,不過第一次學潛水就到海里的確是很驚險,游泳池當然讓人覺得安全多了。你那天去的時候人很多嗎?

J: Oh, there were many people waiting in line to try out scuba diving.

Y: 哎,說了半天我們是不是先給大家解釋Scuba這個詞是怎么來的?

J: Well, first we should that Scuba is an acronym. S-C-U-B-A. And it stands for something. Here's John Harmon to give us an explanation.

實錄3 John Harmon: Okay, my name is John Harmon and SCUBA stands for self-contained, underwater, breathing apparatus.

Y: Scuba這個詞在中文里就是水肺,是一種幫助人在水下呼吸的設備。

J: The self-contained, underwater, breathing apparatus or scuba equipment, allows you to stay underwater, like a fish.

Y: 那我們來形容一下它的樣子好嗎?

J: Let's have John explain the specific equipment used for scuba diving.

實錄4 John Harmon: And basically what that consists of is some equipment, which is a tank which contains air; a regulator, which actually is the apparatus that we breathe...to deliver air from the tank to our mouths and a vest which actually allows us to sink under water or float to the surface.

Y: 聽他這么一說,這種潛水設備挺嚇人的,又是氧氣罐,又是呼吸器,還得穿上潛水背心。

J: Oh, exactly. Well think about it. You're going underwater. You need good equipment. There's the air tank, the regulator, that delivers the air from the tank, and the vest for floating or sinking and, Yang Chen, don't forget about the wetsuit. Trusting the equipment for breathing is the hardest thing for a scuba student to learn.

Y: 沒錯,我覺得對我來說,最難做到的大概就是對你的設備感到放心,特別是在深水里,萬一出現意外情況該怎么辦呢?

J: Exactly! Your life depends on it. So, let's hear what George had to stay.

實錄5 George:You gotta learn to trust the equipment and that's probably the biggest thing for students is to trust the equipment. The equipment is high performance. This is life support equipment.

Y: 我完全同意George的話。

J: I know. Even though he says it's high-performance, life support equipment, I would still be nervous.

Y: 哎,等一等,你說你也會nervous。那說了半天,你自己也不敢下水???

J: Well, see the line was really long, Yang Chen. And I wanted to try it... but you know...

Y: 好了, 好了,你不用解釋了,反正我知道你沒敢下水就是了。

J: Possibly. Okay, thanks for joining us on American Cafe. That's all the time we have for today.

Y: 好, 謝謝大家收聽,我們下次節目再見。

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Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hi I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 我想我們的聽眾可能覺得很奇怪,聽這聲音好象不是在咖啡屋。您猜的沒錯,我們現在站在一個巧克力店門口。為什么呢?因為今天是情人節。

J: That's right, Yang Chen, it's Valentine's Day. So we left the cafe. We came out on the street to find out what people are buying for Valentine's Day!

Y: 巧克力! 我現在口水要流出來了。

J: And Yang Chen, we've come to the perfect place, Chocolate Chocolate. And you, Yang Chen, I know something about the name Chocolate Chocolate. The chocolate is so good they have to say it twice

Y: 沒錯。巧克力! 巧克力?。?!今天是情人節。你第一個想到的是人們都送什么禮物呢?就是巧克力。確實是,你看里面人那么多,買巧克力的人好象大多數都是男的。

J: Of course, women love chocolate. Men like to send their sweethearts all kind of good stuff, diamonds and flowers and chocolate.

Y: 你說起鉆石,等會兒我們還要去一個珠寶店,專門賣鉆石,首飾的珠寶店。

J: That's a great idea. But first let's talk to..., oh, let's talk to this guy! Are these chocolates for you?

Man: No, actually one's for my fiancée and one's for my mom.

Yang Chen: That's so sweet!

Jody: So, we were just saying that Valentine's Day is not only to show your love for a special someone but also family and friends. Is that true?

Man: Yes it is. Women like chocolate anytime, next to diamonds.

Jody: You know, there's a diamond store right up the road.

Man: All right, I passed that one on the way. So...

J: What else for Valentine's Day are popular traditions when you guys plan to do?

Man: Probably dinner, roses, maybe some perfume.

J: Oh, look, there's another guy. I bet he's buying chocolate for his girlfriend.

Y: 你錯了。你看這個人走進了[維多利亞的秘密],是一個專門賣內衣的商店。

J: We are in front of Victoria's Secret store and the window is full of sexy red underwear just for Valentine's Day!

Y: 我可能不太會去買這種紅色的內衣。That's not for me.

J: So, traditional gifts for Valentine's Day include chocolate, sexy underwear, and also flowers.

Y: 我們還是去那邊看看玫瑰花吧。我們走吧。

Jody: First your name and why you chose to buy roses for your lovely wife on Valentine's Day.

實錄1 David: Okay, my name is David Pollack and I like to buy the roses for my wife 'cause Valentine's Day it's a sentimental value for her to know that I love her and show some appreciation.

Y: 說起來Valentine's Day,中國翻成情人節。

J: Literally, "Lover's Day."

Y: 其實這個“情人節”不光是說情人之間送禮物。

J: Exactly. Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. Children show their love for their parents. Friends can show their love for each other. So, it's a time of the year to show your feelings, I guess.

Y: 就是你對家人,對朋友的愛。

J: You think the name should be changed to something like "Love Day."

Y: 愛心節!

J: 愛心節!Okay, so we've gone to the flower guy, we've gone to the sexy underwear store, we've gone to the chocolate store. What else is there for Valentine's Day?

Y: Diamonds! 鉆石!

J: There's a diamond store?! Let's go!

(Enter sound of running)

Jody: We are here in a diamond store in Washington, D.C. What are your comments about Valentine's Day and its relationship to diamonds in general?

實錄2 Mervis: Diamond symbolizes love because for many, many centuries it has always been a tradition of longevity and because demand is pretty much the hardest gem it has a stigma that it lasts forever, which it does. And men and women have always been attracted to its sparkle and brilliance and beauty.

Jody: Yeh, if you have sweetheart what do you plan to do this Valentine's Day.

實錄3 Mervis: Well, I have more than just a sweetheart. I have a very beautiful wife and three kids. And believe me, my wife is going be spoiled rotten on this Valentine. I shouldn't be saying this in case she hears and I'll let the cat out of the bag. And I speak a large pair of diamond studs for her ears. And...yeh....


J: Diamonds are a girls' best friends.

Y: Jody, 你覺得今天過得怎么樣?

J: Oh, today is so fun! I love hearing what people are doing for Valentine's Day! Thank you for you joining us outside in D.C. visiting all the places where people are buying traditional Valentine's Day gifts. That's all the time we have on American Cafe! See you next time.

Y: 謝謝大家,我們今天的時間到了。Jody,我有一個遺憾,就是在那個巧克力店,他們有讓你試吃巧克力。

J: Free samples? Let's go back now! We're so silly.

(Enter "You're My Funny Valentine" by Tony Bennett)

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J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe. My name's Jody.

Y: 各位聽眾,歡迎大家到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hey, Yang Chen, you know our friend down in the music library, Vince...he says "hello" by the way ...

Y: 真的?下次你告訴他我也向他問好。

J: Will do. Anyway, did you know he's a guitar player?

Y: 我知道。他上次還建議我應該多聽聽他的偶像Jimi Hendrix的音樂呢。

J: Oh, that's weird. That's exactly what we talked about. Wow, he really admires Jimi Hendrix. But who wouldn't. Jimi Hendrix is a music legend.

Y: 等一等,這個music legend我們應該給聽眾解釋一下,就是音樂界的傳奇人物。

J: Exactly. And Jimi is not only a music legend, he changed rock-n-roll, 搖滾音樂forever!

Y: 說起搖滾樂,我可以跟你聊一天一夜。

J: Me too! But let's make sure that Vince gets a word in.

實錄1 Vince Bonner: My name is Vince Bonner. And I feel Jimi Hendrix is not the father of the modern guitar, but um, he changed the sound so drastically.

Y: Vince說,雖然Jimi Hendrix并不是現代吉他音樂之父,可是他在很大程度上改變了吉他音樂的聲音。不過我不太明白他這兒說的是什么意思。

J: We'll let Vince explain that. But before we hear from Vince I want to mention something again. Sometimes when Vince speaks, he drops the "t" at the end of his words. For example, he will say "lef-handed" instead of "left-handed."

Y: Lift-handed中文就是左撇子。

J: Right. I mean, left. I mean that's correct!

Y: 好了,好了,我看你越說越糊涂。我們還是聽聽Vince的解釋吧。

實錄2 Vince: Number one he was a left-handed guitarist. So he played the instrument upside down which is even more incredible. Um Jimi was the first to use distortion and reverb, heh, without it sounding like a lot of noise. Everything he was doing he did wrong, technically, he was doing wrong.

Y: Vince剛才說的這段里有兩個詞比較難懂。Jody,你來解釋一下吧。

J: Right. Distortion and reverb are two special terms for music and, especially, for Jimi Hendrix. Reverb is a music term that's short for reverberation or shaking and tremors in the music. But you know what, Yang Chen, we have so many examples from Jimi Hendrix himself ... let's just play that.

Y: 對,讓聽眾從音樂中來體會。

J: Here's an example of distortion and reverb from Jimi Hendrix.

Y: 大家可要坐穩了。下面我們欣賞一段Jimi Hendrix演奏的音樂。

(Enter sample of Jimi Hendrix)

Y: Wow, 他的音樂太有震撼力了。

J: Isn't that amazing! Nobody thought that that could sound good. But Jimi Hendrix was such a great guitar player he made he sound great. And Vince felt the same way, too. In the next quote he talks about what makes the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix so special. Yang Chen, he didn't just play the guitar. His concerts were the ultimate in showmanship.

Y: 是不是所有的音樂家我們都可以稱他們為表演家呢?

J: No way! No, no, no, Jimi was special. He used crazy lights and crazy color shows. He even set his guitar on fire one time.

Y: 這就是他和其他音樂家的不同之處。

J: Right. And he just played the guitar so well. When he played it was true showmanship. Here us Vince.

實錄3 Vince: For me, and this is what I think makes Jimi so special, is being different, is having your own individuality on the instrument. Everyone right now sounds like everyone else. Everyone else sounds like Jimi Hendrix.

J: I really like how Vince worded it. "Everyone right now sounds like everyone else. Everyone else sounds like Jimi Hendrix."

Y: 現在很多人都在模仿別人,而所有的人都在模仿Jimi Hendrix。

J: Not only was he incredibly individual, but when he played his concerts turned into a spiritual experience. Here is Vince.

實錄4 Vince: Jimi once said that when he got on stage and when he started to play he can make the audience do anything. It was like a spiritual revival when he played.

Y: 我覺得音樂的力量的確是非常偉大。如果大家都來聽Jimi Hendrix的音樂,這個世界一定會變得更加美好。

J: You are absolutely right. I couldn't agree with you more.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見。

J: Let the spirit of Jimi Hendrix fill the air!!

(Enter Jimi Hendrix music)

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/12///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/12/美語咖啡屋Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 13 - Stand-up Comedy]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello everyone and welcome to American Cafe! My name's Jody.

Y: 歡迎大家到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hey, Yang Chen, I have a joke. Do you have a minute?

Y: Uh huh.

J: Okay, did you hear the one about the mushroom who walked into the bar?

Y: 一只蘑菇走進一個酒吧,很好笑啊。

J: Well, a mushroom walked into a bar and the bartender said, "Hey, get out of here. We don't serve your kind."

Y: 為什么?

J: That's exactly what the mushroom asked. "What do mean you don't serve my kind...I'm a fun guy!" Fun-guy. You know, fungus ... See the mushroom's a fungus. Oh, never mind. It's kind of funny. Yang Chen, are you there? Don't you get it? Fungus...Fungi...

Y: Haha ... 是挺幽默的。我相信我們的聽眾在收音機前已經笑得直不起腰來了。

J: Oh, you know what, don't humor me, Yang Chen.

Y: 不錯,你還是挺會講笑話的。繼續努力。

J: You know maybe I should take me friend's comedy class. You know, polish my act a little.

Y: A little?

J: Yeah, you know polish it up a little.

Y: 真的有這種專門教人講笑話的課嗎?

J: Oh sure. My friend Jason teaches a stand up comedy class so I went to check it out.

Y: 怎么樣,有什么收獲嗎?

J: Actually the thing that surprised me the most was how serious the class was. Jason talked a lot about the pain and sorrow in comedy.

Y: 痛苦,悲傷?你確定他們上的是喜劇課?

J: I was surprised too. But let's here from Jason as he describes his philosophy of comedy.

實錄1 Jason: Comedy is actually your pain turned into comedy; that is what it is. It's the things that affect you in your life. Unfortunately the things that most people will laugh at are your pain and your sorrow that actually is actually in their life as well in some sort of fashion, maybe a bad mother, a bad father, bad working conditions, something like that, but they can still identify.

Y: Jason講的倒是挺有道理的。幽默就是把自己的痛苦經歷當笑話講給別人聽。這樣既可以引起他們的共鳴,又可以讓他們哈哈一笑,忘記了生活中的不愉快。這的確是很深奧的道理。

J: I agree. We all laugh at things we can identify with. As a comic Jason is not afraid of sharing the most painful parts of his life. During our interview as we were driving from his stand-up class Jason talked about how he grew up with a heart condition, his open heart surgery and the connection to comedy.

實錄2 Jason: Comedy has always been dear to my heart. Um, I grew up with a heart condition. I had open-heart surgery. Um, I found that comedy was the unique thing that would bring people together. And it was always something I could do to make them laugh and help them enjoy their life and actually take their pain and sorrow of their life, identify it with me ... and actually get some sort of ... maybe a closure or some sort of ending to their saga or their story.

Y: 其實我們每個人在生活中都有這樣的經歷。 你越是在困難的時候就越想看喜劇片或者聽聽笑話。

J: Oh, I think so too.

Y: 說到這里,我很好奇,Jason的學生都是些什么人呢?

J: Most of the students in the class were older women. There was only one man. Here's Jason again talking about one of his students.

實錄3 Jason: One of my students had brain surgery and she wanted to use it as some sort of healing. Bring out her pain into the public and actually to resolve that and turn her pain into someone else's happiness. And, um, it's a way of putting closure on events.

Y: Jason剛才講的這個學生做過腦部手術。她想借助喜劇來恢復健康。對這個學生來說,"putting closure on events" 就意味著要忘掉過去的痛苦,開始新的生活。說起來美國的這種 "stand-up comedy" 是一種很特殊的喜劇表演方式,有點類似中國的單口相聲。

J: Stand-up comedy is one of the hardest types of performing. It literally means that you stand up in front of people and make them laugh.

Y: 我有個很嚴肅的問題:要是沒有人笑該怎么辦?

J: You know that's a good question. You feel vulnerable. You feel exposed. You feel embarrassed. You feel naked.

Y: 還是廣播好,我們可以用音響效果來掩飾你的尷尬。

J: That's right!

Y: 對,要是沒人笑,你按一下按鈕用音響效果就可以了。

J: Let me tell my joke again and see if it's any better.

Y: 好阿,效果一定很好。

J: We'll finish with my joke. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 好,我們今天的時間到了。謝謝您到美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見。

J: So a mushroom walks into a bar ...


J: ... and the bartender says, "Hey get out of here! We don't serve your kind.


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<![CDATA[Lesson 14 - Studying Chinese]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe. My name is Jody! Hey, Yang Chen, who's going to join us today on American Cafe?

Y: 明克勝先生。你知道嗎,現在中國有學英語熱,但是他們不知道其實在美國也有很多人在學中文。所以我們今天請明克勝先生來給我們談談他為什么要學中文,還有他在學中文的過程中遇到什么困難。我們今天還有一位神秘的嘉賓。你知道是誰嗎?

J: I have no idea.

Y: 就是你。

J: Oh, my gosh!

Y: 好,我們就請明克勝先生談談他為什么要學中文,他是怎么開始的。

實錄1: Carl: Well, I started a long time ago. First learned a little bit when I was in college. But I probably picked up most of it when I was overseas in Taiwan and also Mainland China for about three years total. Started learning, really learning, when I was in Taiwan.

Y: 那么,Jody你呢, 你是怎么開始學中文的呢?

實錄2: Jody: Actually I started studying Chinese when I arrived in China. I don't have Chinese under my belt before that time, Yang Chen. So I arrived in Shanghai when I was 21 years old, not speaking any Chinese. And I arrived at the train station at 3 o'clock in the morning surrounded by people who did not speak my language. And I can tell you it was a little frightening. So, I did the only thing I knew what to do ... I sang a song, "Rain drops keep falling on my head." And everyone started laughing and it made the situation better. Actually, Carl said that he began studying in college while he was in the United States. I did not do that. I got a scholarship to leave the country and go to China and study and I took advantage of it. I really wanted to go abroad to study and China seemed like the most foreign place on the planet.

Y: 我們可以想象美國人學中文一定有很多困難,因為這兩個語言實在是相差的太遠了。那么下面請你們談談你們在學習中遇到過什么困難,首先我們讓明克勝先生談一談。

實錄3: Carl: Two of the most challenging things when you study Chinese, in particular, are the tones and the characters. I think that's just extremely difficult. And it was frustrating to be teaching ... teaching kindergarten students and realizing that their reading was much better than mine.

Y: Jody, 你覺得明克勝談的這些困難是不是每個學中文的學生都會遇到的困難呢?

實錄4: Jody: Oh, most definitely. The tones and the characters, Yang Chen, they're so difficult. We're just not used to it. We're not used to the strict tonal aspect of Chinese. 媽、麻、馬、罵。

Y: 沒錯, 我聽到過很多外國人說中文的時候因為四聲沒有掌握對,所以鬧出很多笑話。 比如把一個東西講成另一個東西。我想學中文也和學其他語言一樣,每個人都有一些小的訣竅。那么你們兩談一談你們在學習的過程中有些什么樣的訣竅,或者是技巧啊,或者有什么好的經驗介紹給大家。

實錄5: Carl: The best thing to do when you're learning Chinese is to be around a lot of four-year olds. And the reason I say that is because their level of Chinese and yours are at the very beginning quite similar. You can have these great conversations like "I'm hungry!" "I like blue." "I want the ball!" And so, I thought it was great to be able do that ... very simple Chinese expressions with four and five-year olds.

實錄6: Jody: Yeah. I didn't teach small children. I taught university students and we mostly used English. But I did have the opportunity to make friends with students in the music department and I learned several Chinese pop songs and I was able to perform with them and sing Chinese songs at concerts. And when you're a foreigner living in China you get asked to do television commercials and acting shows.

Y: 所以這個語言環境是很重要的,你和不同行業的人交談也可以學到很多東西。

J: Not only the language but most importantly, the culture and how people live their lives and make a living and have fun.

Y: 好,我們今天的時間快到了,我想最后請你們二位一人用中文講一句中國的成語啊, 俗語啊,或者是俏皮話,講什么都可以。


J:I like this idiom. I heard it and it stuck with me and here it is 好馬不吃回頭草。


J: See you later!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 15 - Daytona Bike Week]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 個位聽眾好!我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?!

J: Hello, I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe. Hey, Yang Chen, how was your trip down to Florida?

Y: 哎呀,玩得太開心了。我知道你也去了迪斯尼世界,對吧?

J: I did! We drove down too. What a fun time!

Y: 可是玩得時候開心,你知道開車回來的時候開了十幾個小時,簡直把我累死了。

J: Oh, you're telling me. We drove straight through too and it was a long drive. Hey, on the road did you notice all the motorcycles?

Y: 沒錯,我正要問你呢,為什么有那么多摩托車呢?

J: Well, it just so happens that we were coming home just as Bike Week was ending in Florida.

Y: 你是說那些摩托車都是要開到同一個地方,參加同一個活動。

J: Yeah, all the bikes were going to Daytona Beach where they have Bike Week. I think this year it ran from Feb 27 to March 7.

Y: 難怪呢。

J: And on the way to Florida I stopped at the headquarters of Bike Week and spoke with a biker named Gino. He told me a little about Bike Week and biker culture.

Y: 好啊,我也正想聽聽這個Bike Week是怎么回事呢。

實錄1 Gino: Well, my name is Gina Garjulo and I am in St. Augustine, Florida. And we're about 65 miles north of Daytona, which has the second largest Bike Week in the world. This Bike Week here is in its 63rd year. And every year people come from all over the world, literally.

Y: 聽Gino這么一解釋,這個Bike Week其實就是一種摩托車愛好者或者說摩托車手的大聚會。Gino說這個活動已經有63年的歷史,參加者來自世界各地。

J: That's right. People come from all over the world to attend Bike Week at Daytona. A lot of people came and a lot of people spent a lot of money.

實錄2 Gino: About 500,000 people descend upon Daytona. It's an impact of about $500 million dollars in about a two-week period all together.

Y: Wow! 不過我很好奇,這些摩托車愛好者都是些什么人?

J: Well, Gino explains that Bike Week is a very interesting look into the diversity of the biker culture.

Y: 你說的diversity是什么意思呢?

J: Okay, some people think that all bikers have long scraggly hair and tattoos and beards. You know, that's the stereotype of a biker.

Y: 沒錯,一提到騎摩托車的人我們就會聯想到那種留長頭發,穿皮夾克啊,就是那種比較粗野的形象吧?

J: Yeah, I know. And some bikers do fit that description, that stereotype. But here's Gina again to describe the diversity of people who go to Bike Week.

實錄3 Gino: It's a very interesting look into the Biker Culture and you've got people that are what we call "one percenters" that are real hardcore bikers that have the long, scraggly hair and beards and everything and the tattoos all over them. Then you have the doctors and lawyers and everything. There are bikes that run up to $150,000. Lots of women ride, uh ... just all interesting people.

Y: 看來人們對摩托手確實有一些誤解,其實他們當中有很多受過良好教育的人。Gino 剛才說的 hardcore bikers指的是那些鐵桿分子。你說我可不可以形容他們是愛摩托車如命呢?

J: Right. Gino said "hardcore" and that's the perfect word to describe, you know, people who are really devoted to something to a very serious degree. "Hardcore" is one word and it's spelled H-A-R-D "hard," "core" C-O-R-E. And another example of how to use it would be "That's really hardcore, man," really serious.

Y: 我很好奇,這個Bike Week都有些什么活動呢?

實錄4 Gino: They camp out. They're get here a week or so early. They have camping spots down there. And, uh, they drive all over the place. They have organized rides, contests ...

Y: 我想除了野營,賽車,觀賞摩托車之外,一定還有購物活動吧?比方說他們可以購買特制的皮夾克或者說摩托車用品等等。

J: Even tattoos, Yang Chen.

Y: Oh, 別提那個。"Tattoo"中文就是刺青,就是在身上弄得花花綠綠的。我受不了。

J: That's one thing Gina wanted to make sure of ... that not all bikers have tattoos.

Y: 不能劃等號。

(Enter motorcycle sounds)

Y: 啊,怎么有人開著摩托車到我們的咖啡屋來了。

J: Let's go outside and check it out. Uh, uh, Sorry, everyone. We gotta go! Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 好,各位聽眾,我們下次節目再見。

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<![CDATA[Lesson 16 - Biker Culture]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 個位聽眾好,我是楊陳?;隊蠹業矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe! My name's Jody. On a previous show we talked about Bike Week, a long vacation in Florida for people who love motorcycles.

Y: 沒錯,我們曾經介紹過Bike Week就是摩托愛好者的一次大聚會。

J: Exactly. And people come from all over the world to come to Bike Week.

Y: 對,參加的人來自世界各地。他們的活動豐富多彩。哎,Jody,我覺得這些人已經形成了特殊的摩托車文化,你說對不對。

J: Oh, exactly. There was way too much to cover in only five minutes. So, we're back with our friends Gino and Terry, bikers and motorcycle salesman, to learn more about the traditions of the biker culture.

實錄1 Gino: I've been riding for 32 years. Uh I've been in the bike business for about 20 years ... me and my and partner Terry. It's been something I've always enjoyed.

Y: Gino說他玩摩托車的歷史已經有32年了,然后他和Terry開業賣摩托車也已經有20年了。

J: Yeah, we talked in the store that he and Terry owned. The store was full of motorcycle gear.

Y: 你說的motorcycle gear,是不是摩托車用品?

J: Right, clothing and helmets, and of course the motorcycles. And Gino described a typical biker. Yang Chen, we should tell everyone that in English "biker," B-I-KE-R", only refers to someone who rides a motorcycle.

Y: 我會騎自行車,我算不算biker?

J: Oh, no, I don't think that counts, Yang Chen.

Y: 我好傷心。

J: Try again next time. Here is Gino to tell us more about the biker culture.

實錄2 Gino: They're basically just nice people. They're down-to-earth, hardworking... they'll do anything for anybody.

Y: Gino說的down-to-earth我們可解釋為很實在,很樸實,對不對?

J: 對了。

Y: 我聽說這些摩托車愛好者之間有很多雖然不是明文規定,但是大家都要遵守的規則,是嗎?

J: Exactly. Bikers live by an unwritten code of ethics. You know, they stick together and are very loyal to their friends, family and fellow bikers, even if they don't know them.

Y: 我想這就是為什么人們喜歡聚在一起,因為他們可以找到有共同愛好,可以信任的人。

J: That's such a good point. That's why people join communities like the bikers -- to find that loyalty. Again here is Gino.

實錄3 Gino: We all feel akin to each other. You know you see someone broken down on the side of the road there's a biker you always stop to help (th)'em. And traditionally when you see bikers, bikers always wave to each whether you know each other or not just to say hi.


J: OK, Yang Chen, I'm going to give you a quick motorcycle quiz.

Y: 你要考我,好啊。

J: What do you think it means when a biker pats the top of his or her helmet?

Y: 如果一個騎摩托車的人拍一拍頭盔是什么意思。讓我想想。

J: 好。What do you think?

Y: 我知道了。一定是他在提醒對面那個騎摩托車的人前面有一個賣冰激淋的店!

J: Ice cream shop? No, no, no. But I know where you mind is. What it means is to slow down if you are speeding because there is policeman up ahead.

Y: 真的?可見他們騎摩托車經常超速。

J: I don't know. But just in case. Just in case they are speeding. OK, here is another question, Yang Chen. What motorcycle do you think bikers most love to ride?

Y: 這個我知道,一定是本田。

J:No, no, wrong answer. You failed the motorcycle quiz.

Y: 啊, 我又錯了?

J: It's the Harley Davidson, a bike named after the two Americans who invented it. Let's introduce Terry, Gino's business partner, as he shows us his pride and joy.

Terry: It's a 2003 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

Y: Wow!

J: Yeah. Wow.

Y: 其實我根本不知道2003年Harley Davidson Fatboy是什么。聽起來象一種漢堡包。

J: It does sound like a hamburger. But here is Terry to tell us what it really is.

實錄4 Terry and Jody:

Terry: It's the oldest American bike in existence.

Jody: What's it like to ride it?

Terry: It's more fun that you could ever imagine.

Jody: I think so.

Terry: You have to ride one. You ride one and you'll know what it's like.

(Enter music ZZ Top "La Grange")

Y: Terry說的沒錯。你要想知道騎摩托車的滋味,就必須親身體驗一下。好,我們今天的時間到了,謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次再見。

J: See you next time on American Cafe.

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<![CDATA[Lesson 17 - Young At Heart Tap Dance Troupe]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: And I'm Jody! Thanks for dropping by the American Cafe!

Y: 哎,Jody, 你踢踏舞練得這么樣了?

(Sound of tap dancing)

J: Slowly, Yang Chen. Really slowly.


J: Um, I would have to say in a word, simply ... YES! It's really hard.

Y: 就是嗎。當初我就勸你學點簡單的東西。

J: I know.

Y: 不是我打擊你的積極性,你這個年齡學踢踏舞是不是晚了一點兒?

J: What's that supposed to mean? What do you mean 我的這個年齡?! What's wrong with my age!? But, actually the ladies in my tap dance troupe, called Young At Heart, are in their late 50s and early 60s. So, I'm pretty young. And most of them didn't start tap dancing until they hit 50 years old.

Y: 還有這么多人50多歲了才開始學跳踢踏舞。Young At Heart這個名字起得真好。它的意思是說一個人身體變老了,可是心靈和思想永遠是年輕的。這和中文里的“童心未泯”的意思很接近。

J: And in English the expression "young at heart" is often used to describe older people who have a zest for life. You know, they have a young way of looking at life. Here's Hazel, one of the founders of Young At Heart.

實錄1 Hazel Elbert:My name is Hazel Elbert. And ah, I started tapping in 1989. In 1989 I was 52 years old. I've been with Young at Heart since, oh dear, I guess it's been about five, going on about six years now.

Y: Hazel五十二歲才開始學跳舞。你們都在什么地方表演,我下次一定要去看看。

J: Oh, that'll be fun! Young At Heart travels to many nursing homes and senior centers in the area and tap dances for people who don't get to go out very much any more.

Y: 這里的nursing homes指的就是養老院,那么senior centers指的是老年人中心。哎,你們到這些養老院或老年人中心去為老人們表演,這也應該算是一種慈善活動吧?

J: Here's Hazel again.

實錄2 Hazel Elbert:And you get a good feeling because the whole purpose of our organization is to provide entertainment to elderly people, actually. It's the elderly people that are in our nursing homes or senior centers and what have you, and that's the main purpose of our organization.

J: And you know, what's better than music, dancing, singing and laughter? Those are the best medicines for anybody.

Y: 沒錯,沒錯。對我自己來說,多聽音樂,唱歌跳舞都是有益身體健康的活動。

J: And you know, there's another side to the benefits of Young At Heart.


J: Well, many of the women have used tap dance to help recover from serious illnesses.

Y: 真的?跳踢踏舞還可以幫助她們恢復身體健康???

J: Definitely, definitely. Here's Hazel.

ACT Hazel Elbert

Jody: Out of all the dance forms why did you choose tap?

實錄3 Hazel: Because I needed a diversion from a medical problem I was having. And I thought tap would be challenging and it would keep my mind occupied. It required a lot of thought, coordination and that's kinda of what I needed at the time.

Y: 原來Hazel是用跳舞來分散她的精力。這樣她就不會老把自己當成一個病人。這真的是一種好辦法。

J: Right, because tap dance, like Hazel said, is not only physical it's also mental. It requires a lot of thought, a lot of coordination. Another women in the dance troupe, a friend of mine, has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Y: Chemotherapy就是療。

J: And she's still tap dancing. Well, here's Emily. She explains how tap dancing saved her from severe shyness.

Y: 害羞?

J: 非常害羞。

Y: 哇,我很好奇,如果她是個害羞的人,那她怎么敢在很多人面前跳舞呢?

J: 我們讓她解釋。

實錄4 Emily:I choose tap dancing because it is something I've always wanted to do since I was yay high but I was too frightened and too scared, and I was a very shy person, oh horribly shy person. But then when I became 52, I said "Uh oh, I think it's time." 52 or not I was going to do this.

Y: Jody, 你知道嗎,我聽了Emily的話,真的很受鼓舞,因為我也是個很害羞的人,所以我也應該去學跳踢踏舞?

J: What?! You? Shy?! No way! But come on out and dance with us anyway. Young At Heart would love to have you.

Y: 好,各位聽眾,我們今天的節目就到這里結束。謝謝大家收聽,我們下次節目再見。

(Sound of tap dancing)

J: Thanks for tuning into American Cafe! See you next time!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 18 - Bluegrass Music]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: And I'm Jody. Welcome to American cafe, where you can meet everyday Americans at work and at play. So, come on in and grab a good seat by the window and join us for American Cafe.

Y: 說到這兒啊,我們今天要帶您認識兩位美國人。他們有一個共同的愛好。

J: That's right. One's a musician and one's a dancer. And they have something in common - they both love bluegrass music!

(Enter "Orange Blossom Special")

J: Yang Chen, did you hear how fast they are playing? It is simply incredible!

Y: Wow, 你說的沒錯。雖然我看不見他們的手,可是我已經覺得眼花繚亂了。

J: Yang Chen, let's first introduce Bob Carlin, a musician we met at a cultural festival and let him describe this very American type of music; bluegrass.

Y: 好吧。我們首先來認識一下Bob Carlin。他是一位音樂學者,讓他給您介紹一下什么是Bluegrass Music, 蘭草音樂。

實錄1 Bob Carlin: Bluegrass is a form of music in its strictest definition. It's a band of fiddle, or violin, mandolin, five-string banjo, which is an American invention from an African instrument, and, uh, the guitar and string base. And that's the classic bluegrass band.

Y: Jody,Bob Carlin剛才提到了演奏bluegrass的幾種基本樂器。我們解釋一下這幾種樂器好嗎?

J: That's a great idea. First he mentions the fiddle, or violin.

Y: 其實 fiddle就是小提琴,在演奏鄉村音樂或蘭草音樂的時候就稱為fiddle。我給它起了個名字,叫“鄉村小提琴”,好不好聽???

J: Very clever. Then there's the mandolin.

Y: 曼陀林琴。

J: Next is the five-string banjo. It is the most important instrument in bluegrass music. What you hear in the background, in fact, is an example of banjo music.

(Enter banjo music)

Y: Banjo就五弦琴或者叫班究琴。您現在聽到的就是班究琴。Banjo在蘭草音樂里是最重要的一種樂器。

J: Then there's the guitar.

Y: 我想大家都很熟悉吉他。

J: Finally, Yang Chen, there's the string bass.

Y: 最后還有低音琴。解了演奏 Bluegrass 的基本樂器,下面我們聽聽 Bob Carlin為我們介紹 Bluegrass 的起源和風格。

實錄2 Bob Carlin: What separates this from other music groups is that they play in a style that was pioneered by Bill Monroe back in the 1940s. And, um, it's a music that takes its cue or its roots from earlier forms of American string band music, country music and incorporates, uh, some ideas out of jazz, like soloing.

Y: Bob Carlin 剛才談到的 Bill Monroe 就是蘭草音樂之父?;褂邪?,他提到幾個詞,我們來解釋一下,"jazz" 就是爵士樂。"Soloing" 我想就是某種樂器穿插在樂曲中間的獨奏,對吧?

J: That's a perfect definition of soloing.

Y: 謝謝你的夸獎,Jody。你來自西維吉尼亞,可以說你是聽著bluegrass 長大的,那么對你來說,bluegrass有什么特別意義呢?

J: You're right. I grew up in West Virginia listening to bluegrass music so it really is in my blood. When bluegrass music is playing, it's very hard to keep my feet still.

Y: 好,那么我們下面就為大家介紹我們今天要認識的第二個美國人。她叫Lynn Masterson。我們聽聽她為什么喜歡bluegrass。

實錄3 Lynn Masterson: Well, it always has a strong beat. For a dancer, a strong beat is very important. Um, it's cheery. It's happy music. It's very, uh, familiar and comfortable music. It's sort of part of who we are.

Y: 我覺得她剛才Masterson女士的這番話很有代表性。 Bluegrass的確很有感染力。她所說的strong beat,也就是節奏感很強,適合跳舞。Jody,bluegrass這個題目要講的內容實在是太多了。

J: That's true.

Y: 可惜我們沒有足夠的時間。 不過有一點我覺得非提一下不可,那就是bluegrass對大家熟悉的搖滾樂歌王,也就是貓王Elvis Presley的影響。

J: I knew you were going to bring up Elvis Presley.

Y: 好,下面我們還是聽聽音樂學者 Bob Carlin 是怎么說的吧。

實錄4 Bob Carlin: Of course, Elvis is influenced by bluegrass. You know, Elvis did Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky," and Bill Monroe just did it one speed through.

(Enter Bill Monroe singing "Blue Moon of Kentucky")

實錄5 Bob Carlin: Elvis, he did it as a waltz like Monroe and then he sped it up.

(Enter Elvis Presley singing "Blue Moon of Kentucky")

J: Now that we heard both versions, Yang Chen, which one do you like better?

Y: 當然是Elvis Presley了。

J: I knew you were going to say that.

Y: 因為他的演唱速度比較快,而且有搖滾樂的味道。

J: Okay, okay we know how much you like rock-n-roll and Elvis Presley. But you know, I think Bill Monroe's version better. But, I guess we're going to have to talk about that over coffee because that's all the time we have for today on American Cafe.

Y: 好,我們今天就聊到這兒。聽眾朋友們,我們下次見。

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<![CDATA[Lesson 19 - Pfeiffer's Hardware]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨

J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe. Hey, Yang Chen, how's it going?

Y: 很好??!

(Sound of table rocking, coffee cup spilling over)

Y: Jody,小心點,你不要晃桌子。 看我的咖啡都灑了。

J: It's not my fault. Look, it's the table. See how crooked it is?

(Sound of table rocking)

Y: Oh, 你說的沒錯,這桌子好奇怪,一個腿長,一個腿短。 得找人修一修才行啊。

J: No problem! Luckily, I've just come from visiting my favorite hardware store. Here let me...

(Sound of a saw cutting wood)

Y: Jody,你在干什么?

(Sound of a saw cutting wood)

J: I'm fixing ... (grunt) the (grunt) table leg.

Y: 不要再鋸了,哎呀,你看別人都在看我們呢!

J: Just ignore (th)'em ... (sawing) just a little bit more (sawing) ... there!

(Piece of wood falling)

Y: 哎呀,現在這桌子更是高低不平了。

J: Oops.

Y: 你現在知道闖禍了。 中國有句成語“班門弄斧”,我看說的就是你。不過你這把鋸子到是挺漂亮的。 從那里弄來的?

J: I told you, my favorite hardware store.

Y: 你最喜歡的hardware store ? 什么意思???

J: A hardware store. You know, a store that has hardware for fastening things, for fixing things, for...

Y: 我當然知道什么是五金店, 我是覺得奇怪的是,五金店不就是賣工具嗎,還分什么喜歡不喜歡的。

J: Well, there is no reason to yell. Maybe some of our listeners don't know. I got an idea. Let's go visit Pfeiffer's Hardware, my favorite hardware store.

Y: 好吧,我們就看看這個五金店有什么特別之處,讓你這么激動。

(Background sounds of the Hardware Store. Cash register rings)

實錄1 Todd Pfeiffer: My name is Todd Pfeiffer and we're standing in Pfeiffer's Hardware. A hardware store usually has hardware for fastening things, for helping build houses, for renovating houses, for repairing things in the house. And also tools, tools that you use with the hardware to fix things.

Y: Ha! 說了半天,他這個五金店不也就是賣點什么擰螺絲,修房子, 裝修之類的工具。我還是不明白為什么你要說這是你最喜歡的五金店。

J: Oh, well, that's easy. It's not what he sells. Well, you know, I'll let Todd explain.

實錄2 Todd: It's actually a fascinating place (be)cause it's more than just a place to sell things; it's also a place where people come to talk to get the latest the news. Here it's about conversations about the neighborhood, what's going on in people's lives, what's going on in my life.

Y: 真的?

J: It is a fascinating place. Really.

Y: 居然有人喜歡到五金店去聊天,去公園不更好嗎?

J: Well, you can always go to a park. But, like Todd said it's a place where people come to talk and to get the latest news. It's a neighborhood hangout. Here's Todd's wife Adriana.

實錄3 Adriana: But on Saturdays it's a really fun place to be. The day flies by. You know, so many people come in and you get to talk to folks. And it's fun to spend the day with Todd. It is. It's really fun. We laugh a lot,...so..

Y: 她說的沒錯the day just flies by,時間過得好快。

J: That's right. It's so much fun that time passes quickly. Time just flies by.

Y: 現在我有點理解人們為什么喜歡到這家店, 因為老板和老板娘態度特別好,人們到這里有一種親切的感覺。

J: Exactly. Steve, a retired man in the neighborhood, is a regular at Pfeiffer's Hardware.

Y: 你說的"regular" 是什么意思?

J: Oh, a "regular," it's spelled R-E-G-U-L-A-R, is someone who goes to a business frequently. So, you call them a regular.

Y: Wow, 居然有人逛五金店也會上癮。這大概就和我們逛百貨商店一樣吧,百去不厭。

J: Here's Steve explaining why he's a regular at Pfeiffer's Hardware.

實錄4 Steve: Well, the difference here is Todd and Adriana. They make this a wonderful place to visit. I'm glad a place like this exists in the neighborhood. I'm glad that people like Todd and Adriana are available to visit every week, every day. I come and help. I began helping just to be helpful to them but later I found that I enjoyed it. And it's a great pleasure to be productive.

Y: Steve只是個顧客。他常常來這里幫忙而且還樂在其中,看來他是把自己當成他們的一個家庭成員那樣了。

J: Exactly! But back to our problem - our broken table. Look what I bought at Pfeiffer's Hardware!

(Enter drill sound)

J: Now we can fix the table!

Y: Uh oh!

J: Trust me!

Y: Trust you? 我看我還是先走,你自己折騰吧。各位聽眾朋友,我們下次見了。

J: Wait! Come back, Yang Chen! It's easier than it looks!!

(Fade with drill sound)

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<![CDATA[Lesson 20 - Flamenco Dancer]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe.

Y: Jody, 你最近忙嗎?

J: Pretty busy.

Y: 你在忙什么呢?

J: You know, work, spending time with my friends, oh don't forget about the tap dance.

Y: 沒錯。最近我忽然覺得業余時間應該學點什么,你覺得我學跳舞怎么樣?

J: That's a great idea. What type of dance?

Y: Flamenco!

J: Flamenco!? Did you say Flamenco?!

Y: 沒錯。你干嗎那么吃驚,是不是覺得我學不會?

J: I'm sure you can learn Flamenco. But Flamenco, F-l-a-m-e-n-c-o. Flamenco comes from the Gypsies, you know.

(Flamenco music)

Y: 吉普賽舞蹈。太好了。

J: Yes, yes. And Flamenco is fiery! Like the Gypsies! And Flamenco, Yang Chen, is full of passion and excitement!

Y: 等一等,你冷靜一下,不要這么激動。 不過仔細想一想也許你說的對,我可能真的不適合跳這種舞。我看我還是放棄吧。

J: I have an idea. Listen to what my friend Marlene has to say about Flamenco. Marlene, take it away:

實錄1 Marlene: I'm Marlene English and this DC Dance Collective. And I am a Flamenco Dancer. I take classes here at DC Dance. Flamenco is probably different from mostly anything that you ever see. It is very, first, it's very fast. It's very loud. It's very fiery. The clothes alone are wonderful. There are a lot of ruffles and colors and it's very exciting.

Y: 熱情、浪漫、自由、奔放。我就向往這樣的生活! 哎,這個Marlene學跳舞有多長時間了呢?

J: About six years now. And she began studying Flamenco as an adult. She started out in ballet as a child but was deeply drawn to Flamenco when she saw it perform at the age 14.

Y: 她為什么不在小時候就開始學呢?

J: Let's hear Marlene explain it.

實錄2 Marlene: In this country, unfortunately, when I was younger it wasn't available. We did not see much of it. It wasn't very popular and it wasn't well known. I saw it one time when I was 14. And I loved it. But at that time I was in ballet as most American girls are. And I just always wanted to do it. But I wasn't able to ever really find where to do it or how to come to it until I actually was an adult.

Y: 噢,原來她小時候Flamenco并不流行,所以她一開始學的是芭蕾,長大以后才有機會學習Flamenco。

J: Let's listen to Marlene talk more about studying Flamenco:

實錄3 Marlene: I have been dancing my entire life. I came to Flamenco about 6 years ago. And I have to tell it's one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's a very difficult dance form. It's physically strenuous. What hardest to learn, however, are the complicated rhythms.

Y: 聽她這么一說,我倒真有點擔心。Marlene都練了這么多年了,還說很難,她還說這種舞蹈的節奏很難掌握。這是什么意思呢?

J: Maybe the best way to explain is to play some Flamenco music.

(Enter Flamenco music)

Y: 現在我明白了這種音樂的節奏確實比別的音樂要快得多。我覺得我光聽這個音樂我的膝蓋都要軟了。

J: Well nothing worthwhile is easy. Here is Marlene:

實錄4 Marlene: The challenge is hard but the rewards are wonderful. It is something that is a complete release of passion. You are so consumed by it that's it worth all of that. It's a wonderful reward for all the hard work.

Y: Marlene說的沒錯。迎接挑戰才能享受成功的快樂。這個大道理我是懂,不過如果要吃太多的苦我可要重新考慮考慮。

J: Wait, Yang Chen. Before you say another word, listen to the advice Marlene gives you about Flamenco:

實錄5 Marlene: If you are interested in trying out Flamenco and doing it, it's great fun. There are great challenges but it is so fun and so rewarding. Don't let it scare you, even if you're older and you haven't danced. Do it anyway. Let your soul be free!

Y: Marlene說得太好了。Flamenco。

J: No, Yang Chen, say it louder!

Y: Flamenco?

J: Flamenco! Repeat after me.

J & Y: Flamenco!!!

Y: 請你給我的靈魂裝上翅膀,讓我自由地飛翔吧!

J: Way to go, my Gypsy Soul Sister!

Y: 哎, Jody, 我怎么受了你的影響,也變得瘋瘋顛顛了。

J: No more talking, it's time to dance. Thank you for joining us on American Cafe!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 21 - Campaign Manager]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎到美語咖啡屋,我是楊晨。

J: Hello. Welcome to American Cafe. I'm Jody. So, Yang Chen, this is a big political year in the United States. The race for the White House is not going to be an easy one.

Y: 你說的沒錯。今年的競爭非常激烈。現在你只要一打開電視,就能看到競選廣告里民主黨和共和黨在相互攻擊。

J: But Yang Chen, don't forget; it's not only the White House. There are also Congressional races going on in the States that are very important. In fact, our guest today is Richard Martin, the campaign manager for Christopher Turman's congressional challenge in West Virginia.

實錄1 Richard Martin: My name is Richard Martin. I'm managing Christopher Turman's Congressional challenge in West Virginia 2.

Y: Oh, Richard是一個競選活動負責人。他剛才說的West Virginia 2是什么意思?

J: West Virginia 2 means the Second Congressional District in West Virginia. All States are divided into districts and those districts each has their own congressional representation.

Y: 這種選區的劃分還挺復雜的。

J: So complicated! That's why I'm not in politics. So, I asked Richard why he is drawn to politics. Here's what he had to say.

Y: 我看我們還是聽聽Richard來解釋他為什么熱衷于政治吧。

實錄2 Richard Martin: I've been a political professional for about 5 years. I'm drawn to it mostly because I...I...I believe that all too often the government's used as a tool for certain people to get what they want done and it sort of ignores what would be better for most people.

Y: Richard投身政治是要促使政府為大眾,而不是為少數人服務。嗯,我覺得他這個理念很崇高啊。

J: Oh, absolutely. Many people believe that government is a tool that is used by huge companies and big business and not everyday people, you know, 老百姓。

Y: 對,我們選國會議員就是要讓他們為老百姓服務。

J: Exactly. And Richard believes that the better representatives we elect, the better everyone's lives will be. Now, let's hear from Richard.

實錄3 Richard Martin: I think the better representatives we elect the better everyone's lives are gonna be. And we need our government to work for the people and not the huge companies.

Y: 他說得沒錯。政府就是應該代表人民的利益,所以大家都應該參與政治。那候選Turman先生有沒有在集會上講話呢?

J: Of course, here's the candidate, Christopher Turman, explaining why he is running for office in West Virginia. He also slams, oh, “slams”... Yang Chen, 用漢語怎么講?


J: He slams his opponent, a Republican woman named Shelly Moore Capito by saying that she was only elected on the coattails of President Bush.

Y: 你剛才用coattail這個詞,就是上衣或燕尾服的下擺。這讓我想起中文里的“裙帶關系”,是不是這個意思呢?

J: 就是了!Exactly! Let's first hear Turman use the phrase "to ride on someone's coattails."

實錄4 Turman: And this event is my first event and this is the first time I'm going to say publicly why I am running. In 2000 George Bush won the White House by winning West Virginia. And in 2004 he is going to lose the White House by losing West Virginia. And Shelly Moore Capito who came in on his coattails is going to go home with him.

J: Riding someone's coattails to the top is common in politics. Coattail is spelled C-O-A-T-T-A-I-L.

Y: 你是在什么地方采訪了Richard?周圍好象很吵。

J: Oh, we spoke at a fundraiser for the candidate.

Y: 其實關于競選籌款也有很多法律條文,不過那些法律條文實在太枯燥,今天我們就不談了。

J: Well, we won't talk about it today. But, Yang Chen, if you want to pursue your dream of running for office someday, you'll have to know about fundraising. You could run to be the mayor of ... Happyville!

Y: 如果我成為Happyville的市長,我會讓所有的街道都干凈整潔,Happyville永遠鳥語花香,坐taxi不用花錢,買東西不用排隊......

J: Yang Chen! Yang Chen, wake up and smell the coffee. You're not running for mayor of Happyville. You're the host of American Cafe. Now, will you say goodbye to everyone.

Y: 噢,對不起,我們下次再見。

J: Vote for Yang Chen!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 22 - Garrett the Stylist]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋,我是楊晨。

J: Hello. Welcome to American Cafe. My name is Jody.

Y: Jody, 我發現你今天頭發很漂亮。

J: Oh, thanks so much! But, Yang Chen don't get me started on my hair.

Y: 為什么?

J: I was butchered a couple of years ago by people who just didn't understand how to cut curly hair. Look! I have a picture of what one of them did to my hair.

Y: Oh, oh...

J: I know! It's bad!

Y: 其實也不是很丑了,不過看上去是有點奇怪。

J: I know. Give me that back.

(Enter sound of picture being snatched away)

J: I know it was strange looking. But finally, finally, I found someone who can cut my hair. Garret Johnson at Fiddleheads!

Y: 我倒是很好奇這個Garret是個什么樣的人。

J: Well, Garret had a few rocky starts as a young man. He dropped out of college four times and then got kicked out of his parent's house.

Y: 他四次從大學退學,還被他父母趕了出來。這個人一定非常叛逆。

J: Those rocky starts led him to a very successful career. He is known all over Washington, D.C. for his ability to cut curly hair. And now...the famous...Mr. Garrett Johnson!!

(Enter drum roll under)

實錄1 Garret Johnson: Why I got into the hairdressing? Briefly, partially was because of dropping out of college four times and not knowing what to do with my life. And I got kicked out of my parent's house and while I was kicked out I met hairdresser. And I saw that he did really bad hair and the women were giving him a lot of money. And I said, "I can do that and I can do it better. "

Y: 有的人沒上過大學也可以有成功的事業。Garrett就是一個很好的例子。

J: Absolutely! Especially for artistic people who don't know what they want to do college can be a terribly boring place.

Y: 你是在告訴我們的聽眾上學不重要嗎?

J: No, no, of course not. Getting an education is very important, of course. But some people find other ways.

Y: 沒錯。我只是跟你開玩笑。上大學并不一定適合每個人。

J: And I can tell, in high school I wasn't a very good student. But I managed to go to China and study Chinese. So, don't give up! If you are a young person who's in high school or college and you don't like it that much, don't give up! You'll find something that you like. Okay, maybe we should go back to our show.

Y: 他父母為什么要把他趕出來呢?

J: Yang Chen, I don't know! That's none of our business!

Y: Uh oh. 對不起。我不該探聽別人的隱私,可是我真的很想知道??!

J: I know, I asked but he wouldn't tell me.

Y: You are terrible. 說起“terrible”這個詞來,你知道上次我的頭發就被剪壞了!

J: I remember! Your hair was terrible. I remember that terrible haircut, Yang Chen. ... Well, it was bad.

Y: 有那么回事嗎?

J: Oh, you're telling me? You are telling me about a terrible haircut!? You, Yang Chen, are tell... Look at this picture!! Look at this picture!! That is a terrible haircut. And you know what? You know a good hairdresser when you meet them. I asked Garrett "What is the hardest thing about being a hairdresser?" and this is what he had to say.

實錄2 Garret Johnson: In my opinion one of the most difficult things is that if we make mistakes or if something doesn't work out, there's really not much we can do. Whereas in a regular job, for example, if you're typing and you make a mistake you put white out on it and it's gone. If you mess up someone's hair it's there for the rest of ... until it grows out.

Y: 說了半天他的意思是說你的頭發剪壞了,他也沒法兒補救。

J: But you don't have to worry (be)'cause Garrett very rarely makes mistakes. But everyone makes mistakes. On the other hand, I bet it feels really to make someone feel happy about how they look. Let's hear from Garrett.

實錄3 Garret Johnson: Having someone tell you "You're a genius!" that's really nice! But really talking to people and meeting new people is what I like about it the most.

Y: 看來Garrett真的很喜歡他的工作。下次我也應該試試讓他給我剪頭發。

J: Oh, good idea. Summer's here and you get a short haircut.

Y: 我頭發還不夠短???

J: A really short haircut.

(Enter buzz sound of razor)

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 謝謝您到美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見。不過到那時候我的頭發就非常非常短了。

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/22///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/22/美語咖啡屋Tue, 5 May 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 23 - DC Politics and Culture]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好! 我是楊晨! 歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe! Yang Chen, that is a great outfit! You certainly have an eye for fashion. Hey, speaking of fashion have you ever thought about how fashion is connected to politics and society.

Y: 時裝和政治的關系?我從來沒想過。

J: I never thought about it until I spoke to a woman named Tina. She's lived in Washington, D.C. for many years and she studied fashion.

Y: Tina在華盛頓住了多少年?

J: Let's hear Tina as she answers the question, "How long have you lived in Washington, D.C.?"

Tina: Seven administrations.

Y: Interesting! 她沒有說她在華盛頓住了多少年,而是說Seven administrations就是七屆政府的意思。哇,她可真是個見過世面的人啊。

J: Oh, I bet she has. And with her background in fashion, Tina has a really interesting view of D.C. that involves the connection between politics, society and fashion.

Y: 說起fashion來,這當然是我最喜歡談論的題目之一。不過政治和時裝真的有那么大關系嗎?

J: Oh, let's hear from Tina as she compares the Democrats and the Clinton administration who she feels are more hip, more liberal, with the more conservative Republican Party.

Y: Jody, 你剛才說的hip, 你能給聽眾解釋一下這個好嗎?

J: Oh, sure. Hip is spelled H-I-P. If a person if "hip" they are in sync or in step with fashion.

Y: 就是很時髦的意思。

J: 對了!Exactly! Here's Tina.

實錄1 Tina: I'd say, since the Clinton administration it has become much more hip because the Clinton's brought in a much younger, hipper, much more liberal crowd which is much open and less conservative clothing.

Y: 如果我沒理解錯的話, 她的意思是說,不同政黨的政府能夠影響人們的行為舉止和穿著打扮, 是嗎?

J: You got it. The pulse P-U-L-S-E of the city changes overnight.

Y: Pulse在這里是節奏的意思。

J: Talking about the former President Clinton, another difference is that he often had free concerts on the Mall where he brought in bands from all over the world.

Y: 沒錯,在克林頓執政的時候,在白宮附近的大草坪上經常有免費音樂會,而且那些樂隊來自世界各地。

J: Again, here's Tina.

實錄2 Tina: You can feel the pulse It just changes overnight. Down to the inauguration Bill Clinton brought in bands from all over the world like Los Lobos and Santana. And these were free concerts on The Mall. Whereas, during the Reagan Administration they banned the Beach Boys. I mean, it's this complete flip flop in culture.

Y: 你得解釋一下Flip Flop這個說法。

J: Flip flop is spelled F-L-I-P, F-L-O-P. And flip flop means to change from one thing quickly to the exact opposite.

Y: Flip flop就是突然轉變或截然不同的意思。

J: There's also a flip flop in what restaurants are popular. Tina explains that Democrats usually prefer fun and trendy restaurants which is a flip flop from the more expensive, what she calls the "expense account" restaurants that Republicans prefer.

實錄3 Tina: The restaurants that people go to are more fun. They are less like the expense account restaurants. That's more of a Republican thing to do. Whereas the Democrats tend to bring in people who are working on human rights and the environment. You're not going to take them to a steak house if you're working with PETA. So, there's a direct reflection on not only the clothes but on restaurants and business.

Y: Tina 這個人好玩兒 。不過你得先解釋一下PETA是什么意思,要不別人以為你不帶他們去吃牛排是因為你小氣呢。

J: I'm not cheap. I just don't eat meat very often. But PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Y: 噢,是個動物?;ぷ櫓?。

J: Exactly. So, I don't think they eat a lot of steak. I'm sure of that. But you know Bush is from Texas and Texas produces a huge amount of beef.

Y: 對,這下我知道今年大選我要投誰的票了,我最不喜歡吃牛肉,所以...

J: Hey, what a minute! You're not supposed to say that on the air! You know better than that.

Y: 那好吧,那我等會兒悄悄告訴你好了。各位聽眾,我們下次節目再見。

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 24 - Sean & / Natasha]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe! I'm Jody. This week, Yang Chen and I go back to the dance hall!

Y: 沒錯,不過這次我們要學的是交際舞。

J: Today we are going to talk to Sean and Natasha. They are dance partners who compete in a style of ballroom dancing called Latin dancing.

Y: 我告訴你一句悄悄話。

J: What's that?

Y: 其實我不太喜歡交際舞。

J: Why don't you like ballroom dancing, Yang Chen?

Y: 其實也沒有什么特別的原因。就是一說起來交際舞我就想到那些跳舞的人,他們的姿勢特別強硬,有時候臉上的表情有點奇怪。

J: Well, I think I know what you are talking about. But, Sean and Natasha don't do that kind of dancing. The style of dancing that Sean and Natasha do is Latin style. And it is hot and passionate and dramatic and most of all sexy.

Y: Sexy?

J: Very sexy. When I was watching Sean and Natasha and the way their bodies moved together, 我的臉紅了。 They have great chemistry.

Y: 你也會臉紅。你剛才說的great chemistry,這里是不是說他們兩人搭配得天衣無縫。

J: Exactly. Kind of like the great chemistry between us, Yang Chen!

Y: 現在輪到我臉紅了。

J: First, let's hear from Sean.

實錄1 Sean: I'm Sean Murphy and we're standing in the Chevy Chase Ballroom, which is on Wisconsin Avenue. And I'm here with Natasha, my partner. We both compete in international style Latin dancing which is a form of ballroom dance.

Y: 他們兩人是不是一塊兒跳舞有很長時間了?

J: It seemed like they had been dancing forever so I asked. And Natasha's answer surprised me. Here's Natasha.

實錄2 Natasha: Together we've dancing since November of 2003. But separately of course we had different partners previously and danced separately, of course. But then we got together in November and decided to dance together.

Y: 其實他們兩在一塊兒的時間不是太長。

J: Not long at all. Yang Chen, Some people just click. C-L-I-C-K, which means they instantly, have great chemistry together.

Y: 沒錯,就好象我們兩一樣。一見如故。

J: 一見如故。

Y: Yeah.

J: We clicked.

Y: Natasha是從那個國家來的,聽她講話好象有點口音。

J: Natasha is from Russia but her accent is very slight. I think she's been in the States for many, many years.

Y: Jody, 我想學跳舞并不難,但是要達到參加比賽的水平可就不容易了。

J: Most definitely. And according to Sean, if you are going to compete in a dance competition, a good partnership is everything.

Y: 好,我們聽聽 Sean 是怎么說的:

實錄3 Sean: Oh, my gosh, partners ... A partnership is pretty much everything, because when...like right now we're probably slacking a little bit and we're practicing maybe three times a week, maybe six to nine hours a week. And to be really competitive, the top couples do it almost full-time, like 40 hours a week.

Y: 他和Natasha兩個人每星期要練習6到9個小時,而且他還說練習這么長時間都不夠。

J: And now back to Natasha, that "special something" for her is the fact that Sean is such a good lead on the dance floor.

實錄4 Natasha: Sometimes there's just one person, two persons, it's very rarely you can find a person that you can have actually good connection with, very easily you can understand that person's lead.

Y: "Lead" 就是領舞的意思。

J: Right. In dancing, the man is the lead. So, let's hear from Sean.

實錄5 Sean: A lead isn't really telling the woman what to do but it's more suggesting "it would be nice if you did this now."

Y: 看來他們真的很有默契。 我相信他們會在比賽中取得好成績。

J: Oh, I bet they're going to do really well at their next competition. To help them win their competitions, Yang Chen, they work with a coach who gives them choreography, 舞蹈動作的設計。

實錄6 Sean: When we compete we have choreography. So, we have these routines that our coach choreographs for us so that each step is kind of predetermined. But, there's still a lot of how we ... how my body moves, how her body moves and how are bodies together. And that's... it's not just choreography, but its how we are, I guess, physically connected.

Y: 看來跳舞真的不光是技巧問題,兩個人配合默契更加重要。

J: Exactly. We're back to having great chemistry.

Y: 沒錯! 你現在說服我了,我也開始喜歡交際舞了。

J: Listen to that music, Yang Chen. It's passionate, sexy! It's hot! Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見。

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<![CDATA[Lesson 25 - John's Carpentry]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Welcome to American Cafe and today we're going to meet John who's a carpenter.

Y: 真的?那太好了。我從小就向往當一個木匠。每天都可以聞到木頭的清香,可以聽到鋸子,錘子這些工具悅耳的聲音。

(Enter tool sounds)

J: Wow, Yang Chen, I had not idea that you love carpentry so much. I guess we'll have to add that to list of your dream jobs. Let's see. What do we have so far? Fighter pilot, politician and now carpenter.

Y: 開戰斗機,作政治家都不錯,不過我今天對木匠最感興趣。你趕快介紹我認識一個木匠吧。

J: Sounds good. Let's get started. Hey, you guys! Turn those tools off back there! We're trying to talk! Yeah, yeah... All right, John is co-owner of a construction company and he and his partner Tony have worked together for about ten years. Here's John.

John: Yeah, we do custom carpentry.

Jody: John, how long have been doing carpentry?

實錄1 John: Probably about 15 years. Yeah, about 15 year doing carpentry. Ten years with Tony about five years just, you know, learning from the older guys. You show an interest and they show you the secrets they want to teach you and I learned. My dad was a carpenter too.

Y: 我想啊,John 的父親也是個木匠,那么對他來說作木匠應該是最好的選擇吧。

J: It's a natural choice. But I have a feeling, Yang Chen, it's not an easy job. John said there's long, hard hours with very low compensation。

Y: 你說的low compensation是什么意思???

J: You know, compensation. Money! Moulah! Ka-ching!

Y: 我們還是聽聽John是怎么說的吧。

實錄2 John: We wish the money was better. We put in long hard hours and it just doesn't seem like we're being compensated the way we need to be compensated.

J: You heard it from John - long, hard hours and low pay. You know, that just doesn't sound like a Yang Chen type of job.

Y: 你這是什么意思。你是說我就喜歡那種工資高又輕松的工作嗎?

J: No, no, no, no. There are personal rewards with work as well. Again, here's a personal reward John gets from building a friend's deck.

實錄4 John: Right now, here we are right now sitting in here looking out. It's raining. Just put done a finished product and it looks great. I guess that's the satisfaction. And to know there's gonna (going to) be a lot of parties on this deck. Alright. Good people here. Good friends. And, ah, that's basically what it's about.

Y: 他怎么好象在給啤酒作廣告啊。

J: He would approve of that comment. Especially since of us, uh, you know, drank a couple of beers after they worked on the deck that day.

Y: 你也喜歡喝啤酒?

J: Like beer? Yang Chen, you are looking at the 1993 Beer Girl of Kaifeng's best brewery. 汴京啤酒好喝!

Y: 我不知道你曾經有過這么輝煌的成就,居然給河南開封市的啤酒作電視廣告。那你當時一定也是個名人吧。

J: 不敢當。Now, I wouldn't go that far. But anyway, back to John. John uses many casual expressions when he talks like "all right" "that's what it's about."

Y: 他說的"that's what it's about." 意思是“這就是重點?!?/p>

J: That's what important, right. That's what it's all about. Good friends. Good people. couple of parties, you know.

Y: 看來他不但是個好木匠,而且很關心他的顧客。

J: Yeah, John really wants to do a good job. According to him when you work in someone's home you can't run away from the work that you do. It has to be good, right?

Y: 沒錯。

J: That can be stressful, I bet.

實錄4 John: We have great relationships with all of our customers. They're there everyday looking at what you do. So, we try to do the best we can. And, you know, I do the same kind of work I would do in my own house in someone else's house.

Y:他說的沒錯,在別人家干活, 主人天天監督著你,是挺不好受的。

J: So what do are saying, Yang Chen. Do you still dream of being a carpenter and work in people's homes?


J: I thought so.

Y: 我的又一個夢想破滅了。

J: I'm sure that everyone will learn very soon another dream job that Ms. Yang Chen has. So, stay tuned.

Y: 還是你了解我, Jody。好,各位聽眾,我們下次節目再見。

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<![CDATA[Lesson 26 - John, A Scuba Diver]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: And I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! Thanks for dropping in. Summer is just around the corner.

Y: 沒錯,夏天要來了,我想夏天水上運動應該是最受歡迎的吧。

J: Oh yea! Water sports! I love it! Swimming, rafting, boating...

Y: ...嘿,別忘了潛水。

J: Oh, that's right. I thought you would forget about it, since last time when the topic of scuba diving came up, you sounded kind of ify about it.

Y: Ify? 我才不ify呢! 哎, "ify" 到底是什么意思啊。

J: "Ify" means you're not sure about something. You're full of ifs, "if this happens..." or "if that happens..."

Y: Oh. 就是不太確定的意思。沒錯,我 是有點ify,因為我怕水。

J: Well, whether or not I'm afraid of the ocean, this year I'm going to try it! I've had a strong feeling lately of wanting to leave the Earth. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Y: 我看你又有點異想天開, 想離開地球可不好辦。你又不能去太空,那剩下的選擇就只有到水底下了。

J: You got it! So, I thought I should meet some people who scuba dive. Today we're going to meet John.

實錄1 John : My name is John. I'm from the Dive Shop in Fairfax, Virginia. Well, I started scuba diving in 1957 so I've been diving longer than most people I know have been alive. I have almost 10,000 scuba dives in my life and this is what I do for a career.

Y: Wow, 他從57年就開始潛水了,那時候我還沒出生呢。

J: Me either.

Y: 那你說John 為什么熱衷于潛水呢?

J: Let's have John answer the question "Why do you love scuba diving?"

實錄2 John: Well, most everyone that you know doesn't dive, so that separates you from most people. What I find is it's an opportunity to go ahead and appreciate a portion of the Earth that most people will never get a chance to see. An opportunity to go out into a relatively pristine and wild environment is quite fascinating.

Y: 他剛才說的pristine這個詞很好聽,是什么意思呢,Jody.

J: Pristine. Pristine is spelled P-R-I-S-T-I-N-E and it means that something is pure and untouched. Usually, pristine is used to describe a natural environment or landscape.


J: But you know, Yang Chen, simply going underwater is not the end goal of scuba diving. There's much more to it than that.

Y: 那么潛水的真正目的是什么呢?

J: Well, John says that scuba diving is not the end activity. It's all about underwater recreation, you know fun activities. Again, here's John.

實錄3 John: Scuba diving itself is not the end activity here; it's underwater recreation whether or not it's exploration, whether or not it's photography, whether or not it's examination of sunken ships, or whether or not it's just simply a walk in the woods.

Y: 聽他這么一說,水下還真的有那么多有意思的活動呢。不過對我來說,幻想一下還可以,真要到水底探險,那我還真的先克服怕水的心理。

J: Okay, we're going to try something here. Yang Chen, I want you to join me in a little exercise to get over your fear of water. Okay, close your eyes.

Y: 在這兒?

J: No, really close 'em. Just close your eyes. In fact, everybody out there close your eyes with us.

Y: 哎,你怎么沒閉上眼睛???

J: Hey, just listen. Okay, just close your eyes, Yang Chen. Trust me.

Y: Okay.

J: First, we're stepping into the cold ocean water.

Y: 我們現在走進了冰冷的海水。

J: We're slowly sinking down, down, down

Y: 沉下去,一直往下沉。

J: You're breathing is relaxed.

Y: 在寧靜的大海里你仿佛能聽到自己的呼吸聲。

J: You hope.

Y: Jody, 不要開玩笑,我們現在可是在水底下呢。

J: Sorry, sorry. Okay, let's go back. Let's go back. Let's go back. Suddenly, a dark image obscured behind a school of fish and seaweed becomes clearer.

Y: 突然之間,你看一個巨大的黑色怪物,越來越清晰地出現在你面前。

J: It's a ship long sunken and long forgotten.

Y: 原來是一艘沉睡了好幾百年的船。

J: Forgotten treasures awaits you!

Y: 哇,船上有那么多金銀珠寶,我們發財了?。?!

J: No, no, no. We have to go back!

Y: 這時候,你還念什么詩啊 ??斕惆鏤夷酶齟罌詿?!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 27 - Mary Huff, Woman in Rock]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


J: And I'm Jody. Welcome to the American Cafe. Yang Chen, you mentioned that you bought a guitar. How's it going?

Y: 我剛開始學。不過我真的有點擔心我要是學不好該怎么辦呢。

J: Oh, don't worry about it. It's fun just to learn something new. But, on today's show, I have a surprise for you.

Y: A surprise? 你是不是又想出什么新的花招嚇唬我。

J: No, no, no, don't worry! You'll like this surprise. Today's guest on the show is a woman who's been in rock-n-roll for the past 17 years.

Y: 真的?她叫什么名字,是那個樂隊的?

J: Her name's Mary Huff and the band is called Southern Culture on the Skids, SCOTS, for short. She's the female part of this 3-person rock-n-roll band.

Y: 她演奏那種樂器???不會正好是吉他吧?

J: You guess it! She plays the bass guitar, the keyboards and she sings.

Y: 真是不得了。她的專長是低音吉他、電子琴,而且她還會唱歌。這么有才能的人,我一定要認識她。

J: Well, you'll have your chance in a minute. Mary started playing piano when she was quite young. And then her older brother started learning how to play the bass. That's when she decided to one up him and learn the bass herself.

Y: 你可能得解釋一下"one up somebody"是什么意思。

J: Oh, that a good idea. To one up somebody means to do better than them; to best them. Now, let's meet Mary.

實錄1: Mary Huff: Actually I started playing pretty young, you know. I was the pianist in the family and all that. Then, ah, big brother decided to play bass. And I was like "No way! I'm the musician in the family." So, I had to one up him there.

Y: 開來Mary 的好勝心好象很強,作什么事都想超過別人。

J: Exactly! Mary said, "No way man, no way big brother. I'm the musician in the family."

Y: 我們還是談談樂隊里的其他成員吧?

J: 好了!Well, there's also Rick Miller, on lead guitar and vocals, and Dave Hartman on drums and vocals as well.

Y: Lead guitar 和bass guitar 的區別是什么呢?

J: Oh, that's a good question. The bass guitar is usually in the background and keeps the rhythm, like the drums. In this song "Smilin' Yeah Yeah Yeah" Mary's bass is in background keeping the rhythm.

(Enter "Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah")

Y: Oh yeah, 聽得出來低音吉他保持著樂曲的節奏。

J: And she sings. And as the only woman in the band she gives SCOTS that feminine touch. Here's a sample of Mary singing "Fire of Love" like only a woman can sing!

(Enter "Fire of Love" featuring Mary Huff)

Y: Mary她唱不錯! 那她參加樂隊多長時間了?

J: Oh, let's let Mary explain. Here's Mary!

實錄2: Mary Huff: I joined when I was nineteen and I'm not even going to tell you how I am now but I've been in the band for 17 years, if you can figure that out.

Y: 她19年加入樂隊,經過了17年,19 加上17 一概是36歲沒錯。

J: I think you're right. She wouldn't exactly tell her age, you know. But she let me do the math and because I'm quick, Yang Chen, I figured it out. 19...17. She tried to be sneaky, but we figured it out, didn't we?

Y: 沒錯。

J: But that lead me to a question. You know that led me to a question though. Is it easy being in rock-n-roll as a woman?

實錄3: Mary Huff: It's fine, you know, until beauty starts to fade then it's a little rough. But um, I don't know. It's fine. It's great. I've never had any problem with it. I've I think it's an assett. Ass-set, that is. Always has been for me. I don't know

Y: 好,Mary加油,我們支持你。本來就是嗎,為什么男的五六十歲還可以唱搖滾樂,女的當然也可以。對不對, Jody,

J: Of course! I know a lot of women who are old school rock-n-rollers. And besides, Yang Chen, it's not an age thing, it's more of a lifestyle thing. Don't you agree?

Y: 沒錯。 因為很多女的后來結了婚,生了孩子要照顧家庭所以沒辦法跟者樂隊到處去奔波。 這可以理解。

J: That's right. But, Mary just chose a different road, the road of rock-n-roll. So, talking about the bass guitar and lead guitar, Yang Chen, which one are you going to play?

Y: 這個問題嘛...

J: Okay, okay, you just started learning so maybe in a couple of months I'll ask you if you're a lead guitarist or a bass guitarist. 你自己選擇! You pick it!

Y: 好,六個月以后你再問我這個問題!

J: Okay, okay!

(End with "Fire of Love")

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<![CDATA[Lesson 28 - Dianne, the Italian Opera Lover]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to the American Cafe.

Y: Jody, 聽說你下星期是不是要到意大利去?

J: Yes and I can't wait! I just bought some new clothes for the trip but more importantly I'm learning a little Italian. Piacere!

Y: 聽著很好聽,是什么意思?


J: Um, just a minute, (flipping through a book) hold on...

Y: Jody, 我看你以前一定沒好好學你的意大利語。

J: You're absolutely right. I'll try harder.

Y: 我記得你好象是意大利人后裔,是嗎?

J: Yes, I am of Italian heritage H-E-R-I-T-A-G-E, and most of my family comes from Italy.

Y: 你是意大利人后裔,可是卻不會說意大利語?

J: I know, unfortunately, my father's mother and father...

Y: (Translate)你是說你的爺爺、奶奶...

J: ...right. only spoke English in the home.

Y: 他們在家光說英語。

J: I think during that era, that time period, it was very common for European immigrants to speak English.

Y: 他們那時候都急著要學好英語。

J: But you know the best way to broaden your horizons is to learn a foreign language.

Y: 你說到"broaden your horizons",你記不記得我們上次在意大利文化節上碰見到的那個女孩Diane?

J: Oh right, Dianne.

Y: 她也是這么說的。下面就讓大家來認識一下Diane:

實錄1: Diane: I'm Diane Adleberg and I live in Falls Church, Virginia. I'm on my second Italian class and I am not of Italian heritage but I love languages. And I think it's nice for Americans to broaden their horizons and learn a foreign language.

Y: 她說的"Broaden your horizons"就是擴大視野的意思。Diane說的沒錯,學外語就是一種擴大視野的好方法,因為你學了一種語言以后,就會自然而然地想學習這個國家的文化。

J: Exactly. And also, Yang Chen, traveling is another way to broaden your horizons and it's fun.

Y: 你說的沒錯。那你這次到意大利去就是很好的機會,可以提高你的意大利語水平。

J: I hope so. (Speaking Italian), what do you think?

Y: 你說得很好。

J: I don't think so, but thanks any way.

Y: Diane說她不是意大利人后裔,可以有那么多外語可以學,她為什么選擇意大利語呢!

J: Maybe because it's so romantic!

Y: Sigh. 意大利語的確是非常浪漫。

J: And Diane speaks French already. But she said that she has always wanted to learn Italian because of an opera that she loves very much!

實錄2: Diane: Well, I speak French already and I've always wanted to learn Italian because there's a particular opera that I love, La Traviata.

Y: 我想很多人和她一樣是為了聽意大利歌劇而學習意大利語。

J: Diane gave us an example of her favorite aria in the opera La Traviata ...

J: What is "aria" in Chinese?

Y: Aria就是詠嘆調的意思。

J: Again here is Diane.

實錄3: Diane: I'll tell you how the aria to my favorite opera goes. It's: "Di provenze il mar il suol" And I've just always loved that aria.

J: "Di provenze il mar il suol" !!

Y: 聽起來很好聽,是什么意思呢?

J: I asked her to translate and she wouldn't. She said we would have to investigate.

實錄4: Diane: You know I'm going to translate it for you because it's very poetic so you'll have to investigate.

Y: Diane說這句話太有詩意

J: Very poetic.

J: If we need to investigate, I guess we have to listen to it first. Here's the aria from La Traviata!

(Enter music)

Y: Jody, 你聽懂了嗎?

J: Understand? No, not word. But it's so beautiful!

Y: 其實你不需要懂得意大利語來欣賞意大利歌劇。

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 我們下次再見。

(Fade music to end)

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<![CDATA[Lesson 29 - Diana Crespi, Festive Italiano Organizer]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。我是楊晨。

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe. I'm Jody.

Y: Jody你終于回來了。這次去意大利玩得怎么樣?

J: I had a fabulous time in Italy!

Y: 哎呀,好□慕你啊。那是什么給你的印象最深呢?

J: All of it, Yang Chen. I loved all of it. The culture, the scenery, the people ... everything was simply fabulous!

Y: 吃得怎么樣?

J: The food was amazing. I think I'm five pounds heavier and I was only there a week.

Y: 一個星期增加了五磅,一天還不到一磅,還不算太嚴重。

J: Maybe to you.

Y: 很多人都喜歡意大利菜。不過說到品嘗意大利食品,其實你根本不用去意大利就可以做到。你記不記得你去意大利之前我們去過一個華盛頓意大利文化節Festive Italiana。哇,當時有那么多好吃的,還有人表演意大利音樂和舞蹈。

J: The food and music that was really a lot of fun! During the summertime there are street festivals like Festive Italiana all over the United States. Let's meet one of the coordinators of the Festive Italiana, Diana Crespi.

實錄1: Diana Crespi: My name is Diane Crespi. I am the coordinator - one of the coordinators of Festive Italiana. Um, my involvement is basically just helping to organize this festival that's been going on for six years now.

Y: Diana說這個活動已經進行了六年。我們可以想象,這么大型的活動組織工作一定很不容易。

J: I'm sure that organizing Festive Italiana takes a lot of work.

Y: 當時那條街上有一個教堂當時正在作禮拜,教堂傳來的悅耳的鐘聲給文化節增添了一非常特別的氣氛。

J: Yes, it added so much to the atmosphere of the street festival.

Y: 下面就讓Diana給我們來介紹一下文化節的豐富內容。

實錄2: Diana Crespi: They can expect to see everything Italian! Food, entertainment, dancing, you know, songs, culture. And that's why people come down - they really want to be Italian for a day. Every year this is where you can truly be Italian for a day and learn the beautiful language and learn about the food and the history as well.

Y: Diana說得多好,做一天真正的意大利人,我當時還真有這種感覺呢。

J: So did I!

Y: 可是你本來就是意大利人啊。

J: Yes I am. But it made me feel more Italian. You know, in the U.S. sometimes it's hard to preserve your culture and your heritage.

Y: 你說的沒錯。不過這種街頭文化節就是一種傳播文化的好方法。

J: That is right. In this next quote, Diana explains how a street festival can help to preserve your culture and heritage.

實錄3: Diana Crespi: Italian-Americans aren't looked on as a separate minority in this country; it becomes harder and harder to preserve your culture and heritage. So Festive Italiana really gives the active Italian-American population something to cling onto and a way to preserve their heritage, to promote the culture, the positive part of their culture.

Y: 她剛才說的cling onto是什么意思?

J: To cling onto something means to hold tightly, either with your hands like clinging onto to a rope or with your mind like clinging onto an idea or your heritage.

Y: 就是抓住什么東西不放的意思,比如用手抓住繩子,或者說對一個想法不愿意放棄。 說到繼承文化遺產,對于美國這個多民族的國家, 維護各民族的文化有什么重要意義呢?

J: Now let's hear again from Diana.

實錄4: Diana: And it's important to the fabric of the United States It's important for all cultures to do that not just Italian-Americans.

Y: Fabric of the United State,我好喜歡這個說法。

J: So do I. Because fabric of the United States really describes the diversity of the American culture.

Y: 對,用fabric來形容美國是由不同文化組成的國家,真的很形象。你知道我現在在想什么?

J: What's that?


J: That's a great idea. But I think we have to wait a little bit. I just came back. But we can play some Italian music in the meantime.

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<![CDATA[Lesson 30 - James Millard on Teaching Hongloumeng]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


J: And I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! Thanks for dropping in.

Y: Jody 我今天好高興!

J: Why are you so excited?

Y: 因為我剛認識了一位在喬治城大學教紅樓夢的教授。

J: Oh, well no wonder you are so happy! I know how much you love Hongloumeng.

Y: 沒錯,因為《紅樓夢》是人類歷史上最偉大的小說。

J: Yes, well, to you...it is.

Y: 你那是什么表情啊。你想想世界那里還有一部小說象《紅樓夢》那樣描寫了那么多生動的人物。

J: Really? 那我象紅樓夢里的那個人物?

Y: 這個我等會兒再告訴你。我們先來讓大家認識一下 Millward 教授,他還有個中文名字,叫米華健。他其實是歷史教授。

J: A history professor? Then why he is teaching Hongloumeng?

Y: 我們就讓米華健教授親自來解釋一下他為什么在歷史課上教《紅樓夢》:

實錄1: James Millward: Well, I've always taught Chinese history and I thought, well it would be nice to teach something that stresses the cultural side of Chinese history as well. And so I thought why not teach Hongloumeng and I wonder if we could use Hongloumeng as a historical source to understand 18th century China.

Y: 你覺不覺米華健教授很有創意?讓學生通過《紅樓夢》來了解當時中國的社會。

J: That is much more creative because, you know, history can be pretty boring. yawn!

Y: 沒錯。如果你一邊讀《紅樓夢》,一邊學歷史就不會覺得枯燥了。

J: But I wonder what can they learn from Hongloumeng. Isn't it just a love story?

Y: 那我們聽聽米華健教授是怎么說的:

實錄2: James Millward: We read about Qing Dynasty government and Qing Dynasty society, and the legal system. There are a lot of court cases talked about in the book, Xue Pan. And we read about gender, history of gender and gender relations and women. We read about poetry and the role of poetry and, in particular, about women writing poetry; we read about art and art history.

J: Wow. So it's not just a boy-meets-girl love story.

Y: 當然不是! 《紅樓夢》可不是一部簡單愛情小說.它其實是一部社會小說。

J: Well, did the students like the book?


實錄3: James Millward: They liked the book. They did find it long. They were glad when they were done. You know, if you sit down in the summer and read the whole thing from beginning to end, it doesn't feel long; but if you are reading it every week, it's like homework, and so it's not as much fun.

Y: 你聽到了嗎, 米華健教授也說了,夏天讀《紅樓夢》是一種真正的享受。

J: Yeah, but how long is it, Yang Chen?

Y: 不太長,只有一百二十回。

J: 不太長? What do you mean!?!? One hundred twenty chapters? Hey, is there a comic book version of Hongloumeng?

Y: 有啊, 我就有一套。不過我建議你先看原著。 也許是因為文化差異,美國學生和中國學生看《紅樓夢》會有不同的感受, 我問米華健教授他的學生最喜歡哪個人物.他是這么說的:

實錄4: James Millward: I know in China as well there is always a big debate about who would you rather have as your wife, Lin Daiyu or Xue Baochai. Generally American students found Lin Daiyu to be kind of whiny, and to be lying there all the time and complaining all the time and they didn't really like her character very much. Some of them liked Xue Baochai, although of them found her a little bit calculating. Many of them actually liked Wang Xifeng because they saw her as a very capable woman.

Y: 非常有意思。這些美國學生覺得林黛玉喜歡抱怨,whiny。

J: Whiny. That's not a good trait for a woman.

Y: 有些人喜歡薛寶釵,可是又覺得她太很有心計,calculating。

J: Calculating? That's another bad quality. Are there any good women to like in Hongloumeng.

Y: 你看他們都喜歡王熙鳳。哎,你一開始不是問我你象《紅樓夢》里的哪個人物馬?我看啊,你就象王熙鳳。

J: Why? What's wrong with her?

Y: She's perfect!

J: Oh, okay. I'll have to read the book to find out because, Yang Chen, maybe I don't believe you.

Y: 你最好相信我。

J: Now what about you? Hongloumeng is your favorite book. I know you've read many many times, which character would you like to play?

Y: 賈寶玉!

J: Jia Baoyu. Who's that?

Y: 男主角??!

J: A man! Well, we're going to have to talk about that later. Thanks for joining us on today's American Cafe.

Y: 好今天的美語咖啡屋就到這里。我們下次節目再見!

J: A man? What do you mean a man?

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<![CDATA[Lesson 31 - What is a Bonfire?]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好?;隊仗烙錕Х任?。我是楊晨。

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! Except today, we're not in the Cafe.

Y: 沒錯。我們現在是樹林里。不過這都是Jody的主意,如果我有選擇,我寧可舒舒服服地呆在咖啡館里。

J: Aw come on, Yang Chen, this is going to be fun. Out in the woods enjoying a campfire. This is what I call living large! Living the good life! Don't ya (you) think?

Y: 你說得到輕松。Living large活得自由自在。先別自在了,你看我們點的火都快滅了,快拿手電筒來。

J: You said you were bringing the flashlights.

Y: Jody!! 你不是說你要拿手電筒嗎? 哎呀,現在怎么辦呢。

J: Hey, there's no reason to panic.

(Enter animal sound)

Y: (getting anxious) Jody! 這是什么聲音,后面是不是有狼???

J: That's not a wolf. It was probably just a raccoon. We're fine, Yang Chen.

Y: 聽這聲音好象是一個個頭很大的動物. 我們在樹林里,火又快滅了。都怪你非要到這里來作節目。你趕快想辦法讓火燒得旺一點好不好!

J: Okay, okay. Calm down. How big do you want the fire, Yang Chen? Do you want it as big as a bonfire?

Y: Bonfire? 是什么?

J: A bonfire? Well, it just so happens that on today's show we have two experts, you could say, on bonfires. Aren't we lucky? Heh heh.

Y: Lucky? 今天我們這么倒霉你還敢說是lucky?

J: Oh, whatever. Let's go to our guests. First let's hear from our good friend CT, a man who claims to have built over 100 bonfires in his life.

實錄1: CT: A bonfire is a large campfire. It is just a bunch of wood you collect from natural surroundings and put into a pile and then you light it on fire. And ideally you have more wood and you keep throwing it on and on, making the flames bigger and bigger and then it burns out.

Y: Bonfire 就是篝火,只不過比普通的篝火要大,Jody, 他剛才說點這種篝火要準備很多木頭,不斷地往火里扔。

J: Yeah, I heard that. He did say that ideally you have more wood and you keep throwing it on the fire. Heh, what a great idea. Okay, I'll go get some more wood while CT tells how big a bonfire should be.

實錄2: CT: Well it depends on your neighbors. If your neighbors like bonfires I would say you could have a nice size fire in a plot of land that is 20 meters by 20 meters. But maybe you want to have something that's 50 meters by 50 meters. Then you can have a big bonfire.

Y: 我們倒是不用擔心鄰居們會有意見。因為現在除了我們兩人附近根本沒有人!

J: Yang Chen, you really must calm down. Here, have a beer.

(Enter sound of beer can opening)

Y: 太棒了。你可真行,忘了手電筒,倒是沒有忘記帶啤酒。

J: Hey, I do have my priorities. But look at all the wood I gathered!

(Enter sound of wood dropping to the ground)

Y: 不錯。不過我還是想聽聽你認識的那兩個所謂的專家還有什么高見。

J: Good idea. Here's Marty.

實錄3: Marty: Uh...a bonfire is anytime you're burning any lengths of wood. You can throw in trees ... that's a bonfire. When you get a full tree in ... that's a bonfire. The bigger the better.

Y: 我喜歡他說的 "the bigger, the better.",越大越好。

J: And don't forget...it's getting darker and darker. Heh, boy, fire is really important.

Y: 你很聰明。

J: Yang Chen, I bet this is what primitive people, you know原始人, felt like thousands of years ago.

Y: 我真佩服你的想象力??晌頤敲揮猩鈐讜忌緇?,干嗎要沒事找罪受呢?

J: Well, I'm just saying that people like fire.

Y: 為什么?

J: It feels good and, I think, it touches part of our primal side. Again here's Marty.

實錄4: Marty: I am just watching the flames and burning stuff. It's primal burning things. I mean this is like the original source of heat in the world; it is burning wood so ...It smells good. Radiant heat is just beautiful heat; how it radiates out at you and warms your whole body.

(Enter sound of roaring fire)

Y: Mary 說的primal side就是原始的本能。 我不知道烤火是不是能讓一個人看到自己原始本能,不過我覺得篝火散發出來的光和熱給了我一種安全感。 你覺得我們兩個人點這么大的篝火是不是太浪費木頭了?

J: Boy, you are just never happy. Here let's have a drink to a bonfire!

J&Y: Cheers!

Y: 各位聽眾我們下次節目再見

J: See you next time on American Cafe. Next time I think we'll actually be in the cafe! See you later!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 32 - Marty's Favorite Bonfire]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?!

J: And here we are in the great outdoors for yet another episode of American Cafe. (Deep inhale) Ah! Just smell that fresh clean air! Isn't this great, Yang Chen!!

Y: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 你說的沒錯。一起都很好。 (Slap) 又一個蚊子。

J: Good. I'm glad you're having fun too. I'm having a ball! I just love camping. Mmm, feel that campfire.

Y: 我就不明白。你為什么怎么喜歡到野外來呢?

J: Because you feel free. Look around. There's nothing but nature. No cars, no traffic, no people bothering you.

Y: 算了,算了。我不跟你說了。那我們下面該干什么?

J: Well, we already built a fire. That was really fun! And we cooked a little dinner. Hot dogs and baked beans, mmm ... a real traditional campfire dinner.

Y: 我肚子倒是餓了,不過你看熱狗也烤糊了, baked beans又是冷的。湊合地吃吧。

J: Well, here - have some nuts.

Y: Mmm, 有花生,還有開心果。 Mmm, 這還不錯。

J: Mmm ... 不錯。 Now, one thing to do when you're camping for fun is to tell stories around the campfire. Let's invite our friend Marty to share a story of his favorite bonfire during a trip he took to Canada.

實錄1: Marty: Well, we went up ... we went up to Canada and we went to this humongous national park. It's on this lakes (The Great Lakes) So you canoe, you canoe between the lakes.

Y: 他剛才說的canoe就是獨木舟的意思。Humongous這個詞很有意思。我想 humongous是巨大的意思把。

J: Exactly. Humongous. H-U-M-O-N-G-O-U-S. Marty uses it quite a lot.

實錄2: Marty: And when you're out three days the only way to get back in is to canoe three days back in or get a helicopter, obviously a helicopter could pick you up. But otherwise there's no walking out. It's all ... it's all water and everything. There's no, you know, driving or anything like that. The only way out is to canoe yourself outta (out of) there.

Y: 哇整整三天都在劃獨木舟???

J: Exactly.

Y: They are crazy.

J: That sounds crazy to me. And Marty said the only way out is three days by canoe again or a helicopter.

Y: 要不你就再劃獨木舟劃化三天時間劃回去,或者讓直升機來接他們,只有這兩種方法。

J: Exactly.

Y: 他們是在什么地方? 聽上去到蠻好玩兒的。

J: Marty said he was up in Canada by the Great Lakes.

Y: The Great Lakes就是五大湖區的意思,就是美國和加拿大之間的五大湖。

實錄3: Marty: And we were on the edge of this humongous lake, huge lake. And ah, the driftwood came up and we pulling up humongous pieces of, you know, trees.

Y: 他們是在大湖的邊緣,他們沿路還撿了很多順流漂來的木頭。那么他們撿起這些木頭往哪兒放?

J: Well, let's find out. I can't wait to hear how they got the trees out of the lake. Let's hear from Marty again.

Y: 沒錯。我也想聽聽他們怎么辦把那些樹運回去。

實錄4: Marty: A big friend of mine who's like a big strong guy, well, we had like four of us and we were pulling in some monster trees.

J: Oh, Marty has a couple big, strong friends. Oh, Marty said something funny that is a good expression in English. He said "we were pulling in some monster trees." Yang Chen, how do you translate that.

Y: I know. "Monster trees" 也是很大的樹, 是嗎?

J: 對了。

Y: 這個不好翻。

J: I think the English is the best to explain it.

Y: 沒錯,沒錯

J: "Pulling in some monster trees" - just really humongous, big trees. And the result ...

實錄5: Marty: And ah, yeah, it was just an awesome bonfire. That's probably the best bonfire ... we burned some trees that were probably a couple hundred years old, you know.

J: So, Yang Chen, what did you think of Marty's story?

Y: Awesome! 我好象覺得自己好象身臨其境!他講的很精彩啊。

J: I felt the same way. I felt like I was right by the lake.

Y: 沒錯。其實我是一個不太喜歡野外活動的人,可是聽他一講覺得非常刺激!好,各位聽眾我們下次節目再見!

J: See you next time on American Cafe.

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/32///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/32/美語咖啡屋Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 33 - Sandy's Women's History Alive]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位好, 我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Hello everyone! Welcome to American Cafe! Today we are going to celebrate Women's Equality Day that is celebrated on August 26th.

Y: 8月26號是婦女平等日。那是不是說除了這天以外婦女就不能享受平等權力了呢?

J: You had to say it, didn't Yang Chen.

Y: 難道你不覺得我這個問題問得很好嗎?

J: It's a good question. But I don't think we'll talk about it today. But we will talk about Sandy Hansen. Sandy owns a business called Women's History Alive!

Y: Women's History Alive! 就是用舞臺表演的形式來講述婦女在歷史上的地位。 Sandy一個人要在舞臺上扮演好多的人物。

J: That's right. Sandy takes the rich history of women that is often ignored in history classes and in history books and takes it to the stage to really make it alive.

Y: 我們在看完了Sandy表演以后就馬上就采訪了她。

實錄1: Sandy Hansen: I'm Sandy Hansen. I'm from Holland, Michigan. And my business is called Women's History Alive. I do one-women plays on famous women in American history.

J: When Sandy realized that the history of women was overlooked, she created a way to fill the void!

Y: "Fill the void," 就是添補空白的意思。

J: And the void she wanted to fill is an area of women's history. Sandy got her degree in Women's Studies and it was such a new concept that she literally had to design her own major.

Y: 沒錯。很多大學根本沒有婦女歷史這門課。其實是不對的,婦女為了推動歷史做出這么大的貢獻。你看歷史上有過那么多偉大的女性,Harriet Tubman.

J: Oh, and don't forget Amelia Earhart.

Y: Susan B. Anthony.

J: Oh, in China, don't forget Jiang Qing.

Y: Okay, Jody, 你不要開玩笑。

J: Sorry. Sorry.

Y: 好,下面我們還是讓Sandy解釋一下她的目的。

實錄2: Sandy Hansen: My mission is to share women's history to give girls confidence that they can go on and do things in their lives and for adult women, as well, to feel confident to try stuff.

Y: Sandy說得非常好,了解歷史能讓更多的婦女認識到只要有決心她們也可以改變歷史。

J: It's just a great idea to increase a woman's confidence that they're able to do whatever we want. Sometimes women may know intellectually that we can whatever we want, but deep down we may not be so sure.

Y: 即使這些歷史人物不僅是婦女能從中得到鼓勵,對每個人來說都很有教育意義。

J: Exactly. The scope is much larger than just women. Sandy feels that women's history is essential to every single person: boy, girl, male, female... Again here's Sandy.

實錄3: Sandy Hansen: I think that women's history is essential to every single person, boys and girls, male, female, adult men and women, because we learn to respect women when we hear of the wonderful things that they did.

J: And Yang Chen, Sandy is great example herself. She started her own business to fulfill her mission in life. I just think that's great.

Y: 對。Sandy把自己對歷史的熱愛和對舞臺的熱愛完美地結合了起來。我覺得她天生就是一個做演員的材料。

J: And Sandy seems born for the stage. In this next quote Sandy she calls herself an "extrovert." Yang Chen ...

Y: "Extrovert" 就是外向的人。

J: Oh, right.

Y: 就象你一樣。

J: Oh, thank you. 外向的人.

Y: 或者說性格外向。

J: "Extrovert" is a little difficult so I'm going to spell it very quickly. E-X-T-R-O-V-E-R-T. "Extrovert." So, again here's Sandy.

實錄4: Sandy Hansen: I love being on stage. And I love making people laugh at my jokes and sharing women's history with people. I'm really an extrovert. I really love to have people looking at me and talking to me and thinking I'm wonderful and being on stage. Even if you do a bad job people clap for you.

Y: Sandy是非常有趣的人。她說她很喜歡在舞臺上表演,有的時候即使表演得很差,觀眾也會為她鼓掌。其實她太謙虛了,我覺得她還是很不錯的。

J: She was great. She was very entertaining. You can tell that she really loves women's history.

Y: 不過說到舞臺表演,如果是我自己站在舞臺上要這樣手舞足蹈,而且還要扮演很多人物,我一定會緊張得兩條腿直哆嗦。

J: Oh, are you kidding me? That would be incredibly scary. It's hard enough to get on stage in front of an audience. It's even more difficult when you're alone.

Y: 關鍵一點就是你自己在舞臺上表演,如果出了什么差錯只能怪自己,不能推卸責任。

J: Take our show for example. There's two of us and I get blamed for everything.

Y: 好了,我們的節目就到這里,謝謝大家收聽,下次節目再見!

J: See you later!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 34 - Sandy, Women Running for Office]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,歡迎到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe. Hey Yang Chen, you seem pretty deep in thought today.

Y: 我這幾天一直琢磨,政治對我們每個人的生活到底有什么重要的意義呢?

J: You know, I think the answer is that politics plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.

Y: 沒錯,政治影響我們生活中的每一個方面。

J: And if I remember correctly - you really like politics.

Y: Like politics? I LOVE politics!

J: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You LOVE politics!

Y: 沒錯,我特別的關心政治,也喜歡參與政治活動,特別是最近我們慶祝了婦女平等日。這就讓我聯想到美國這個世界最大的民主國家居然沒有出過一個女總統。 你想過這個問題嗎?

J: Of course I've thought about. We've never had a female president. Remember the woman we met recently, Sandy Hansen? She's very passionate about encouraging women to enter politics.

Y: Sandy來到華盛頓DC表演她自己創作的節目,讓人們了解爭取婦女投票權運動的主要人物以及她們的成就。

J: Here's Sandy.

實錄1: Sandy: Well, woman got the right to vote in 1919. It was voted in August 26 and then we actually voted for the first time in November 1920. So, there was a year before the next presidential election.

Y: 1920年美國婦女才第一次投票。這個權利真是來之不易啊。

J: It was not easy. It took until 1920. And it took time, blood, sweat and tears of many amazing women for women to finally get the right to vote. Voting is absolutely the cornerstone of our democracy. But you know what, many people still don't vote.

Y: 就是,提起這個來我覺得很失望。這些人太不把投票當回事兒了。

J: I don't get it either. What I mean is, I don't understand. You know, actually, I do understand a little. I think one reason people don't vote is apathy. Spelled with a big old A-P-A-T-H-Y

Y: 就是漠不關心的意思。

J: Besides voter apathy, Sandy has another reason why only about 50 percent of women in the U.S. vote these days.

實錄2: Sandy: They say that only 50 percent of women vote right now. And I think that the reason is, is because all we have are male candidates. And we feel that are not speaking to us on a lot of different issues. So I think we need a lot more women out there running for office.

Y: Sandy, 剛才說很多婦女不愿意投票是因為那些候選人不重視婦女們所關心的問題。那她覺得哪些問題是關于婦女的問題呢?

J: Oh, she mentioned issues like child care, equal pay for women, health care for children, you know, issues that relate directly to women.

Y: 沒錯,這些和婦女有直接的關系,所以我們需要更多的婦女參加競選。

J: Now, let's hear from Sandy who not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.

實錄3: Sandy: I ran for office in '92. So, I'm not just telling you to do something that I haven't done. I ran as a Democrat in an area which was always winning the award for the most Republican County of the Year award. I was screamed at every single day I went out campaigning. Every day.

Y: Sandy好勇敢啊,在一個共和黨人占絕對多數的地區以民主黨身份參選。真不簡單。

J: Sandy is very brave. And running as a Democrat in a Republican area is not easy. I wouldn't do it. No way. Uh uh. You couldn not pay me enough money. (Pause) Well, you probably could, but you know what I'm saying. Very difficult. Sandy was screamed at every single day.

Y: 面對這種情況 Sandy 是怎么應付的呢?

實錄4: Sandy: We all knew it was doomed from day one. But that wasn't the reason that I was running. I was running to say we need two parties and we need women out there and um and ... ohhh, maybe it was ego trip ... let's face it. It's okay to have ego trips. (laughter)

Y: 我太喜歡Ego Trip這個說法,Ego Trip就是滿足個人虛榮心或者自我表現的意思。

J: E-G-O T-R-I-P. Two words.

Y: 看來一定要臉皮厚的人才能參加競選。

J: With people yelling at you every day you need very thick skin to run for office. Let's see if yours is thick enough.

Y: 你看我有沒有希望?

J: Let me see if your is thick enough.

Y: Ow! Jody你干嗎掐我?

J: I don't know your skin seems pretty soft and thin. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe!

Y: 謝謝收聽,我們下次節目再見!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 35 - Erica, Starting Your Own Business]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe!

Y: Sigh. Hello. 我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Yang Chen, what's wrong? I've never seen you this down before.

Y: 哎喲,我心情不好啊。 你不知道我前段時間錯過了一個賺錢的大好機會。現在后悔不得了。

J: You know, sometimes things happen that you think at the time are...are bad. But actually in the end ... it turns out to be a good thing. Did that make sense to you?

Y: Jody, 我知道你是好心,不過你的長篇大論我現在沒有心情領教。

J: I understand. But maybe you'll want to listen to our guest today. Erica. Maybe she can help you.

Y: Erica? 她是個心理學家嗎?

J: No, she's not a psychologist. She's a web designer.

Y: 網頁設計師。那她能幫我什么?

J: Well, Erica started her own business in web design completely by accident.

Y: 她是由于一個偶然的機會開始自己做生意。我得聽聽是怎么回事。

實錄1: Erica: I started my own business by accident really. I was laid off a job that I didn' t really like which was actually perfect for me. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Y: Erica 說她被laid off,被解雇了。

J: That's right - no work.

Y: 工作也沒有了,她還說這是好事?

J: Well, she was laid off a job that she really didn't like. So, that's not really bad news.

Y: Well, 我知道她不喜歡原來的工作,可她至少還有個工作啊,那總從比失業要好吧!

J: Just hold on to your horses. I mean, take it easy. I mean, wait just a minute. There's more to the story. Here again is Erica...

實錄2: Erica: But by getting laid off, I didn't have to feel guilty about quitting a job to start a business. So while I was looking for a new job, I started doing websites for people and then I started to make myself a portfolio, a website, and it just sort of rolled from there.

Y: 她剛才提到一個詞Portfolio。在這里就是積累工作經驗。

J: Exactly, a collection of your work experience. Something you can actually hold onto for example photographs - or even something you can't hold onto like a website. You know, Erica brought up so many great words related to starting your own business. In the next there's more. We're going to hear "Getting money in the door"

Y: 賺錢的意思。

J: Right. "Pool of clients."

Y: 一批顧客。

J: And "coming out of the woodwork."

J: "Coming out of the woodwork" is a slang expression meaning all of a sudden and from every direction.

Y: 就是你莫名其妙地出現了一堆顧客。

J: Coming out of the woodwork, yes.

Y: 那一定她的幸運特別好,所以人們一個傳一個說Erica是一個非常好的 web designer 所以大家都來找她。

J: 等一下,等一下。You're getting ahead of the story. Here's Erica.

實錄3: Erica: I did end up getting a fulltime job for a while just to get money in the door because it takes a long time to start your own business. And it took me a long to get clients. It took me about a year to start to get a pool of clients. But the economy picked up again and then it was basically a full-year cycle. And when I hit one-year I had clients coming out of the woodwork. It was amazing.

Y: 你看,我說什么,我猜得不錯吧。她的生意非常好所以顧客遠遠不斷地來找她。

J: Again, Yang Chen, you were right. When she hit the one-year mark, clients started coming out of the woodwork. And now she has a large pool of clients. She even has to turn people down.

Y: 就她太忙,忙不過來,有的時候別人來她,她就告訴他們“我實在沒有時間接你們的生意?!?/p>

J: She has so many clients that she can undercut other businesses.

Y: Erica,生意之所以這么好可能還有一個原因,那就是她的要價比別人底。是不是?

J: Exactly, that means she's undercutting other businesses.

實錄4: Erica: To this day I' m still overwhelmed by clients. I'm undercutting a lot of other businesses. I should be charging much more than I am. But you know, I' m working with small businesses and I like working with small businesses.

J: So, Yang Chen, the lesson here is don't worry about a lost opportunity. It could lead to an even better opportunity.

Y: 其實從Erica身上我看到有時候那個機會自己會來找你!機會自己就會來敲門!

J: That's the right attitude. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe!

Y: 謝謝你收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見。

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/35///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/35/美語咖啡屋Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 36 - Jeannie, Spinning Wool(1)]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?!

J: Hello everyone! Welcome to American Cafe!

(Music break)

J: On today's American Cafe we're going to visit my home state - West Virginia. 西維吉尼亞!

Y: Yeh! 說起西維吉尼亞,我們知道西維吉尼亞以風景優美,民風純樸而著稱。是一個旅游的好地方。

J: Exactly! In fact, Yang Chen, I recently went there on a visit. I went to an arts-and-crafts festival in a town called Rennick. And there, I met a woman named Jeannie.

Y: Arts-and-crafts就是工藝美術的意思. 那么Jeannie從事的是那一種工藝美術吶。

J: Well, when I met Jeannie she was sitting at an old fashioned spinning wheel spinning wool.

Y: Wow. 她會紡毛線。Um, 那她還會作什么?紡毛線似乎還不能算是工藝美術啊。

J: Well, you're right. But Jeannie not only spins the wool, she is involved in an amazing process that begins with raising sheep and ends with a piece of art that you can wear. Jeannie from West Virginia.

實錄1: Jeannie: My name is Jeannie and I'm from Rennick, WV. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, but I've lived here for over 30 years now.

Y: Jody, 我記得,你好象說過你小時候也在匹茲堡附近住過?

J: Yeah, you have a great memory. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh just like Jeannie. It is such a small world. Now, back to Jeannie.

實錄2: Jeannie: And I had for years a farm with a little flock of Cotswold sheep. And so that's what I'm spinning today. Ah, It's kind of coarse wool compared to some but it's very easy spinning.

Y: Jeannie剛才說的 "Cotswold sheep"是什么?

(Enter sheep sounds)

J: Oh, Cotswold sheep, oh, Yang Chen, that is simply a type of sheep. But that's not the important part. The important part is that the wool is very coarse and therefore it's easy to spin.

Y: 她這種羊毛比較粗,因為粗呢,所以就比較容易紡成毛線。

J: Right. Coarse is spelled C-O-A-R-S-E.


J: Well, let's hear Jeannie explain.

實錄3: Jeannie: Oh man, well, you're taking raw wool and your putting a twist in order to get it hold it together to make yarn which you can then make into hats or sweaters or blankets or whatever.

Y: Jeannie真了不起。她從剪羊毛,到紡毛線,然后織成毛衣,或者帽子、毯子,她全都一手包辦了。

J: She's amazing! She does everything. Well, almost everything. In our conversation she said she doesn't wash the wool 'cause (because) it's too difficult. But in her case, she begins by cutting the wool off the backs of the sheep with scissors.

(Enter sound of scissors)

實錄4: Jeannie: Okay, in my case it came off the sheep with scissors. And the sheep stand up like little dogs and I cut the wool off of their backs. And it's a big job. And then it's very dirty so you need to wash it. And after washing it needs to be combed or carded so it's easily spun.

Y: 羊毛剪下來不僅要清洗,她說還要comb。

J: Right comb C-O-M-B.

Y: 噢,就象梳頭發那樣。

J: Right! To comb your hair. She cuts the wool, sends it someone else to wash it, combs the wool, spins the wool into yarn and then knits the yarn into hats, sweaters or blankets. It's amazing!

Y: 看來除了清洗羊毛這一道程序其他都是她自己做的。哇,那種程序這么復雜。什么時候才能變成一件羊毛衫穿在我身上吶?

J: That's a good question. I asked Jeannie the same thing.

實錄5: Jeannie: Well, it takes many many hours. I'd say a hat if you just counted the time for one hat probably takes 6 hours. A sweater I think takes 30-40 hours.

Y: 你想一件毛衣需要30到40個小時才完成。如果是我的話我一定沒有這種耐心。

J: But you know, I think that Jeannie really loves the process not really the product.

實錄6: Jeannie: I love the process of taking a raw thing like a dirty sheep and raising the babies and then ending up with incredible works of art.

J: Jeannie. She's wonderful. I just love her. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見!

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/36///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/36/美語咖啡屋Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 37 - Jeannie, Spinning Wool(2)]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?!

J: Hello I'm Jody, welcome to American Cafe! On this edition of American Cafe we are going to talk to our friend Jeannie from West Virginia.

Y: 好香啊。你是在煮湯嗎?

J: No, I am boiling soup. I am boiling brown.

Y: Brown? 你說的顏色里的brown, 棕色嗎?

J: That is right. I am boiling the color brown.

Y: Jody, 你真是越來越可愛了。 顏色也能煮嗎?

J: Of course, you can boil a color. I got the idea from Jeannie, the woman artist we met who raises sheep and then uses their wool to make stuff.

Y: 對。我認識Jeannie。她非常特別。為什么說她特別呢? 因為她不但自己養羊,還會剪羊毛,織毛衣。 她織的每一件毛衣都是藝術品。

J: That is right. She also dyes the wool herself.

But Yang Chen, you forgot a part of the process.

Y: 她還會給羊毛染色???

J: People who dye wool naturally use by-products found in nature like fruit, leaves and bark from trees, vegetables, even bugs!

Y: Bugs? 蟲子,我最怕那些小蟲子。 你剛才提到的by-product,能不能給大家解釋一下?

J: By-product, spelled B-Y-P-R-O-D-U-C-T. A by-product is something that is left over from a process.

Y:對, By-product就是副產品的意思。

J: Jeannie is going to tell us how she is going to use by-product from trees like yellow boxwood elder, osage orange wood and walnut tress to get completely natural color.

Y: 你剛才提到的yellow boxwood elder或者是osage orange wood...

J: Those are just types of trees.

Y: 好。我們就聽聽Jeannie是利用那些by-products來作染料。

實錄1: Jeannie: And in this case I've dyed with yellow box elder to get this nice green-yellow color. And I've got some dyed with osage orange wood and the boxwood was given to me by another friend as a by-product of something he was making.

Y: 我還是不太明白,她到底是用什么方法把這些東西制作出各種顏色的染料呢?

J: The process involves cocking the ingratiates over an open fire like a big pot of soup. Jeannie says that she dyed her wool over an open fire with friends. Doesn't that sound fun?

Y: 嗯...

J: Don't answer that. I had the feeling that boiling bugs over an open flame is not your idea of fun, but for Jeannie...

實錄2: Jeannie: Well, we did this outside over an open fire and it took a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun.

Y: 不過我還有一個疑問,如果是利用這些自然界的這些東西來制作顏色,那么顏色的種類是不是很有限呢?

J: Jeannie said that you can get almost any color you want from nature; you can have the whole color span.

Y: 那你這里說的whole color span就是所有的顏色都包括在內。

J: Exactly, and according to Jeannie people who are really into dying wool naturally can get any color they want.

Y: 等一等,我想提醒大家當你說一個人“really into something"就是說這個人某件事特別認真,特別投入。

J: Oh, good point. If you are really into something, you have been doing something for a long time and you really like it. But enough from us, Yang Chen, let's hear how Jeannie uses the expression "really into it" and words like "span..."

實錄3: Jeannie: Yeah, there's natural colors you can get almost anything you want. And people who are really into it -- which I'm not, I'm just a beginner, but with the natural colors -- but you can get browns from walnut. You can get blue from indigo. So you can have the whole span.

J: Jeannie says she is just a beginner, but to me she sounds like a pro.

Y: 沒錯,我也覺得她聽起來很老練。你有沒有聞到什么東西煮糊了?

Y: 我知道這種來自大自然的顏色一定有很多好處,但是它們會不會很容易退色呢?

J: Oh, no it's my color brown. It's burning, it is all boiled over. Oh, man, my color brown it the color black. I guess I am the real beginner here. Well, anyway, thanks for joining us on American Cafe...See you next time.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次再見。

J: Where is Jeannie when we need her?

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/37///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/37/美語咖啡屋Tue, 18 Aug 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 38 - Mark, Bee Keeper & Other Jobs]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:


J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?!

J: Yang Chen, our guest today is Mark Boudevaul, from Beverly, West Virginia. And he has several ways that he makes a living.

Y: Mark住在西維吉尼亞的Beverly. 你說他同時有好幾種工作,聽上去很有意思。那他的主要工作是什么呢?

J: Primarily, Mark is a beekeeper.

Y: Beekeeper?

J: Bee Keeper!

Y: Bee就是蜜蜂,Beekeeper就是養蜂的人。那他另外的職業是什么呢?

J: He's also the host of a bluegrass radio show and is also a musician himself.

Y: Wow. 他還在電臺主持蘭草音樂節目,還是個音樂家,那他會不會演奏樂器?

J: He plays the steel guitar that you hear in the background.

(Enter samples of steel guitar)

J: ... and the dobro.

Y: 我知道 Steel guitar是夏威夷吉他, dobro好象沒有中文翻譯,

J: It's common in bluegrass music. Oh, Yang Chen, listen to that lonely, haunting sound.

Y: 沒錯,這種樂器聽起來有一種孤獨深沉的味道。

J: Now, let's meet Mark

實錄1: Mark: I'm Mark Boudervaul and I'm from Beverly, West Virginia. Well I'm a beekeeper primarily but I also do a bluegrass radio show and play steel guitar and dobro.

Y: Mark的聲音真的很好聽,難怪他要主持電臺節目呢。

J: I know. He has a great radio voice.

Y: 沒錯,不過我更感興趣的是他的另一個職業:養蜜蜂。

J: Raising bees sounds like such interesting work.

Y: 就是啊,那他是什么時候開始養蜜蜂的呢?

J: Mark started bee keeping when he was around 17 years old. He says a guy a couple farms over, meaning a neighbor, had bees and Mark was intrigued.

Y: 對,Intrigued就是產生興趣的意思。

J: Right. So Mark pestered his neighbor long enough ...

Y: 等一等, "pester" 不是麻煩,打擾的意思嗎?

J: Right. To pester means to bother somebody. So, Mark pestered his neighbor to teach him about bee keeping and it worked.

實錄2: Mark: I started when I was about 17. I knew a guy a couple farms over from us that had bees and I was pretty intrigued by it. I pestered him long enough for him to show me what to do. And I got my own bees when I was about 18. And I'm 48 now so, that's about 30 years.

Y: 有意思,Mark 想學養蜂,就纏著附近農場的一個人教他, 那個人最后不厭其煩只好幫助他。嗯,pester這個辦法不錯.

J: Sometimes you have to pester, pester, pester, pester somebody to get what you want.

Y: 沒錯,Mark說他養蜜蜂到現在已經有30年歷史了。 對Mark來說養蜜蜂雖然是他的興趣,可是養蜂也有淡季和旺季,對吧?

J: Exactly. Bee keeping is definitely seasonal because, of course, bees need flowers and in the dead of winter there are no flowers.

實錄3: Mark: It's a seasonal job in that bees are only really working when flowers are in bloom and in the dead of winter there's no flowers.

Y: 到了冬天他就得找點別的事做。

J: Mark goes on to say that bee keeping keeps him going in the summertime. During the winter he finds other things to keep him going.

實錄4: Mark: Ahh, it's interesting. It keeps me going in the summer time. You know, I find other things to keep me going through the winter.

Y: Mark 說的keeps him going 就是維持生計的意思。我們知道西維吉尼亞冬天很冷,他能找什么工作呢?

J: To keep himself going through a winter in West Virginia Mark does something very interesting.

Y: 我們來聽聽是什么。

Mark: I raise donkeys also.

Y: 什么?毛驢?我沒有聽錯吧?

J: You heard it right, Yang Chen! Mark also raises donkeys to give people rides on the trails through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

實錄5: Mark: Yes, I have donkeys that I take out on trails and this is a good area to come for that. (laughter)

Y: 騎著毛驢沿著西維吉尼亞的山路欣賞風景,聽起來很不錯,如果我下次要到西維吉尼亞旅游,我一定會去找Mark。

J: Good idea! And also look for Mark if you need any honey or a radio host or a steel guitar player or whatever other wonderful job Mark does. Thanks for joining us today at American Cafe!

Y: 我們下次節目再見!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 39 - Erica, Art and Science of Web Design]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?

J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe! So, Yang Chen, I was looking at our web site for American Cafe and we have a problem.

Y: 我們的網頁有問題?我覺得挺好的啊。

J: Well, it's okay. But I thought we could find better artwork. Don't you? Our web site is just not very artistic.

Y: 哎呀, 網頁只要實用就好了,要那么花哨干什么?

J: A good web site does more than just work. It has to be kind of like a work of art.

Y: Art? 藝術。我覺得電腦是個科學工具,根本沒必要弄那些華而不實的東西。

J: Art.

Y: 科學!

J: Art!

Y: 科學!

J: Okay, okay, let's not argue ! Hey, I have an idea. Let's talk to our friend Erica. You remember Erica, don't you?

Y: 沒錯。我還記得Erica。她自己有一個網頁設計公司。

實錄1: Erica: Web design is very much an art and a science. It's both together because the artistic side is pretty obvious. You need to have visual design.

J: See, Erica says you need to have visual design, V-I-S-U-A-L visual D-E-S-I-G-N design, the way things look.

Y: 哎呀,你耐心一點! 我敢擔保她接下來一定會強調網頁設計的科學性。

實錄2: Erica: There's a very technical side to it. You experiment. You try things. You test things. They fail. They give you errors. You try again. You keep playing with it.

Y: 你看,我說什么。Erica 也強調設計網頁是一項技術性很強的工作。

J: She did say that there is a very technical side to it.

Y: 就是嗎。

J: Well, just hold on a minute! Let's spell technical. Technical is spelled T-E-C-H-N-I-C-A-L, technical side to it.

實錄3: Erica: So, it's really that marriage between art and technical skills that are so important for web site design.

Y: Erica剛才說的一句話很有意思。她說網頁設計是 A marriage between art and technical skills. Marriage 這個詞也可以這樣用???

J: Marriage, M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E, marriage, can be used to mean a union to other things besides a spouse. Maybe the best way is to give an example. Well, like Erica said, "It's really that marriage between art and technical skills." I can also say "I like that idea, but I'm not married to it." Meaning, I like the idea but I'm not committed to it.

Y: 我想在marriage這里的意思就是兩者的結合。

J: But Yang Chen, I wonder. Does Erica consider herself an artist or a scientist?

Y: 對, Erica 認為她自己是一個藝術家呢,還是科學家?

實錄4: Erica: I'm really an artist. The reason I'm doing web design is because it gives me an opportunity to do art all the time. Make pretty things and show them to people 'cause (because) I love an audience too.

Y: 聽起來Erica更象是一個藝術家,而不是科學家。

J: Erica considers herself an artist. She likes making pretty things and showing them to people and she loves an audience. Sounds like an artist to me.

Y: 以前我倒是從來沒有從藝術的角度來看待網頁設計!

J: A web site is not just art that you hang up in your house, like a painting. It's art that the whole world can see!

實錄5: Erica: It works out perfectly. People actually pay me to do art. But it's not just the kind of art, you know, that you hang up in your house. It's art that the whole world can see. And it's art that's really functional and useful. And actually I'm really proud of the functional part too, the fact that it's very user-friendly and very useful, not just pretty to look at.

Y: 看來我要改變我的想法,網頁設計的確包含著很多藝術創作的成份。你覺不覺得Erica的確是在藝術和科學之間找到了一個很好的平衡。她設計的網頁真是又漂亮又實用。

J: It really sounds like Erica has found a good marriage between art and science in her web design company. So what do think, Yang Chen? Our web site needs artistic help?

Y: 也許Erica可以幫助我們。

J: Erica would love to help us.

Y: 謝謝您收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見!

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe! See you next time!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 40 - Jason on Sierra Club]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Y: 各位聽眾好,我是楊晨!歡迎您到美語咖啡屋!

J: Hello I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! (sigh) You know, Yang Chen, we are really lucky to work in Washington, D.C.

Y: Lucky? 很幸運,為什么?

J: Well, even though Washington, D.C. is very urban, very city-like, it is what we call a "green city," meaning it has lots of trees, lots of parks and green spaces.

Y: “綠色的城市”,你說的沒錯。很多人喜歡華盛頓市的原因之一就是因為這里的綠化搞得很好。

J: Take where I live for example. I live in an apartment in the center of the city. You've been to my place before.


J: It's very urban as you know. But a short five-minute walk away is the beautiful National Zoo.

Y: 我去過國家動物園,那里面最吸引的人是兩只大熊貓。 附近好象還有個很大的公園。

J: You got it. Rock Creek Park. It's a huge park where you can go hiking and biking and picnicking. I just love Rock Creek Park!

Y: Hiking就是徒步旅行的意思。

J: I go hiking in the park a lot. But not biking. Right now I don't have a bike.

Y: 你連自行車都沒有?

J: No, I don't. I'm saving up money for a bike. But, Yang Chen, simply hanging out in the park is fun! Rock Creek Park gives me the chance to escape the urban feeling of the city. And it just makes life much more enjoyable.

Y: 沒錯,沒錯。住在大城市,如果附近有這么一個公園的確是給生活增加很多樂趣。你可以躲開城市的喧鬧,享受大自然的寧靜。

J: And there's even horse stable that offer horseback riding!

Y: 真的,還可以騎馬!?

J: Yes! And during the weekend some of the roads in the park are closed to car traffic so that people can enjoy the park without having to worry about cars zipping by.

Y: 我想這些都是環保組織的功勞。

J: Yes. The Sierra Club, a national environmental organization, played a big part in making that happen.

Y: 你記不記得我們上次在街頭藝術節碰到了Sierra Club在當地的一個負責人。

J: Oh sure, I remember him. His name is Jason Broehm. And during a street festival he was explaining to people the goals and the mission of the Sierra Club.

實錄1: Broehm: My name is Jason Broehm. I've lived in D.C for about four years now. I'm a leader in the local chapter of the Sierra Club, an environmental organization. Sierra Club is a national organization with hundreds of thousands of members across the United States and we have 3,000 members located here in the District Columbia.

Y: Sierra Club是個全國性組織,他們在當地就有三千個會員。

J: Jason is the leader of the local chapter in D.C.

Y: Jason說他們作為Sierra Club的一個地方分會, 重點是要解決當地面臨的特殊問題。

J: He mentioned things like cleaning up the rivers, improving air and water quality and improving public transportation.

實錄2: Broehm: Well, here in the District we're working on a number of main areas including trying to clean up the areas, the rivers, have better water quality. We want to have better air quality and better public transportation. And finally we would like to have a good system of parks where people can get out and enjoy the natural environment.

Y: 我想Jason本人一定是個熱愛大自然的人,要不然他就不會為環保組織工作了。

實錄3: Broehm: I do. I love to bike in Rock Creek Park and all over Washington, D.C. I love to hike and walk. And, so, I do very much.

J: Oh, Jason is definitely an outdoor person.

Y: 其實Jason在Sierra Club只是作義工,他還有另外一份正式的工作。

J: Right. His "day job," as we call it, is with a federal agency.

實錄4: Broehm: I have another job with a federal agency, but I volunteer my time with the Sierra Club outside of work hours.

Y: 說起作義工,我覺得這是一件非常有意義的事情,不僅可以為社會作貢獻,同時也改善了自己的生活。

J: It's good to know there are people like Jason who volunteer their time educating the public and helping to protect the environment...

Y: 就是,如果每個人拿出一點兒時間來做好事,那你想想這個社會該有多么美好呢? 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見。

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe! See you next time!

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/40///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/40/美語咖啡屋Tue, 8 Sep 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 41 - Eric, Day of a Teenager]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Eric, Day Of A Teenager

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好。我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。Jody我們為什么放這個音樂?我現在覺得我到了太空一樣。

J: Because, Yang Chen, today we are visiting a different world. The world of teenagers!!

Y: No! 我們能不能談點兒別的?

J: Calm down, calm down. It'll be okay. Besides we were all teenagers once. Do you remember when you became a teenager?

Y: 不記得了,好象太遙遠了。

J: It does feel like a long time ago. But it was only a mere 10 years.

Y: 十年前! 你數學怎么學的?

J: Oh, never you mind. Anyway, today, we're going to revisit that awkward time when you're no longer a child and not yet an adult. So, without further delay let's meet Eric, a student in Virginia who celebrates his birthday on New Year's Day.

實錄1: Eric: My name is Eric. I am thirteen. My birthday is January 1st, 1991. And I go to Hayfield Secondary School in Virginia.

J: Eric's is a teenager alright. Can you hear how his voice is starting to change?

Y: 沒錯,聽得出來他的聲音好象在變粗。唉,我很好奇一個13歲的男孩每天都作些什么?

J: That's just what we're going to find out. So, here's Eric as he walks us through a normal school day.

實錄2: Eric: I shower, get dressed and go downstairs, eat breakfast and get my stuff ready for school.

Y: Eric剛才談的是他到學校以前先洗澡,然后穿好衣服,然后到樓下吃飯,然后gets his stuff ready for school. "Stuff" 這個詞好象特別有用。

J: Very useful.

Y: 那他到了學校以后都作些什么呢?

J: Well, Eric's classes include strings, ah, which means his music lesson for viola.

Y: 中提琴。

J: Right. And Eric must really enjoy his strings class because he has trouble remembering what he has next.

實錄3: Eric: First thing I go to strings, then I run off to dra, no, civics, no, let me think real quick ... health or P.E., which will be P.E. when I get out of Winter Break. And then we have homeroom and then lunch. And then I have algebra everyday. And then I have English. And then I jump on a bus and go home and do stuff.

Y: Jody 等一等。你得解釋一下什么是P.E.? 什么是homeroom.

J: Oh, right. P.E. stands for physical education. You know, gym class.

Y: P.E. 是體育課的意思。 那homeroom該怎么理解呢?

J: Homeroom is difficult to explain. It's kind like a break. Or a study hall if you have a strict teacher.

Y: 我還是不太明白。那我們就讓 Eric 來解釋一下,好不好?

實錄4: Eric: Homeroom is where we can do whatever we want. But some teachers are mean and have you like read or do your homework. Oh, they let you do whatever you want; talk loudly, throw stuff things at people.

Y: Eric剛才是不是還說他們有時候會 "throw stuff"?

J: Again stuff. Yes. He did. But I think, Yang Chen, he was just joking. Or maybe not. I don't know how bad kids are these days.

Y: Hmm, "do stuff" ... 上了一天的學,那他回家后都做些什么呢?

實錄5: Eric: Well, I like to play video games and I say that about 75 percent of American teenagers play video games.

Y: 說起電子游戲,其實不光是美國的小孩兒,全世界的小孩兒都迷電子游戲。

J: Oh, most definitely. According to Eric, some of the most popular video games these days are role playing video games.

Y: 就是說玩的人可以扮演里面的人物。

實錄6: Eric: I like Baten Kaitos. Baten Kaitos is a game where you are trying to save the world from an evil God and find out where the ocean has gone.

Y: Wow, Eric 要從一個邪惡之神手中拯救世界,還要尋找一個迷失的海洋。他可真夠忙的啊。

J: Wow, he's a busy teenager.

Y: 那我們就祝他好運吧。好,各位聽眾,謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見。

J: See you next time on American Cafe!

//www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/41///www.trlhpf.com.cn/voanews/american-cafe/lessons/41/美語咖啡屋Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[Lesson 42 - Liz, Graphic Design to Pastry Chef]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Liz, Graphic Design to Pastry Chef

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe

Y: 各位好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Our guest today is Liz. She's a friend of mine and also a neighbor in the house where I live.

Y: Jody, 你又采訪了你的朋友?我看你快把你的朋友和鄰居得罪光了。

J: Oh, no no. They're used to it. And I think they really enjoy it. Anyway, Liz and I we were talking the other day and I found out that she changed her job.

Y: 那她原來是做什么的?

J: Graphic Design. Graphic. G-R-A-H-I-C Design. D-E-S-I-G-N

Y: Graphic Design 就是圖像設計。那下面我們就請Liz 介紹一下什么是 graphic design。

實錄1: Liz: Hmmm Graphic Design. I guess dealing with visual matter for a specific purpose.

J: Graphic Design pretty much deals with visual matter for a specific purpose.


J: Well, according to Liz she is not a technology-oriented person. And if you're a graphic designer you really need to like technology and especially computers.

Y: 那她后來換了什么工作?

J: Her current job is a pastry chef! Pastry is spelled p-a-s-t-r-y. Chef, c-h-e-f. Pastry Chef! Everybody loves a pastry chef!

Y: Pastry chef是做糕點的師傅。這很奇怪,作糕點的師傅和圖像設計好象沒有什么關系啊。

J: Well, not really. There is a connection between graphic design and making pastries.

Y: 你又跟我開玩笑!

J: Well, Liz says that her love of being creative and working with her hands are found in both graphic design and pastry making. Again, here's Liz.

實錄2: Liz: I'm not a very technology-oriented person. So, um, I don't know, I just...I love to cook and I thought the creative side of side of pastry would be good, um, mixed with the graphic design past. The love of being creative and just working with your hands ... so, I just decided to do pastry.

Y: 創造力和動手的能力...yeah, 這么說起來圖像設計和做糕點是有點關系。 Liz剛才說到 "technology-oriented." 人們常常用它來形容一個人有技術頭腦,對技術感興趣。

J: For example, "I am a very nature-oriented person." Or another example, "He is not very mechanically-oriented." You try it, Yang Chen.

Y: I'm not a very work-oriented person.

J: Okay. I would have to agree with that. That's funny. Um, let's hear more about why Liz chose to become a pastry chef.

實錄3: Liz: First of all people have sweet tooth so they need to satisfy that.

Y: 說一個人有a big sweet tooth就是說這個人特別喜歡吃甜的東西。

J: Exactly! I have a big sweet tooth! Again here's Liz.

實錄4: Liz: I think a cake can bring people together. 'Cause a cake is kind of a form of a card you can write things on it.

Y: 她說的沒錯。蛋糕就象是一張卡片一樣,人們可以在上面畫圖畫,可以寫字,比如生日快樂,或者放一朵花;你可以把它裝飾得非常漂亮。說起來甜點,那Liz做這一行賺錢嗎?

J: Oh absolutely there's always a celebration or significant event where you need a cake.

實錄5: Liz: A wedding, birthday, um ... graduation, um... Oh boy, I'm drawing a blank.

Y: "I'm drawing a blank" 這是什么意思呢?

J: To draw a blank means that ah, well, you know ... it's kind of like when your mind is ... What were we talking about?

Y: 我現在明白了。就象你這樣,完全忘了剛才說什么,腦袋一片空白。

J: That is drawing a blank. Thanks for joining us on American Cafe. See you next time!

Y: 謝謝收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見!

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Yemi, Musician Poet

J: Hello I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe.

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。 我們今天的客人是Yemi。Yemi是個很有意思的人,您聽了我們的節目保證會喜歡上他。

J: Oh, I think you're going to find Yemi very interesting. First of all he's a sound engineer. But that's not all he does.


實錄1: Yemi: My full name is Yemi... and I'm from Washington, D.C. I was born in 1976. I perform, I produce, and write songs under the name, stage name, Nfact which is N-f-a-c-t. If you'd like more information you can visit my website at Nfactonline.com (//nfactonline.com/).

Y: 你覺不覺得Yemi 的聲音讓你一聽就知道他很會唱歌。

J: As soon as you hear Yemi, you know he's a singer. He has a great voice.

Y: 實際上他確實是個好歌手。而且他告訴我們他很快就要出唱片了 。

J: That's right. He's soon to release an album, which is a huge step in a musician's career. So we're really happy for him.

J: Way to go, Yemi.

Y: Yemi,加油。

J: Again here's Yemi.

實錄2: Yemi: And lately I've been working on my album. We'll probably sell it at our website and other websites.

Y: Yemi剛才說他的唱片在網上就可以買到。

J: That's right. Yemi says that you can buy his album on the Internet. And not only does Yemi record music, but he also writes poems and performs them a local poetry readings here in Washington D.C.

Y: Yemi不僅會唱歌,還是個詩人,所以我說他很有意思。

J: On Wednesdays he performs at a place called the Bohemian Caverns, a famous place in Washington DC.

Y: 每個星期三Yemi都要在一個叫Bohemian Caverns的地方表演詩歌朗誦。

實錄3: Yemi: My more recent performances lately have been poetry readings at a place called Bohemian Caverns here in Washington D.C. And every Wednesday they have, ah, local poets come out and read their poetry.

Y: Poetry reading就是詩歌朗誦。

J: According to Yemi the crowd at Bohemian Caverns is really supportive. And he says it's inspiring to have other poets listen to his poems.

實錄4: Yemi: The Bohemian Caverns ... my experience there ... it's more like a lot of poets coming out to hear other poets. Well, I like it because the other poets listen. They actually listen to what I'm saying and, um, it's supportive. And then when I hear some of their stuff it kinda of inspires me to go home and write even better poetry.

Y: 一群詩人聚在一起,討論詩歌、互相支持、互相鼓勵。其實說起來Yemi的詩,他的詩內容都很嚴肅 。他覺得自己有責任要喚醒年輕的一代人,希望他們更加獨立,更加有責任感。

J: He feels a responsibility to wake his generation, which he feels has been bred to be dependent - which means raised to rely on other people too much.

Y: 對,就是太依賴別人,比如太依賴父母,朋友或周圍的人。

實錄5: Yemi: A lot of the stuff that I write has more to do with waking up my generation. I feel like we've been a generation that's been bred to be dependent.

Y: 下面我們請Yemi來朗讀一段他的詩歌。

J: Now, you may not understand all the words in his poem ...

Y: 如果你聽不懂不要緊,只要去感覺就可以了。

實錄6: Yemi:

Nfact, what is this we call rap?

Intertwining words through instruments, instrumentals to your mental.

Weaving and bobbing through notes with verbs,

Is it just that simple?

Oh come come now. Will this ever stop here? Does this ever stop now?

Hallelujah is powerful happiness over the people. But you aint gettin' it.

Y'all too busy searching for a hero.

Yes, Yes. Y'all too busy searching for a hero.

Influenced by high definition reflections,

Raised by idle hands all you found was zero.

'Cause y'all too busy searchin' for a hero.

Y: 希望大家希望Yemi的這首詩,也謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。

J: And now we'll leave American Cafe with the rest of Yemi's poem, "Stop Waiting."

實錄7: Yemi:

Time to get it together, gather them thoughts.

Mike check one, mike check two, mike check...

Now in tune to the central nervous system's main board.

Elevate that mind (stop hating.)

Elevate that mind (stop faking.)

Elevate that mind.

You be the leader, the preacher, the hero.

Stop searching. Stop waiting. J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe

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Lara & Eric, School Plays

J: Hello, welcome to American Cafe! I'm Jody!

Y: 各位好,歡迎到美語咖啡屋。我是楊晨。

J: Hey, Yang Chen, don't forget to keep next weekend free.

Y: Oh, 對,下個周末我們要去看音樂劇。因為Eric要在里面扮演一個角色。說Eric起來,我覺得他可是夠忙碌的,又要上學,又要參加學校劇團的演出。

J: He is a very busy 14 -year old. But you know, all kids sooner or later are in a school play.

Y: 是嗎,所有的孩子都有機會參加演出???

J: Oh sure. And today we'll hear from Eric and his mom Lara about what it means to be in a school play.

Y: 好啊。那我們就先來認識Eric的媽媽Lara 。

實錄1: Lara: It's, I think fairly common, almost every junior high school and high school in the country has some sort of play or dramatic opportunity that kids can participate in.

Y: 原來我以為只有那些將來想進演藝界的小孩才會參加這種演出呢。

J: Oh no, no, no. Everyone tries out for school plays!

Y: "Try out" 就是參加audition,I mean 參加“演員挑選”

J: That's right. Everyone tries out. The nerdy students try out, the artsy students try out and just the plain ol' average students try out. Again here is Lara.

實錄2: Lara: Everyone tries out. Anyone who's interested can try out. The more nerdy kids, if you will, the artsy kids, and just plain ol' average kids. Anyone can try out.

Y: 哎, Jody,你來給大家描述一下,如果說個人很nerdy, 那該是什么樣子呢?

J: OK. A nerd is anyone who studies too much, never gets into any trouble and carries around lots of pens and pencils. That is a nerdy student.

Y: Nerdy kids 一般來說都是書呆子。 那么artsy呢?

J: Artsy, very creative, artistic students. But no matter if you are nerdy or artsy , being in a play makes you busy.

Y: 沒錯,特別是對一個14歲的孩子來說。 那他有那么時間嗎?

J: Well, Yang Chen, that is the negative side of being in a school play - it can really drain a student's time.

實錄3: Lara: The negatives are... it's a very large drain on a kid's time. For an individual play it's several weeks of practice - maybe six weeks of practice.

Y: 要花 6 個星期的時間來排練。 那這樣會不會影響他的學習成績呢?

J: Well, it probably does influence a student's grades. But I also think it's well worth it.

Y: Jody, 你的意思是說參加演出比取得好成績還要重要嗎?

J: Well, it could be. Acting in a play is a wonderful opportunity to develop such things as public speaking abilities, confidence.

實錄4: Lara: Well, the pros are that it's a wonderful opportunity for kids to develop public speaking ability and confidence. That's a definite plus - building a positive self-image.

Y: 說了半天,Eric到底參加的是那一部戲的演出?

J: Eric performed in the Music Man.

實錄5: Eric: My name is Eric. And... I was in a play called the Music Man. It's about this man named Harold Hill and he's a con artist. A con artist is someone who tricks people into giving them money. And so Harold is selling boys bands.

Y: Con artist, 就是詐騙犯的意思。

J: In the Music Man boys bands means a marching band with lots of instruments!

Y: Marching band,該怎么解釋呢?

J: I've got an idea. Bring in the band!

[Enter music here.]

Y: 哎,我想Eric一定演的是Music Man里面的男主角大騙子Harold Hill,對不對?

J: Well ... not exactly.

實錄6: Eric: I was Man #2. I was a non-important character who said three lines and had one musical solo line.

Y: 不過不要緊,我相信Eric下次一定能演主角。

J: Oh, sure! He is very talented. And to a parent it doesn't matter if you're the lead role or Man #2.

實錄7: Lara: It doesn't matter if they're in the big part or they're just Man #2; every parent who sees their child on stage feels enormously proud.

J: Lara does sound like a proud parent, doesn't she?

Y: 沒錯。

J: That's all for American Cafe. Thanks for joining us and see you next time.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見。

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Jen, Small Town to Big City

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 我是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Hey Yang Chen, isn't your college reunion coming up soon?

Y: 沒錯,一想到要和多年沒見面的同學相聚,我激動得連覺都睡不著了。

J: You know we have a saying, "The friends you make in college are the friends you have for life." And today we're going to meet Jennifer and Sharrin. They are roommates in my building. But after talking to them I found out just how unique their roommate relationship is.

Y: Unique? 好朋友又成為roommates,分租一個公寓。這有什么特別之處呢?

J: Well, I know it doesn't sound very unique. But wait until you hear their story.

實錄1: JENNIFER: OK, My name is Jennifer and I live in Washington D.C. in a neighborhood called Mt. Pleasant. And I live with one other woman, Sharrin, in that apartment.

Sharrin: My name is Sharrin and I'm 26 years old.

Jennifer: And I'm 25.

Y: Sharrin今年26歲,Jennifer今年25歲。 她們和你住在一個公寓樓。那她們倆到底是怎么認識的?

J: Well, they told me they first met their freshman year of college. They were in some freshman tutorial writing class together that all freshmen had to take.

Y: 雖然她們是同一個年級,不過她們不一定每天都上同樣的課吧?

J: Exactly. In the States, it's a little different than in China. The real closeness comes from living in the same dormitory or dorm for short. Next, let's hear again from Sharrin.

實錄2: SHARRIN: We first met when we were going to college together. We met our freshman year. And uh we had a freshman tutorial class together that all freshmen had to take to practice writing. And so we met through that class and we also lived in the same dorm. And so we hung a lot through that and we just stayed friends all four years of college.

Y: 說了半天,她們在大學一年級就認識,然后成為室友,畢業后還是朋友,現在還住同一個公寓。我還是不知道這種關系有什么特別之處?

J: The unique part comes after college. Without talking about it together, Yang Chen, both women independently decided to join the Peace Corps.

Y: 真的?

J: Yeah, isn't that amazing?

Y: Wow, 她們兩并沒有商量,但是各自決定要加入和平隊。

J: I know, but that's not all...

Y: 還有???

J: They were sent to the same country. Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa

實錄3: SHARRIN: And after college we both decided independently to join the Peace Corp. And we ended up in the same country in Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa. So we were there for about a year.

Y: Wow, 真是越來越有意思了。她們不但分別決定要加入和平隊,而且還被派到同一個國家,西非的科特迪瓦。

J: But wait, there's more. After a year in Cote d'Ivoire they also lived together for three months in France!

Y: 兩個人一起在法國住了三個月?你想想看,如果能和自己最好的朋友一起周游世界,那該多好??!

實錄4: SHARRIN: After Cote d'Ivoire we traveled to France and we lived together there for about 3 months. And then we moved back to the States and we both lived with our families ... I think we were home for a few months and then we both decided to move to Washington DC. And we're roommates now.

Y: 太不可思議了。這簡直就是命運總是能把她們帶到一起。 那現在Jennifer 和 Sharrin生活在華盛頓市的Mt. Pleasant這個居民區。她們對這一帶有什么感受呢?

J: Jennifer is from the Midwest and both she and Sharrin went to school in a very small town. So, Jennifer really likes the small town community feel of Mt. Pleasant.

實錄5: JENNIFER: It's a neighborhood I really like. The neighborhood has a different feel. It has a community feel in a larger city, which is really nice to have that smaller town feel. I'm from the Midwest and I went to school in a town of 9,000 and that included 1,300 of the population from the college. So, it is a small town.

Y: Jennifer在中西部的小城鎮長大,所以她很懷念那種小城鎮的感覺。Mt. Pleasant正好滿足了她的這種需要。

J: And it's even nicer with Jennifer and Sharrin as neighbors! Thanks for joining us today on American Cafe!

Y: 我們下次節目再見! Lara & Eric, School Plays

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Jen & Sharrin, Life After Peace Corps

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋!

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! Hey Yang Chen, what's that you're reading?

Y: 噢!沒什么啦!

J: Let me see.


J: The Peace Corps?

Y: 是啊,我正在看一些關于和平隊的材料。

J: You're thinking of joining the Peace Corps?

Y: 哎,你干嗎那么驚訝呢?

J: Well, I'm not surprised ...Yang Chen, it's really hard work.

Y: 那又怎么樣?

J: Don't forget it's volunteer work.

Y: So? 我本來就經常做義工??!再說了,我現在覺得生活有點平淡,想找點刺激,我想去冒險。

J: Everyone wants excitement and adventure. But before you sign that contract, let's talk to our friends Jen & Sharrin. They were Peace Corps volunteers for one year in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.

Y: 噢,對! Jen和Sharrin曾經參加和平隊,到過科特迪瓦。咦?可是她們為什么只在那兒待了一年呢?

J: Well, they ran into a little problem in Cote d'Ivoire ... something about an attempted coup d'etat.

Y: ???是真的政變???

J: A real coup.


J: Soldiers, guns - the whole nine yards. Not really what you would call a safe environment.

Y: 聽起來好像很可怕噢!

J: In fact, Jen and Sharrin were evacuated to the neighboring country of Ghana.

Y: 真的???她們后來還被疏散到加納。

J: First let's hear from Jen.

實錄1: Jen: There was an attempted coup d'etat in Cote d'Ivoire. Peace Corps, of course, took us out. It wasn't a safe environment. So, we were evacuated to a neighboring country - Ghana. From there we waited about two weeks to see if it would blow over. It turned out it wasn't safe enough. So from there we closed out our service for Peace Corp.

Y: Jen說她們當時撤到加納,還在那兒待了兩個星期,因為她們不知道動亂會不會blow over. Blow over我想在這里,就是結束或者消失的意思,是吧?

J: Exactly. After two weeks the danger did not blow over. So, Jen & Sharrin closed out their service with the Peace Corps.

Y: 噢,所以這樣她們就提前結束了在和平隊的服務。

J: That's right. You know, according to Jen, trouble would pop up frequently and then be fine the next day. But this time trouble popped up and did not blow over. Again here's Jen.

實錄2: Jen: Problems would pop up but they would be fine the next day. So everyone thought it'd be fine the next day. When I left, I don't know what Sharrin thought, but when I left I thought I'd be returning back. So, I thought for sure I'd be back later on to say "Bye" for good or just to return and finish my service.

Y: Jen剛才說她們當時匆匆忙忙就離開了,而且呢,她還以為她們很快就能再回到科特迪瓦呢。

J: Actually, for both Jen and Sharrin the hardest part of being evacuated was not being able to say goodbye to people and having a lack of closure. You know, a definite ending. Now, let's hear from Sharrin.

實錄3: Sharrin: I think it was really hard just because I had all these plans and everything for what I was going to be doing. And I didn't say goodbye really to anybody; so, there was a definite lack of closure. And I think that was the hardest part of the evacuation - was just no closure at all.

Y: 就是??!她們在當地一定交了很多朋友,就這樣匆匆忙忙離開,沒有來得及和這些朋友說再見。我想她們當時心里一定很難過??蠢?,參加和平隊也不是一件那么容易的事。

J: Aw come on! Where's your sense of adventure? I know the attempted coup, the evacuation, not being able to say goodbye to friends - all that would be hard but ...

Y: 等一等,等一等,Jody,我是很喜歡冒險啦!可是這又是要政變,又是要逃難什么的,我可受不了。

J: But think of the all the great memories that comes from being in the Peace Corps. Now let's hear from Sharrin and Jen talk about the rewards.

實錄4: Sharrin: I think for me it was just the hospitality and the welcoming of the people in the different communities we lived in. Jen: The hospitality was a big thing, but for me it was also really amazing to be able to go through a training period and become conversational in the language and to become independent.

Y: 怎么樣?Jody,咱倆一起去好不好?

J: Yang Chen, joining the Peace Corps is a big decision. You really should think about it a little bit more.

Y: Okay, okay,我會仔細的考慮的。不過我確實是佩服Jen和Sharrin.

J: I admire them as well. Thanks for joining us today at American Cafe.

Y: 謝謝您收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見!

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Heidi, Animal Lover

Y: 大家好,這是楊晨?;隊矯烙錕Х任?。

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe.

Y: Jody, 你有沒有聽到什么奇怪的聲音?

J: What noise?

Y: 是不是你的手機?

J: I don't have a cell phone.

Y: Well, 可是我看你的書包里好像有什么東西在動,是不是?

J: Um ... ah ...

Y: Jody, 你說實話,你書包里是不是有只貓???

J: Shih, Yang Chen, keep your voice down! No one has to know. What I mean is, don't let the cat out of the bag! hahahaha. Get it?

Y: Jody, 我知道這個習慣用語,let cat out of the bag, 意思是泄漏了秘密??晌乙檔惱飫鋝輝市澩锝?。

J: Look, it's a nice day and Ms. Kitty needs some fresh air.

Y: 我倒奇怪,你為什么這么喜歡小動物。

J: Ms. Kitty is a wonderful companion who gives unconditional love.

Y: Jody, 我實在無法理解你。

J: If you think I'm bad, wait until you meet Heidi Holz. She really loves animals! Now, let's meet Heidi!

實錄1: Heidi: My name is Heidi Holz and I love animals! They're just the most wonderful companions. They never ask anything of you. They love you unconditionally. When I come in the evening I know that nobody else in the world will ever be as happy to see me as my dog.

Y: 看來Heidi比你更狂熱。不過她剛才說她每天晚上回家都覺得,世界上沒有任何人會像她的寵物狗那樣熱情地迎接她回來。我想那是因為那條狗正好肚子餓了吧。

J: Oh, it's more than an empty stomach. Heidi's pets are happy to see for more than just food.

Y: Pets? 你是說她還有別的寵物???

J: Oh yeah! Heidi has a dog, three cats, two gerbils, which are similar to mice, and three fish.

Y: Mice! 老鼠?

J: No, I said gerbils, which are like mice. Gerbils are a very common pet for American children.

Y: 我知道, gerbil就是沙鼠,可是依我看任何像老鼠的東西,它就是老鼠! 不過我想到一個問題, Heidi她養那么多寵物,她不是要花很多錢買食物嗎?

J: It costs Heidi about $50 a month and about an hour a day in time. Again here's Heidi.

實錄2: Heidi: I have three cats, a dog, two gerbils, they're like mice, and, um, three fish. I would guess it probably costs about $50 a month to feed them and maybe an hour a day taking care of them.

Y: 你說Heidi又是養貓,養狗,養沙鼠,還有魚,可見她是真的對動物有很深的感情。來你說她是不是從小就和動物打交道???

J: Oh, funny you should ask. Heidi grew up on a six-acre farm with all kinds of animals - from common pets like dogs and cats to horses and kangaroos and even monkeys!

Y: 真的? 還有人把袋鼠和猴子當寵物?

J: Now, let's hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Y: 你嚴肅一點好不好?

J: Okay, okay. I don't want to be accused of beating a dead horse, that's for sure.

Y: Jody ...

J: Okay, I'm sorry. Again, here's Heidi.

實錄3: Heidi: I grew up with a lot of pets. When I was small we had six acres in Florida. Um, we had everything from horses to kangaroos. We even had lemurs, which are a type of monkey.

Y: 有一點我的確是可以理解,動物給人的愛是無條件的。

J: Exactly. Unconditional love! But it's so easy to get attached to an animal. Heidi, in fact, got so attached to a cat that she found in China, that she brought it back to the U.S. with her.

Y: 真的?她從中國帶回一只貓?

J: Yeah! She found the cat on the street and took it to her university dorm room. Heidi got kicked out of her dorm and had to find another place to live.

實錄4: Heidi: When I was living in China I found a kitten on the street and I snuck it into my dorm room. I got kicked out of the dorm and had to find another place to live but I kept my kitten. And I brought him back to the U.S. with me.

Y: 我還真的沒有見過像Heidi這么愛動物如命的人。

J: And why not. They are just so loveable and fun. Aren't you Ms. Kitty. Here, do want to hold Ms. Kitty?

Y: Uh uh, put the cat back in the bag, Heh heh. Get it?

J: Hey! You made a funny. Thanks for joining us at American Cafe. See you next time.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見!

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<![CDATA[Lesson 48 - Erica, Skills For Web Design]]> - 进球彩复式Voice of America如果想下載文章配套MP3聲音等英語學習資料,請訪問以下鏈接:

Erica, Skills For Web Design

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨,歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Hey, Yang Chen, take a look at this logo! I thought we could use it for American Cafe!

Y: 耶,沒錯,這畫的真好,我覺得可以把它放在我們的網頁,做我們的logo, 我們的標記。

J: That's a great idea!

Y: 你看它這上面兩個人,正在喝咖啡,像不像我們倆???一邊聊天一邊喝咖啡?

J: That's us! I love it! And it really captures the feeling of American Cafe! And that's not easy - using artwork and computers to create a brand for business.

Y: 就是。 現在有成千上萬個網頁,如果你設計的不好,不吸引人,那你的內容再好都沒有人看。

J: Exactly. Hey I have a great idea. Let's invite our friend Erica, the web designer。

Y: 好主意! Erica已經是我們的老朋友了。對于Erica來說,設計一個網頁就好比給這個公司或企業創造了一個品牌!

J: And there's much more to it than that. Erica also gives her client a marketing strategy ...

Y: Marketing strategy就是市場策略。

J: She does copyrighting and editing for them...

Y: 她還要負責取得版權以及的編輯工作。

J: She helps them organize all their information. Here's Erica.

實錄1: Erica: They hire me give them a website and what I really do for them is give them a brand. I give them a marketing strategy, I do copyrighting and editing for them, I help them organize their information. So, I do so much more than just make a website.

Y: Wow, 聽起來,Erica真的是需要具備很多方面的技巧才能勝任她的工作??墑怯械氖焙蠆⒉皇敲懇桓鋈碩寄莧鮮兜秸庖壞?。

J: You're right, they don't. Her customers who know her and know her process. They appreciate her skills at the end of the day. But the others ... Well, let's hear from Erica.

實錄2: Erica: And I think my customers who know me and who have been through the process, they do appreciate it at the end of the day. But I think, a lot of, a lot of people don't really realize all the skills that go into, the skills and time, that go into making a really good professional website.

Y: 她剛才說的 "At the end of the day" 意思是?

J: "At the end of the day" is business slang that means, "When all is said and done." So at the end of the day, most people don't realize all the skills involved in making a really good professional web site.

Y: 我覺得,一個好的web site應該是既方便又實用。

J: To Erica usability, finding information quickly, is a really important aspect of web design. Again here's Erica...

實錄3: Erica: Usability is a really important aspect of web design. You know, the whole idea of usability is designing a web site with the user in mind. Um, helping somebody find their way through a page, helping them get their information quickly. Basically it's those two things, finding information - quickly. When I'm designing something, I'm always thinking about my user.

Y: Erica說的沒錯,設計網頁的時候要首先考慮顧客的需求。你覺不覺得Erica的特點就是她能夠耐心聽取別人的意見,所以她才會那么成功。

J: Erica is a great listener. In fact, her listening skills are so good that she often gets compliments on her ability to talk to a small business owner and capture the feeling of that small business.

Y: 對,你說的small business就是小企業。那么,Erica不僅能夠準確地理解這種小企業的精神,而且能夠把它轉化成一個好的網頁。

實錄4: Erica: People have complimented me that I have the ability to talk to a person who owns a small business and really get a sense of who they are, the audience that they're trying to reach and transform that feeling into a visual thing and put it up there on the web. Then people from all over the world can go there and get that same feeling. So, yes, it's ... it's about a feeling. Web site design is emotional.

Y: Emotional?設計網頁也可以是emotional的嗎?

J: To Erica web site design is all about emotion and, like I've been saying, capturing the feeling of a small business.

Y: 你說的沒錯,你再回頭看看我們的logo, 你能聯想到什么?

J: When I see that logo I think of two women who like coffee and like to talk! That's us! Thanks for joining us at American Cafe! See you next time!

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見!

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Ann & Bella


J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 我們今天要為您講一個非常感人的故事。

J: It is a very moving story about two characters: Ann Jones, from Washington D.C. and her friend, Bella.

Y: 里面的主人公一位是Ann Jones一位是Bella.

J: Now, I think it's important to tell people that Bella is a dolphin.

Y: 原來Bella是一只海豚。那Ann和Bella怎么會成為好朋友。

J: Well, it started about four years ago and recently Ann made a trip to see her old friend. Now, it's my pleasure to introduce Ann Jones as she explains the purpose of this special reunion trip.

實錄1: ANNIE: I'm Ann Jones and I'm from Washington D.C. in the United States, the capital. The purpose of the trip was to go back and swim again with a dolphin that helped save my life almost four years. It was wonderful. It was very emotional. I cried a lot. I don't know if dolphins cry or not but she was ... she was just so excited.

Y: 四年前海豚Bella挽救了Ann的生命,所以Ann每次提到Bella都非常動感情。我想大家一定很想知道這到底是怎么一回事。

J: It's a wonderful story. And it starts with the fact that a dolphin is very sensitive and can see everything in your body with their sonar.

Y: 是嗎?我聽說過海豚都很聰明??墑俏也恢浪腔鼓苡蒙衫湊鋃弦桓鋈聳欠裼脅?。這太神奇了!

J: And also when given a choice between a sick or well person, a dolphin will swim with a sick person. Again here's Ann.

實錄2: ANNIE: The dolphin's very sensitive and, um, they can see everything in your body. And they know if you're sick or if you're well. And almost four years the one dolphin, Bella, swan with me all the time to let me know - she was protecting me - that I was sick.

Y: Jody, 那么說Bella選擇在Ann的身邊游泳。這就說明 Ann 的身體出了毛病,對不對?

J: That's right.

Y: Ann在這之前有沒有去看過醫生呢?

J: Oh, of course. For years she complained to her doctor about a pain in her chest. And the doctor kept telling her to go home.

實錄3: ANNIE: Before I went to swim with the dolphin, I went to a doctor and they told me I was well. I kept telling them I had a pain in my chest. And the doctor kept saying go home. And this went on year after year.

Y: Wow, 真的很難相信。 這個醫生一直堅持說Ann沒有生病,叫她放心地回家去。

J: Can you believe it? That's why Ann turned to the dolphins. When she came back from swimming with Bella on the first trip, she immediately had - what she calls a medical miracle - a body scan.

Y: Body scan就是全身掃描。那通過這種全身掃描發現了什么問題呢?

J: The body scan revealed that Ann had a cancerous tumor in her lung the size of an egg.

實錄4: ANNIE: And it was the dolphin that tried to tell me that something was wrong. When I came back I had one of these new medical miracles called a body scan and there was this tumor, large as an egg, sitting in my lung. And I would've died within possibly six months and Bella the dolphin helped save my life.

Y: 這么說,Ann的第一個醫生診斷失誤,而Bella是對的。Ann確實有 病,而且是嚴重的肺癌。 我覺得海豚不僅可愛,聰明,而且非常有愛心,真可以說是人類的好朋友。這個故事最后的結局是什么?

J: Well, I think we should hear that straight from Ann.

實錄5: ANNIE: I'm doing great! I've passed all my cancer tests and I go for tests every three months. And I'm doing great. And I think I may make it forever! (laughter) So, that's it. Thanks to Bella the dolphin!

J: Isn't that great! Ann has passed all her cancer tests! I'll tell you what, she is one tough cookie.

Y: 沒錯,我真的是替Ann感到高興。她是一位非常堅強的女性,而且這個故事不僅感人,還是一個happy ending!

J: And don't forget, a big "Thank You!" goes out to Bella the dolphin. And thanks to all of you for joining us on American Cafe!

Y: 謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次再見。

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Shannon, Acupuncture Student

J: Hello I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好!我是楊晨,歡迎到美語咖啡屋!Jody, 你知道嗎?我昨天搬東西,脖子今天特別疼!

J: You look like you're in pain.

Y: 沒錯!

J: You have to be careful when you're moving stuff. What have you done to make it feel better?

Y: 我吃了兩顆止疼片兒。不過好像沒什么用!

J: Maybe you should think about getting some acupuncture?

Y: No, no, no! 我最害怕針。

J: Well, don't worry. On today's show our guest is Shannon and she is an acupuncture student. And she used to be afraid of needles too.

Y: 好,我們來認識一下Shannon.

實錄1: Shannon: Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm currently studying acupuncture in the Washington DC metro area. And it's really different from anything else I've ever done before. And I love it.

Y: Shannon是什么時候開始對針灸感興趣的呢?

J: Well, she lived in China a number of years ago and there she watched people get acupuncture often.

Y: 沒錯,因為針灸在中國是很普遍的。所以很多外國人到中國以后就開始對針灸產生了興趣。

J: That's what happened with Shannon and that's where she got over her fear of needles. Let's hear more from Shannon.

實錄2: Shannon: Um, I lived in China a number of years ago and I'd watch people get acupuncture. But I was very scared of needles then. So, it took me a couple of years before I wanted to try, um, getting acupuncture myself. And I had some incredible experiences with it.

Y: 她剛才說的incredible experiences是什么呢?

J: One of Shannon's incredible experiences was after a car accident. She was very shaken up. So she went in and had an emergency acupuncture appointment. Shannon says that it only took five minutes for the seven needles to help her feel like herself again and help her deal with the accident.

Y: Shannon在接受針灸治療之前是不是就not feeling like herself?

J: Right. She wasn't feeling normal. She didn't feel right. She was crying, shaking and generally just freaking out.

Y: Freaking out在這里是情緒失控的意思。

J: Again here's Shannon.

實錄3: Shannon: I was in a car accident a while ago and feeling very shaken up after the car accident. And I went to an emergency acupuncture appointment. And they put just like seven needles in my back. I felt everything swish in and out of me. I had felt very scattered before, and after these seven needles and five minutes I felt like myself again ... I stop crying. I stopped shaking ... stopped freaking out. I felt much more like myself.

Y: Jody 我聽說針灸在美國開始流行起來, 不過沒有進入主流醫學領域。

J: Acupuncture in the United States is not yet considered mainstream. But it definitely is becoming more and more common. According to Shannon, people in the United States are more intrigued than skeptical about acupuncture. Again, here is Shannon.

實錄4: Shannon: I think they're more intrigued than skeptical. Um, so many people I've talked to here know of somebody who has been to acupuncture, or they're in it or their child's in it or they want to go. Um, so I think there's definitely high demand in the States for that.

Y: 現在人們對針灸的興趣的確越來越大了。那從事這一行賺不賺錢?

J: That's the good part. According to Shannon, the medium, or average, salary right out of school is about $70,000 a year! And that's just for a normal, regular schedule!

Y: 真的?一出學校一年就能賺七萬美元? 很不錯!

實錄5: Shannon: I guess the medium salary right out of acupuncture school is like $70,000 a year. And that's not, you know, that much overtime...that's just kind of like a normal schedule.

Y: 針灸現在很熱門收入也恨不錯。 你說我也去學針灸怎么樣?

J: Yang Chen, you faint at the sight of needles!

Y: 這個很容易克服。

J: Yang Chen, I think you should do whatever you are passionate about.

Y: 那Shannon是不是對針灸有很大的熱情呢?

J: Let's hear from Shannon.

實錄6: Shannon: I've been wanting to do it for years. And now I think this is where I'm going professionally. I had thought I would study acupuncture after having the, like, logical career in Chinese Studies. And then a couple of years ago I had that realization of life is short so why don't I do what I'm really passionate about right now.

Y: Shannon 說的沒錯,"Life is short."生命是短暫的。所以你想做什么就做什么,千萬不要猶豫。好,謝謝大家收聽沒語咖啡屋,我們下次節目再見!

J: See you next time on American.

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Rick, Lead Singer of SCOTS

Y: 大家好,我是楊晨。 歡迎您到美語咖啡屋。

J: Hello everyone, I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: Jody,我們現在聽的是什么音樂?

J: What? I can't hear you?

Y: 我在問你這是什么音樂?

J: Wait a minute. Let me turn the music down. What did you say?

Y: 我問你這是什么音樂,聽上去有點兒象鄉村音樂,又有點兒象搖滾樂。

J: It's a band called Southern Culture on the Skids. SCOTS for short. And you're right. They mix many styles of music together to make their own original sound. Isn't it great?

Y: 這是他們自己創作的音樂?能不能給我們介紹這個樂隊是什么時候成立的?

J: Oh, sure. SCOTS started out in 1984 down in North Carolina at the University of North Carolina - UNC for short.

Y: 我想他們一定是因為非常熱愛音樂才成立了這個樂隊。是不是?

J: Well, actually Rick, the lead singer, said it was a great way to get free beer and meet girls in college. But I'm sure they love music. Now, let's welcome Rick, the lead singer of SCOTS.

實錄1: Rick Miller: SCOTS started out in 1984 as just a way to make, ah, well, actually a way to get free beer and meet some girls while we were in college. Practicing, actually, at the Art Lab at UNC (un)'til the dean of students kicked us out. So, right away, rock-n-roll!

Y: 這幫人,太不像話了。原來是因為喜歡喝啤酒,勾引女孩子才成立了一個樂隊。哎,Jody, 這個SCOTS到底是一個什么樣的樂隊呢?

J: SCOTS is like a garage band that sometimes comes out of the garage to perform around the world.

Y: Garage band, 我喜歡這個名字。Garage Band就是車庫樂隊。你得解釋一下這個什么叫做車庫樂隊呢。

J: See, many teenagers want to be a rock-n-roll star or any music star. But parents don't want to hear bad music playing in the house.

Y: 沒錯, 一個初學者他技術肯定不太好;沒人想聽他們練習的時候那種很刺耳的聲音。

J: Exactly, they're just beginning. So, the family garage outside of the house where the car usually goes becomes the place where teenagers practice being a musician without bothering the parents.

Y: 對,車庫是一個練習音樂的好地方。這樣你就不會吵到你們家里人,因為車庫就是停車的地方。

J: Garage band has come to mean amateur, not professional, music.

Y: 對, 一般說起來這個garage band就說他們是業余也不是專業的樂隊。這么說起來,這個SCOTS一開始的時候是典型的garage band, 后來他們慢慢兒發展成一個專業的樂隊。

J: Exactly. But the members of SCOTS still feel that they are a garage band at heart. The true essence of rock-n-roll. Again here's Rick.

實錄2: Rick: We never really got out of the garage. And when we get out of the garage it's, like you know, to drive around the world, you know, to go play. No, I love garage music. I think that's the true essence of rock-n-roll.

Y: Rick剛才提到garage music. 我想我們應該舉個例子來說明什么叫做garage music.

J: Sounds good to me! Let's hear a bit of "Soulful Garage," a song Rick calls "a great garage soul song."

Rick: "Soulful Garage" is great 'cause that's a real mix when you think of what we are. It's kinda ... that really is a garage soul song.

Y: 對了,聽他們的音樂以后,能更好幫助人們理解什么叫做garage music.

J: I think so.

Y: 那Jody你喜歡他們的 音樂嗎?

J: I think it's great especially because it's so fun. It screws with the usual formulas. You know, messes them up. You don't know what to expect!

Y: 對,他們的音樂聽起來搖滾的味道、鄉村音樂的味道、還有流行音樂的味道,可以說是很多音樂風格融合在一起。

J: And SCOTS takes traditional country sounds and rock sounds and morphs them, or changes them, into something original, something Rick calls "hillbilly surf sound." Again here's Rick.

實錄3: Rick: What I like to do is just kinda (of) screw things up a little bit. You know, you gotta screw with the formula and it becomes something else. You know, it morphs into something else. Something that we can kind of call our own. You know, it's that hillbilly surf sound.

Y: Hillbilly surf sound, 這個沒法兒翻成中文。我想著一定是Rick自己獨創出來的一個名詞。

J: You got that right. I think the best way, Yang Chen, is just to play more music.

Y: 喜歡大家喜歡他們的音樂。好,謝謝大家收聽美語咖啡屋。我們下次節目再見!

J: Thanks for joining us at American Cafe!

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Jason, A Cafe Visit

J: Hello, I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好!我是楊晨,歡迎到美語咖啡屋!我們今天要來到了街對面的那架咖啡館。 我們今天要采訪Jason他是這架咖啡館的一個雇員。我們先談談咖啡文化對美國人來說意味是什么。

J: Now we're here with Jason who works at a cafe. And we're to talk to him about what he sees in the Cafe culture in American.

實錄1: Jason: My name is Jason and we are in Rockville, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. - the nation's capital actually.

Jody: So, Jason, what do you see people doing when they come into this cafe?

實錄2: Jason: There are all sorts of things. We have people that just come in get a cup of coffee and go. We have people that, that linger and talk. Some that read and do crossword puzzles, read books. It's really a wide, wide ... portrait of the community. It's all different kinds of people really. But it gives people vibrancy, friendship, and community. It's a local outreach. It's many many different things to many people.

Y: 就是,我覺得很多人來咖啡館不僅是來喝咖啡。有的是來跟人聊天兒,還有的人坐在那兒看書,看報紙。其實他們是絕對要享受咖啡館的氣氛。

J: The atmosphere is so important. It's just a great place to hang out. Jason explains that he's only worked here two months after leaving a high-stress consulting job. Let's hear about the reason why he chose to work at a cafe over a high paying, high stress job.

Y: 對,他原來在一家咨詢公司工作。工資很高,但是他也說工作是 "high stress" - 就是壓力非常大。那么我們就聽聽在咖啡館工作有什么享受。

實錄3: Jason: You know, I've actually only worked here about two and a half months. And for about 15 years I worked in a very high stress consulting environment. And decided to make a change to specifically come into a cafe atmosphere. You know, while I don't make as much money as I once did, my quality of life and happiness level have certainly increased exponentially.

Y: 我得問問Jason是不是有的人常常到這個咖啡館來,叫他們是 "regular customer."

J: "Regulars" are people who come everyday or sometimes many times a day. Again, here's Jason.

进球彩复式: Jason: Oh, ab...absolutely! One of the joys of working here is getting to know people. And we have people that come in daily and sometimes multiple times a day. So, it's very fun. It's more than a place to come and get a drink and a muffin. It really is community-oriented in many ways and...and person-oriented. It's more personable than a normal commerce situation.

Y: 我想一定有很多人,特別是在周圍工作的人,他們常到這個咖啡館來。一個是方便,再一個這里給他們一種親切的感覺。那么這些顧客我們叫他們是regulars。

J: It's a great feeling to become a regular at a place, especially a coffee shop, because the people who work there know your name and they know what you like. And it's easy to become friends.

Y: 對他剛才說有的人一天來好幾次。我想這些人一天來好幾次,那他們的目的恐怕不光是為了一杯咖啡,可能是想來跟Jason聊聊天兒。

J: And community which is something Jason also talked about - having a place to go where people know your name. That's a great feeling. Now, let's here again from Jason

實錄5: Jason: I think it's very important because there's something about a hot cup of coffee, or even a cold one, but especially a hot coffee or hot tea that ... that brings people to just slow down maybe for a few minutes during the day and sit down without guilt and be able to just relax and read the paper or talk to a friend or even a stranger.

Y: 到一個咖啡館有一種讓人輕松的氣氛就是Jason剛才談一談到- "slow you down." 那到咖啡館坐一會兒喝一杯自己喜歡的咖啡是一件很愜意的事。

J: Cafes are just a great place to start your day, to come in the middle of your day or to end your day. You can hang out with friends, relax, read a book ... they're just great places.

Y: 沒錯,這個咖啡館你可以早上來,你可以午休的時候來,也可以在下午下了班以后回家之前在來,任何時間來都會讓你放松。你喝一杯又香又濃咖啡和你的朋友在咖啡館聊天兒,看一本書,讀一讀報紙,非常的享受。

J: If you have a cafe, you have community and you a place where you can slow down.

Y: 對,生活是很緊張的。那么這個咖啡館是一個讓你放松的地方。

J: Well, that's it for American Cafe. Thank you so much for visiting our American Cafe.

Y: 謝謝大家收聽我們的美語咖啡屋。希望我們有一天能在咖啡館碰見你!

J: Hope to see you next time at American Cafe.

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